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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dan Wilson: Love Without Fear

Dan Wilson is the name for many songs enjoying the fame and popularity in last few years. The man has also got his hands on achieving victory as a co-writer of some of the biggest tracks of modern era.  ‘Secret Smile and Closing Time’ and ‘Someone Like You’ are some of the ravishing records where Dan Wilson showed his flair as a co-writer and co-producer.

Illustrious for his radiant skills of writing lyrics, Wilson has been welcomed to step into the limelight to pride himself for his melodic talent. After his second solo record in the beginning of this year, he has fully returned to the studio, and now with ‘Love Without Fear’, Wilson brings to his fans an amazing, and soothing collection of tracks.

Dan Wilson doesn’t only play a vital role in collaborating hits tracks but also has proven himself as an excellent music composer alone. The reflection of quality as well as his experience and ability is obvious with his latest music release ‘Love Without Fear’. The record is genuinely and expressively stimulating by a chap who loves everything he does.

Portraying a story within itself, this album has the vocalist singing for love and enthusiastic to hang around for his beloved.  Wilson hits on the issues of universal love and exhibits the glory that true feelings may bring to a person.  With ‘Love Without Fear’, he takes you in a comforting and peaceful world.

Dan Wilson unbeatably yet melancholy strikes something high as ‘We Belong Together’ that seems to be a conspicuous instrumental show and undoubtedly is one of the highlight of his third solo album.  Another pair of some magical lyrics ‘Even The Stars Are Sleeping’ that Wilson sung beautifully and melodically in collaboration with Missy Higgins is simply superb.  He seems to be just inspiring and positive musician and even with the songs about break-ups or heart-breaks, the music he composes, listeners will feel the sense of the underlying optimism.

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