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Saturday, June 29, 2024

Tupac Shakur Murder Suspect Denied Bail

According to reports, Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis has been denied bail, even though he has come up with the money required for it.

He was arrested in connection with the murder of hip-hop legend, Tupac Shakur, who had died back in 1996. 

The events 

On June 20th, Davis informed the Clark County District in Nevada that he was ready to post his bail worth $75,000.

On June 25th, he appeared in front of Clark County Judge Carli Kierny to learn about the conditions applicable to his release to house arrest.

He was also asked to provide details about where he had gotten the funds. The magistrate denied his release the next day because of concerns regarding the legitimacy of the funds.

Cash ‘Wack 100’ Jones had posted the funds required for bail. The entertainment manager currently manages Blueface and The Game. 

He made an appearance in court via video link and revealed that he was making the down payment worth $112,500 as a ‘gift’.  

He also asserted that he and Davis had not made a quid pro quo agreement. The judge said in her order that Mr. Davis had been unable to show the court that the funds had been obtained legally.

The issues

In early June, Jones had given a video interview on VladTV. He had stated that he would post Davis’ bail if he permitted him to make a TV series based on his life. 

Speaking to DJ Vlad, he had said at the time that the figure was just $75,000. He added that he had been thinking about reaching out to him to convince him to let him do the series.

However, Jones also said in court that some of the things he says are only for entertainment purposes and for driving engagement.

Jones said that he had spoken to Vlad in the same vein and had had no contact with Keefe D. He said that the latter was involved with someone else.

The details

He mentioned that before appearing on Vlad, they discuss what they will talk about and the things they need to say to get the most views.

He added that it was not required that they be truthful on Vlad, or on YouTube when they are talking about anything related to entertainment.

A recording of a phone call was put forward by prosecutors that had taken place between Jones and Davis at the jailhouse. 

In the said phone call, the two seemed to be talking about a contract. On the call, Jones said that he could set Davis up for the rest of his life. He had also said that they would talk about it once he was out. 

Some of the rulings said that Jones had claimed to be helping Davis out because the latter was fighting cancer and was a pillar of the community.

However, his interview with VladTV revealed another motive. According to the judge, the bank records that Jones had provided were not enough to confirm the legitimacy of the funds. 

Davis had been arrested in September for his alleged involvement in the murder of Shakur.

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