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Friday, October 31, 2014

Danny Brown’s Opinions About Himself Are Pretty High

The hip hop star Danny Brown is unique and this has been said on several platforms and many different entities. The kind of lyrics he writers set him apart from any other rapper of the time. However, criticism must be faced by every artist in the world and so he’s no exception. It doesn’t seem that he’s taking the criticism in quite a way that’s recommended. In fact, he’s now asking the people to acknowledge his talent by talking about it himself.

He was pretty straight forward in describing himself as the best rapper. He demanded respect for his talent. His latest album “Old”, launched in 2013 received some great reviews but Brown thinks that he’s not being rewarded for his efforts he put in this album properly. At the same time, he is also talking about working on new album when it hasn’t been long since his latest album has come out.

Danny Brown believes that his punch lines are best among all rappers and that he’s got the best and finest stories to tell through his raps. He thinks that he needs to stay consistent so he can prove to his fans that he is really talented and there is no one wittier than him.

His latest album had the unusual number of 19 tracks on it. These were quite a few tracks for the people to listen to. However, he doesn’t seem to have similar plans for his next album.

Danny Brown explained that by putting so many tracks on the same album he just wanted the album to be a manifest of his talent’s vastness. However, on the next album he will focus more on perfect and making it more about quality. In short, there will be fewer songs on his coming album.

From his words it is clear that he wants to prove something to the world and his fans. He consistently uses the word perfect and wants to prove it to everyone. He thinks his new album will also show the rap listeners around the world his true qualities.

Danny Brown is a unique rapper as MTV dubs him and his 2nd album, called the XXX, was good enough to earn him the label of being the best artist. His recent album, named “old”, was released in 2013 and included three singles from him. It’s just the beginning of the journey for him. Let’s see how true he stays to his words in future.

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