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Friday, October 10, 2014

Kayne West’s Upcoming Album Said to Be Different Than Yeezus

Kanye West is ready to make you dance on the floor by his new thrilling upcoming musical album that has been already claimed different than all his previous albums.

The American rapper is excited to put his listeners in a thrilling state as he says that listeners will find his new album like a pair of boots so excitement is just right on the corner. He further states that his new album is neither the smooth or slick like they usually have been having so far or it has the ruggedness of just hip-hop. He says that he’s to be doing something like a mother-ker and so has been all around the earth.

It would sound like a pair of Timberland and would make you tap your feet; said Malik Yusef who works in Kanye's collaboration and himself is an amazing music artist, poet and songwriter. While giving an interview to a local magazine, Yusef also recalled his mutual act Yeezyus with West expressing that that Kanye wanted to challenge his friends and listeners on a global level and that was a tough time for him too as Kanye's collaborator. 

According to Yusef, their previous album Yeezus was a hard track to walk on because it was an exit from where they wanted to be with their music. Yusef, on the other hand, appears to be confident about his new presentation and told that they have already recoded twenty songs yet it’s not clear when the album gonna hit the market.  

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