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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Iggy Looks Forward To Justice Prevailing For The Right

Iggy Azalea was left shaken in the end of September this year when her ex- boyfriend filed a divorce claiming that he and Iggy had shared a married life after being in 'common law marriage'. She denied the claim and declared his act as an attempt to get money from the songstress.

And In meanwhile,  knowing that Iggy denies such a relationship existence, Hefe, real name Maurice Williams, has contend that his union was formed and Texan law also verifies it as a common law marriage.
In a recent moment, the Australian singer updates her devotees on the progress of this mysterious case. On her Twitter page, she revealed that her divorce case was going to the court.

She stated that her lawyer was ready to prepare divorce papers, but he wanted to hire someone for serving her in person so it could be another TMZ story.

According to Iggy, she was told that day via his lawyer if she didn't settle out of court they would involve the media and tell them that she had given him a STD.

What's next? She uttered.

Showing her knowledge over the law, 24yrs old smart rapper said that filing a common law divorce needs one get three friends or familiar for signing a statement swearing the people story was true.
Sources say that Its actually going to be another thread  to prove the above from Hefe"s end in court and so the singer seems to be impatient for getting in front of a judge so she could see it being disproven & get an off-putting order.
Iggy also revealed her ex-boyfriend's relationship with his ex Annette Buitrago. She alleged that Annette is mother of Hefe's child and claimed that the man abused her while they were sharing a relationship.

The Black Widow singer wrote that a thing which she found terribly depressing about the entire drama was that the mother of Hefe's three year old child would be in court now and she would tell the court that the man stalked, head butted and tried to throttle her in earlier this year after their 7 year union ended.

She questioned about why Annette's facts are being ignored for sensationalism.  'It makes me very heartbreaking and my heart goes out to her.', she added.

According to her tweets, she hasn't been Texas for last five years and when she goes now she has a police escort as well as two equipped bodyguards. She says, 'it’s obviously for good reason.'
Iggy has been receiving people's support, and women are awake to come forward with her after this whole 'common law divorce' story has reached public.

Iggy says that she has a good collection of witnesses by this time and she is very willing to get her day in the court to see justice prevailing.

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