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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ed-Sheeran Apologizes For Slamming Miley At Grammy Awards

Ed Sheeran feels sorry for his act at the Grammy Awards where the British singer compared Miley's dancing moves to those of a stripper.  Looking back, the 23yrs old songwriter said, 'I wish I'd handled things differently.'

Ed was feeling guilty of slamming the American singer at the event. He confessed to a newspaper saying that he does feel bad about it as he'd be f**king livid if someone says the same about him.

He tried to put his behavior in plain words saying the intention was never negative. He blamed his selection of phrasing that caused a feud between the two while he never intended so.

According to the British star, his general point was to hearten the singer for singing the songs so the viewers could value her as an amazing artist. 'I just phrased it wrong'; he insists.

Ed also talked about having a few packs of champagne before coming to the red carpet of the Grammy Awards. He admitted he was a little drunk so was talking freely. Ed took aim at vulgar dancing moves of the US singer in one of her music videos.

He spoke of his views about the moves as it was a stripper's move and If he was a father of a daughter, he wouldn't like her twerking.

He said when he first heard Wrecking Ball, he deemed it as a brilliant song but its video distracted him too much from it.'

During an interview to the Sun, he claimed that he had no issues for his friend Taylor swift singing an emotional song about her ex boyfriend. She is the only one who appears to be called out for her message', he added.

'She was right', Ed took Taylor's side over Olly Murs who slammed the singer for writing about her ex boyfriend too much. The British songwriter and television anchor has since apologized.

Taylor has a better rap than others and no one talks about Bruno Mars or his words like that, he whispered.

The hit-maker was also happy for his friend Johnny McDaid and Courteney Bass Cox’ relationships and expressed his views saying as ‘Courteney is an amazing person and I'm happy for Johnny'.

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