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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Eminent Singer Taylor Swift Says No To Men

The singer showing day dreams to all the teenage girls in the west herself confesses that being with a guy is the last thing she needs right now. The pop star and one of the princess musician is very open to feelings and all her albums mostly show her experience of love and boys in life.

The girl admits that she has got higher dreams about life at this moment, and romance and dating is at the last. After dating the top Hollywood celebrities and a huge success as a musician, the star has other plans for herself and her life.

The singer is confused about having a love life along with her profession and dreams ahead. In her latest interview to the British magazine vogue, she answered romance and dating as the last thing on the list. “With a life like this, I don’t know how it would work”.

Having being followed by cameramen, paparazzi, and with all her actions noticed, the musician says that she isn’t sure a man would want that. Taylor says that being in the spot light demands much, other than all the fans and glamour. This kind of lifestyle is much giving, but much taking all at the same time.

Knowing the possessive nature of men, she says it is difficult for a man to guard his girlfriend, with paparazzi following all the time for the couple.

Many of Taylor’s songs are based on her love experiences, breakups and heartache. Often busted by media, hooted at and then left to listener's imagination, the musician has managed all but to keep her personal life away from the news.

Taylor's other high-profile relationships include a brief fling with John Mayer, which initiated in 2009 and was terminated in early 2010. This relationship is thought to have inspired Taylor's song Dear John, and there was ample of media gossip about why things finished.

Talking to the media, Taylor shared her feelings saying she is not sure about how things will work if she keeps looking for love in all this buzz and media attention. Being much under the spot light worries her, as she is pre-aware of a heart break which will follow her love life as long as she is photographed and spied upon everywhere.

Having a successful career throughout, the musician seems to be good upwardly, but her personal life seems disturbed. Having confessed that she at times fail to coup with things and life she has chosen, Taylor has decided not think on the romance part of her life for a while.

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