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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Luke Bryan Talks About ‘American Idol’ After Katy Perry’s Departure

Katy Perry has served as a judge on American Idol for its last seven seasons. However, the singer said farewell to her role in the signing competition just over a month ago.

In February, Perry had revealed that she would depart the show. Since then, there has been considerable speculation about who will take on the role for the 23rd season of American Idol.

The possibilities

Luke Bryan, a fellow judge on American Idol, said that some names of artists had been put forward as potential candidates for the role.

He said that he had shared several names. Bryan also said that they had had talks with Miley Cyrus, P!nk and even Meghan Trainor.

It should be noted that P!nk had previously shared her hesitation about taking on the role. The singer had said that she preferred her day job because she did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. 

On the other hand, Meghan Trainor wants to take on the job rather eagerly. In an interview, the singer said that she had mentioned in her interview that taking on the role was her dream job.

She said that she had actually begged for the job and even emailed three people related to the matter about it. According to the singer, the show is her favorite and she has watched it since she was a child.

The show

The 22nd season of American Idol came to an end on May 19th. The crown went to Abi Carter. The show was hosted by Ryan Seacrest and judges included Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan.

Bryan has won CMA entertainer of the year two times. He added that he did not know who would be the judges in the 23rd season of the singing competition.

The country star said that it was certainly interesting. He revealed that Disney had not given any hints to him, Ryan or Lionel. 

He said that he had no idea who was returning for the 23rd season and did not know if he himself and Lionel would return.

Bryan said that Disney was just figuring out what to do and they were just waiting to see what the final decision would be. Generally, judges for American Idol are usually announced later in the summer.

Katy Perry

Bryan joined American Idol as a judge in the 16th season of the show. Both Richie and Perry had also joined as judges in the same year.

Bryan said that Perry had done her job rather perfectly. Therefore, he said that Disney was working hard to find someone who could do the job as good as Katie.

As far as Perry is concerned, the singer had announced recently that she would drop new music on July 11th. 

The song is called ‘Woman’s World’ and it is part of her upcoming album. The last time Perry had released an album was in 2020.

As for Bryan, his Crash My Playa event has reached a 10-year milestone. Its celebration in 2025 would welcome Dustin Lynch, Kane Brown, and Jason Aldean, amongst others.

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