Taylor Swift Shares Sneak Peek of New Music Video

Your ‘Wildest Dreams’ are about to come true! Taylor Swift took to Instagram for sharing an eye-popping teaser of her upcoming music video and there is no denying that it looks dreamy. This song is the fifth single from the 1989 album of the pop singer and the video will make its debut on Sunday, August 30th, 2015 during the live MTV Video Music Awards pre-show, which is being hosted by Miley Cyrus this year.

A flurry of images are featured in the sneak peek, which begins with an eye opening for greeting viewers and include snippets of flying birds, running zebras and horses and even bi-planes. Along with them, you can also see a couple locked in and intimate and romantic embrace in the rain. The girl looks a lot like Swift herself while the guy reminds us of Scott Eastwood (Sorry, Calvin), model-turned-actor heartthrob. This year, Swift has about nine VMA nominations and most of her center around her start studded music video of Bad Blood.

The country singer’s current stint of five shows at the Staples Center in L.A. brought out a crowd of celebrities including Chris Rock, Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx, Mary J. Bilge, model Gigi Hadid, Mark Wahlberg and Friends star Matt LeBlanc. 

One Direction to Go in Different Directions

Image courtesy of julochka via Flickr

Couple of days ago, the sound of thousands of heart breaking and shattering into pieces could be heard all over the world as reports from a tabloid, The Sun, announced that British boy band One Direction would be taking a ‘break’. It is a moment that every fan dreads, but it remains inevitable as it has happened to the likes of Spice Girls, Take That and The Beatles. The band are set to go on a hiatus in March, but it is not necessarily a permanent split as the promise of lucrative reunion tours often draws back band members.

The teen idol sensations, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, are set to part ways for a year in March 2016 as they wish to focus on solo projects. A source close to the band told the Sun that they have been together for five years, which is quite long for a boy band. Therefore, they need some time to work on their own thing and there is absolutely no bad blood between the four. It is not a permanent split as they intend to get back together and all of them are 100% behind the decision. The fifth album of the band will have no tour.

This means that their last full concert, at least for now, will be on 31st October at Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena. The millions of fans will get the opportunity to see their favorite singers in a string of performances and TV spots, which are already penciled in for the year and will go ahead in March. The boys will take a break during the holiday season, but they will come together in February for finishing their professional commitments for the record label. An unnamed source said that this had been the plan and was going to happen ‘with or without’ Zayn Malik who left the group in March.

The source said that they would have wanted him to stay with the band, but this hiatus was going to happen either way. It is believed that the decision of taking a break and not touring was made last weekend in London. It would give band members the opportunity of taking their money-spinning careers on completely different paths and the talks regarding this journey would begin soon. According to the stores, Hollywood has shown ‘a lot of interest’ in Harry Styles whereas Tomlinson might take up on the role of judge on the X Factor next year.

All of the members have a huge number of options at their disposal. Payne may want to work on his producing, songwriting and DJ skills instead of taking up a solo career. In March, after Malik’s departure, there had been rumors about the band splitting up, which had been quashed by the other members. After the shocking announcement, they had vowed to go on as a four-piece as Malik wanted to live as a ‘normal’ 22-year-old. When the flood of reports hinted at their breakup, Payne took to Twitter for thanking their devoted fans who had stood up for them and not considered them as finished.

Bradford-born Zayn Malik is rumored to be working on his solo album with Naughty Boy, the acclaimed music producer, who has worked with several renowned artists including Leona Lewis, Cheryl Cole and Emeli Sande. The band emerged in X Factor’s 2010 series and it has topped charts worldwide since then. The four band members are said to be worth £25 million each. A spokesperson of the band was questioned about the matter, but refused to comment on the ongoing speculation about the band’s future. 

Musicians Start Using Revloud And Exploit This New Tool to Earn Millions

On the early march of 2015, 651 musicians from the South East Asia region were privately invited to revloud close launch. To those who don't know what revloud is, it is a monetization tool especially for musicians. With revloud, musicians can monetize the song that they released on the internet. For each download, they can earn from as low as $0.05 to staggering $30 USD beating VEVO that only caters to established musicians.

Among those invited, a few found a way to exploit the system and earn millions simply by uploading song by other established artists. One of the top downloaded songs on revloud with 100,000+ download was SIA-Chandelier generating over 1 million USD in revenue. Like the domino effect, some of the musicians have been uploading famous tracks and generating figures ranging from 10,000 USD to 100,000 USD.

Revloud management team has to work over time to detect all the illegally uploaded song on revloud and ban all the user  breaching it term and condition told Revloud founder.

"We have to work extra hour to detect those who has breached our term and condition and delete all those illegally uploaded song. Revenue generated from the song will be refund to the advertiser. " - Ananta, Revloud

After the closed beta period, Revloud expected to come back on Aug 2015. To experience Revloud interested musician can just simply visit www.revloud.com.

Genres of Music and Piercings

Most of us think of heavy metal and punk bands as the music genres that would display piercings. However, piercing has hit the mainstream and there are definitely all music genres displaying various types of piercings. There are even those wearing gauges and other decorations to display their unique style. The difference is that when a celebrity makes a new trend, you can guarantee that others will follow suit.


When we think about country music, we think of cowboy hats and boots and big pickup trucks. But there are several country stars that rock piercings. Jason Aldean is one country star who has his ears pierced, multiple times. Brantley Gilbert is another singer who also has pierced ears, in a pretty decent gauge. The whole band, Parmalee, has their ears pierced as well. Kelly Clarkson also has ear piercing and a nose stud.


Pop singers are also known for their piercings. Britney Spears had her ears, nose, and belly button pierced. Kesha has a nose ring that she wears to flaunt her unique style. Janet Jackson had quite a few piercings, including her nipples, belly button, ears, septum, and apparently her lady parts. Lady Gaga flashed her pierced lady parts by accident and showed us what she likes pierced. Pink has her nose and nipples pierced with rings. One of the singers from 5 seconds of summer, Luke Hemmings, has his lip pierced with a ring. His bandmate, Michael Clifford, has his ears and eyebrow pierced. Miley Cyrus has her ears pierced multiple times and her nose too. Demi Lovato has her nose pierced with a cute stud. Christina Aguilera had a nose piercing and a labret stud below her bottom lip.

R & B

Beyonce, who is the queen of R & B at the moment, is a celebrity with ear piercings and a belly button piercing. Lil’ Kim had her nose and her belly button pierced back in the day. Rihanna has her nipples pierced and has displayed them on the cover of a magazine. Fergie has her eyebrow pierced with a barbell piercing. Jordin Sparks has her septum pierced with a ring and a stud in her nose. Travie McCoy has a septum piercing and pretty large gauge plugs. Lenny Kravitz has several cartilage ear piercings and a nose ring.


Now, we get to the rockers, that we expect to see piercings on and they don’t disappoint. Dave Navarro from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, has matching ear and nipple piercings with the captive bead rings. Tommy Lee, from Motley Crue, has an eyebrow piercing and ear plugs.

All of these genres have piercings and show their own personal style, regardless of the type of music they sing. All of the music may be different, but their love for piercings and personal style may be the one they share in common along with the love of music. Find your own personal style and determine the piercing that is meant for you to show to the world or keep hidden if need be.

Background In Art, Media, Or Music? How To Turn This Into A Job

You have probably heard a thousand times or more how untenable an interest in the arts/media/music is. Many people will try to tell you that finding a job is nigh-on impossible in this sector. Now, this just isn’t true! Depending on your goals, it can be simple to start a career in this field. In order to give yourself the best chance at your dream job, start exploring your options now!

Get Further Qualifications

You can never know too much! By going back to school to deepen your breadth of knowledge, you will open up new doors for the future. Arts, media and entertainment courses are surprisingly common in most areas, so go forth and study. It always helps to have multiple skills under your belt.

Take The Initiative

As a creative individual, you really can take the initiative and offer up your services. Whether that’s teaching children how to play the guitar or running musical workshops, it’s important to explore both paid and unpaid avenues, to network yourself and take your career further. Before you know it, people will be asking you to take part in their events or to teach them new skills.

Get Some Experience

Tied into the previous point, it’s exceptionally important to pick up experience where you can. If you can’t bear the thought of handing this out for free, then just explore avenues that you would consider “hobby” territory, such as playing in the local orchestra or helping out with drama productions. If you can bear the thought of working for free, then try an internship. Although you probably need to put bread on the table, this doesn’t have to be a full-time role.

Be Specific: Choose A Niche

Don’t just be a jack-of-all-trades. In the beginning, try lots of things. After you understand what you excel at – or what you like best – you can start specialising yourself more. You’ll find that it’s easier to find jobs, if you take up a certain niche.

Go To Events

Always keep your ear to the ground about new events that are cropping up. Getting involved in these productions or get-togethers will help you to meet new people, subsequently leading to more frequent opportunities. It also helps to get your name out there. You know what they say…it’s who you know.

Create A Plan

Do you have a firm idea of where you’d like to be musically in a few years’ time? Don’t just keep it as a nebulous dream. Draft up ideas for how you plan to get there. Work your way from goal-to-goal, always drawing yourself nearer towards where you want to be.

Be In The Know

Keep abreast of news and updates in your field. You never know what might lead to an idea or opportunity. Follow the music news on a global, national, and local scale. Get inspired! Be knowledgeable about your field of study.

‘Foxes’ Enchants Taking A Travel Around The UK

The news talks about Foxes who claims so high at this flash of time. With the publication of her October excursion across the United Kingdom, the talented English singer is taking all benefits of the huge appreciation for her Body Talk-the pop single that has adorably gathered in her way.

This disco-tingled track from her latest album is the best one to elevate higher so far. And nothing is going to leave a doubt that she will steal the show in her upcoming performances nationwide.

Privileged with Grammy award in very short time of the profession, Foxes has ridiculously demonstrated her supremacy and standing among the nation's leading stars. She is an exciting and fascinating performer who has no limits to success with top five recordings in three years span after her debut EP Warrior.

Having said that the new single from the 26yrs old songwriter is a stimulation of living in present  with leaving the past behind. It teaches you to take control on your emotions and plays with your body talk which should never reveal what is going on in your inner.

The success has leaded the singer to follow up with her first one too that had smashed the world with its magnificent singles such as 'Tonight' and 'Youth'.

And for the next attempt to shiver her fans, the glitzy pop singer plans to take a ride throughout the vast places in East London saying that she had the feelings of getting what she wanted from her album. According to the singer, the experience is etched in her mind.

Foxes has already crossed the gate of fame in several festivals that stormed the people of the United Kingdom in their captivating charm. The fiestas she put musical bricks in included British Summer time and Wight Fiesta.

October maybe a little faraway for the fans on their last legs to see the lively Foxes in front of them, but the good news is knocking right on the corner which says she is to perform at a live concert  at Oslo, in the heart of  London on  coming Wednesday.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Your First Bluetooth Speakers

The trend is on for Bluetooth speakers. More and more young people are going for Bluetooth speakers because these new gadgets are serving their needs well. Music is part of almost any person’s life on earth today. You could not imagine a party or gathering without music. The old speakers with their many wires are quite a cumbersome thing today. You get tangled up in their wires while walking and they don’t allow you to carry them with you when you are out on picnic with your friends – how would you provide power to them to turn on?

When you are buying Bluetooth speakers you should know that they carry batteries in them. You charge them to use them. The battery size of the speakers depends on the size of speakers. However, batteries are not very big because manufacturers have to keep the factor of portability alive as well. Despite the fact that portability factor compels the manufacturers to keep the sizes of the batteries small, you could buy speakers that have great battery timing with just one charge. So, when you are looking for Bluetooth speakers pick the ones that can keep playing through the duration of your party.

Another thing to look carefully at is the range of your Bluetooth speakers. If your speakers can’t play at a distance of 10 feet what’s the point in buying wireless speakers? Wired speakers with long cables could easily allow you to put them separately at a distance of 10 feet. When you are looking for Bluetooth speakers pick the ones that will play at a distance of more than 20 feet easily. There are speakers with 30ft range so that will give you a lot of freedom of where your device is and where you put your speakers.

Sound quality is the understood factor when buying speakers so you need not to be told about that. Still, it is best that you compare the sound qualities of various speakers and pick the one that is not only loud but also has good sound quality. Loud is not always better and too much bass can overshadow rest of the instruments being played in a music track. Your speakers should also have some good looks. It would be even better if you could buy a pair that is environment friendly. Lastly, look for any additional items that are included with your package.

It can become a challenge to find something that meets all your requirements but there are surely some companies that are doing that. Have a look at EcoBeat for example. This company is taking into consideration every aspect while making its Bluetooth speakers e.g. design, sound quality, range of Bluetooth, battery life, eco-friendliness etc. Their Bluetooth speakers are made from bamboo. Bamboo grows naturally at such a high growth rate that you cut it today and the next year it would be available in the same quantity – in short, it regenerates. Their speakers have a great battery life, good signal coverage and a must-look design. 

Slaves To Release Their New Single

Standing on the top of the sky with their debut album release "Are you satisfied?” Salves continue to take a hot ride with their popularity demonstrated from their top ten eminences. The winner of 'Spirit of Punk' award at Kerrang Awards for 2015, the band is releasing their next single 'Sockets', a high-octane love track on September 4 this year.

Salves’ new track tells the story of a young boy who is vulnerable at the sight of a gorgeous girl. Sockets- the new song is a three-minute sonic physical attack, completely off frantic liveliness and speedy guitars. The song is already beating people’s hearts and frequently played at nights in public places. Salves are at 7th standing another track, In Dog Years’.

The British band also hit the stages at Glastonbury festival this year where their rip-roaring act contented the crowd making them flocking and dancing on the tracks. Salves tore up the John Peel Stage, surprised the punters at the BBC introducing arena and a few of carnages by Kanye at the arena of Shangri-hell.

The Salves go on with their fiesta attack performing T in The Park on this Saturday. They will support The Libertines for Ibiza Rocks 10th Anniversary along with ripping up Reading and Leeds. 

Lionel Richie Tops The UK Chart

Image via theguardian.com

After an extraordinary performance at Glastonbury festival for 2015, the intercontinental rock star Lionel Richie has witnessed another victory by getting his album 'The Definitive Collection' on the top of the UK album chart.

Lionel's album jumps an astounding 103 positions this week after having sold above 19000 copies that pride itself with 1763 percent build up in sales to reach his prime UK Number 1 creation since 1963.

Lionel made the UK fall in love with him again at Glastonbury. He was the star who attracted the biggest horde of the weekend with more than 100,000 fans that were swinging banners and wearing t-shirts decorated with Lionel's features. Lionel made his fans flocking and dancing to his blockbuster tracks like 'Night', 'Dancing ' 'Hello, 'Easy' along with 'Three Times' all from 'The Definitive Collection'.

The 66yrs old singer said he was overwhelmed performing at Glastonbury on the Pyramid Stage and to be in front of everyone who made his album No.1.  According to Lionel, the experience was ‎amazing. He said he always loved United Kingdom as an exceptional place for him.

The American singer has attained an incredible musical career where he sees an amazing sell over 100 million albums across the world. He received prominent awards such as 5 Grammy awards, 1 Golden Globe and an Oscar as well. The superstar will be ongoing his act at various fiestas in the United Kingdom this time of year. He will be showing his mind-blogging acts at Henley Carnival on July 9, 2015 and has a show at Edinburgh Castle on July 22, 2015. 

The Enemy To Release Their 4th Album

Photo via TheSun

The Enemy is ready to get a ride on Warner Records for releasing their 4th Studio album. The UK band has witnessed all their albums charting in the top-ten. Their debut album ‘We’ll Live And Die In These Towns' which too was released by Warner Records topped the list and is going double platinum very soon.

The winner of numerous awards, The Enemy has headlined various arenas across the UK having speedily sold out the venues and gained a solid live fan-following.

The Enemy still lives in their 20s and is readying their most striving record, 'its Automatic' that is to come out in October this year. According to band’s lead singer Tom Clarke, they’ve been working on it for a long time and it’s a great record. He said it was difficult to make but not in a bad way.

Tom thinks of a possibility when listeners might not get it. He is sure these are some of the best songs he has ever written. 

How to Learn Piano Online

Photo credit: J_Arlecchino / Flickr

The web has become an extremely useful and handy resource for all those who are interested in learning the piano. The internet is the right place to go if you have a passion of learning how to play piano, but don’t have much time or money. There are numerous online resources available these days and it isn’t very difficult for you to take online piano lessons. Bear in mind that you need to do some research in order to find a good fit for you or the piano student in your life. As long as you know how to look, it is quite easy to find a great online instructional method. Follow these steps and you will be good to go:

1- Goal Assessment 

When thinking of the best path for learning piano, it is essential for you learn your goals for learning the piano and the resources available to you. Why are you interested in taking piano lessons? What do you hope to get out of it? Do you already have a keyboard or piano? How much time can you spare to your learning? You should know that taking online piano lessons is the best route for you if you have a busy schedule and don’t have a huge budget.

2- Budget Determination 

The standard cost of a typical piano lesson is somewhere between $20 to $40, and the timing can be extended for a total cost of $45 to $60 if you wish. Accomplishments and experiences don’t come without premiums so you should keep your goals in mind when determining your budget. Online piano lessons are helpful in terms of budget too because they save the traveling expense. You can take advantage of free videos or even learn from a professional.

3- Research 

Search engines will be your primary source when searching for piano lessons, but you should also exploit some others such as social media. It is a great resource for insights and reviews from friends and family in order to decide the right teacher. Go over what other piano players are commenting, sharing or talking about.

4- Searching for Trusted Website 

The best online websites are those that give you the option of trying or sampling things before you buy them. Look for a website that offers you an interview or trial with a skilled teacher. You should also go over their security policy to see how they vet their teachers. This is immensely important in the world of the internet because you need to be sure that the person on the other end is safe.

5- Finding a Qualified Teacher 

Conduct interviews or free trials with a couple of teachers who spark your interest. Look at their interests, credentials, experience, bios and knowledge. Also take note of personal chemistry during your trial or interview. The importance of availability and scheduling shouldn’t be underestimated. There is no point of hiring a teacher if they aren’t going to be available at your desired time.

Start your online piano lessons once you find a good teacher. 

Wedding Band Vs DJ, Which One to Choose

Photo courtesy of Sharon Drummond via Flickr

When it comes to the perfect wedding plan, no one can deny the importance of a DJ or a Band. To end up with the perfect big day, you need to choose the right wedding entertainment that can match the personality of both bride and groom. It is also important to have a look at your personal taste, musical style and atmosphere within your budget. There are numerous choices when it comes to wedding entertainment Melbourne where you can select between DJ and band, whatever your choice maybe. Nowadays, although DJs have made a good name in most of the wedding plans, still bands are successfully finding their place in the wedding entertainment scene. So what is the right choice for you?

Choosing Perfect Wedding Bands 

Live music is no doubt a perfect way to celebrate a wedding night. The majority of wedding bands Melbourne have exceptional skills to set the scene at the reception. Each band has their own unique style of playing music that engages the people and keeps them entertained. If you have hired your favorite band, don’t expect them to play all of the hit songs they have listed on their playlist. They will only be responsible for making the event charming, entertaining and sometime humorous within a limited timeframe.

If you have decided to go for the perfect band, make sure to do it in time. Start the search well ahead of time, probably six to seven months before. Prices will differ from band members to the length of reception. For instance, band of four person will cost approximately $2000 to $2800 for a five hour call out. While five to six members band will cost you approximately $2500 to $3500. You will find different deals depending on the circumstances of the event, but make sure you hire a quality wedding videographer and photography to capture the bands work!

After hiring the wedding band of your choice, make sure to guide them on what type of music and songs should be played and which one should not be in the list. Moreover, decide what party games should be included, which guests should be called upon stage and how to surprise the audience with special appearances!

Choosing a Wedding DJ

Hiring a Wedding DJ Melbourne is still a great choice to keep your guests entertained and add great fun to the party. It is more flexible than having a musical band because of diverse musical tastes. A DJ can play from all types of genres, tempos and customize the playlist according to the event at your reception.

Even though, choosing a DJ can prove to be more effective and a wiser decision as compared to a musical band; still personal preferences must be taken into consideration. A Wedding DJ Melbourne normally charges around $800 to $1400 for a five hour call out, but can differ on how large the sound system and lighting effects are offered. Make sure to communicate all the requirements honestly to the DJ before making the payment or your wedding plan may suffer as a result.

Which One to Hire?

If you wish to entertain guests to the fullest, make sure you hire both. This option will surely customize your musical taste. DJs can perform when guests are on the dance floor while bands can entertain while the guests are seated and enjoying the drinks and meal. No matter which option you choose Wedding DJ Melbourne or Wedding Bands Melbourne will be sure to make your special day unforgettable!

For further information on booking wedding djs or wedding bands in Melbourne contact Calibre Entertainment www.calibreentertainment.com.au and send through an inquiry today!

Taylor Swift Outwits Apple Executives

Image via nypost.com

What does it say about Apple Inc. and its high powered executives when Taylor Swift got them to reverse their decision regarding not to pay artists for the first three months on its venture in the music industry in the form of Apple Music with just a social media post? Imagine being a 25 year old top pop star on the planet with a worth of about $200 million and having more business acumen and sense than the largest company of the world as per market capitalization.

It took the country singer only a few keystrokes probably on an Apple device for writing a post on Tumblr. There she told the world that her newest album, ‘1989’ would not be available on Apple Music, which sent Eddy Cue, the Apple executive, backpedaling quicker than most politicians. Only a day later, he made the announcement that the iPhone maker would indeed be paying royalties during the free trial period of its new streaming service. His tweet sent love to Taylor Swift and other independent artists.

Eddy Cue may have slipped on a banana peel with the launch of the new paid streaming music service of Apple Inc. so close to its launch date of June 30th. This will put the US firm in a slightly better position than Pandora and Spotify as neither of them are able to offer 1989 to their listeners. The fair-haired capitalist that Swift has become is keeping her latest album off Pandora and Spotify because these streaming services offer a free tier service and this cheapens her product, in her own words. Rdio does offer her music because it is only a paid music streaming service.

One of the more confusing questions about Apple is that why would the company risk alienating content providers and artists over just 90 days of royalties, which is just chump change for the firm? It seems that maybe the executives including Eddy Cue weren’t in an adult room when the decision was made. At the risk of lost content and a PR nightmare, the company would save a few million dollars on royalties. Swift gave the company the MBA role they apparently lacked.

Not only is the singer a role model for teenagers as she keeps herself clean and stays out of the gutter, she is also an excellent example for the business world where capitalism has become a dirty word. Capitalism isn’t about conning others and getting rich; it is about getting what you deserve. One fact to remember is that even the best companies can be mistaken just like Apple and they can also get greedy as we saw. Swift put her argument rather well when she said that they didn’t ask the company to give out free iPhones so they should be expected to hand out their music for free.

Swift knew she wasn’t being unfair in asking for payment because content rules because otherwise there would be dead air over the airwaves. On Thursday, Taylor made another business savvy decision when she signed on to Apple Music streaming service after some hardball negotiation. 

Apple Music Heading to Sonos Speakers

Image via ibtimes.com

On Tuesday, Apple Music will head to iPads, iPhones and Macs. Also, before the end of this year, the new streaming service will also become available on Sonos systems as well. On Sunday, Eric Nielsen, the Sonos spokesman said in an email that the company is working with Apple Inc. to make its Wi-Fi speakers compatible with the iPhone maker’s new streaming service. Specific timing wasn’t provided by Nielsen. However, the news was also confirmed by Apple, which said that it is working alongside Sonos for offering Apple Music compatibility.

As far as streaming speakers in homes are concerned, Sonos is a pioneer of that industry and its popular range of audio product currently streams music from Beats Music, which will eventually be replaced by Apple Music. It also streams music from other rival streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, Google Play Music, Rdio, SoundCloud, Deezer and Pandora. The compatibility with Sonos speakers signals that Apple is using a strategy for Apple Music that’s unlike any of its other strategies for its apps and services, which are only offered on Apple’s own hardware. In the next couple of months, Apple Music, similarly to Beats Music, will also become available as an Android app. 

Gregory Porter To Rock The UK Next Year

Photo: Guillaume Laurent / Flickr

Gregory Porter is going to rock the land of the UK with his sensational music performance in the year of 2016.

Grammy Award winner singer announced his 16-date tour to the UK which will be kicking off on 4th April, 2016 at the Royal Albert Hall, London and will be ending on 24th April, 2016 at the Birmingham Symphony Hall.

The American jazz singer continues to present his unbeatable performance around the world achieving a globally recognized appreciation which gets more acclimation with the gem of Grammy Award Winner blockbuster album ‘Liquid Spirit’. The album gets gold certification in the United Kingdom alone. It also stayed in demand for the official album charts for 80 week from the time of its release.

Porter has proved himself as a new emperor of jazz and a star to gain extraordinary crowd. He just rocked with a hot set at Glastonbury and other shows that have been taking place in recent times.  He has been compared with other great stars like Joe Williams, Nat Cole, Donny Hathway, and Marvin Gaye.

Here are the April 2016 Tour dates of Gregory Porter Tour to UK:

4th April at  London Royal Albert Hall
5th April at Southend Cliffs Pavilion
8th April at Manchester Bridgewater
9th April at Sheffield City Hall
10th April at Edinburgh Festival Theatre
11th April at Aberdeen His Majesty's Theatre
12th April at Perth Concert Hall
14th April at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
15th April at Gateshead Sage
16th April at Leicester Demontfort Hall
17th April at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
19th April at Brighton Dome
20th April at Cardiff St Davids Hall
21st April at Poole Concert Hall
22nd April at Plymouth Pavilions
24th April at  Birmingham Symphony Hall

Ticket prices vary from £30  to £42.50  while  in Scotland tickets prices are from £30-£40 and the Royal Albert Hall from £40-£75.

Gregory Porter is an American jazz vocalist, songwriter and actor. Porter won the 2014 Grammy for best jazz vocal album, Liquid Spirit

Amy Winehouse’s Third Album Demos Destroyed By Her Label Boss

Photograph: Yui Mok/PA

Known for her deep voice, Amy Jade Winehouse left a tragic ending with his sudden death in July, 2011. Her fans had a final hope to get her unheard songs as soon as her third album demo releases for the public. However, the news confirming that there won’t be any posthumous material from the late singer’s collection has saddened her fans around the world.

These songs have been destroyed by Amy’s label boss David Joseph who made the decision to destroy singer’s posthumous material following her demise. Talking to Billboard magazine, Chairman Universal Music said,

'It was an ethical thing, talking a stem or a vocal is not something that would ever happen on my watch. It now can't happen on anyone else's.'

Although those destroyed tracks are never to be heard now but the nature was already clued during an interview with Stefan Skarbek in 2011 who admitted that he worked with Amy on five shared songs however the final versions were ultimately Universal Music’s possessions.

According to the Stefan Skarbek, he did songs like Monkey Boy which were just fun and lighthearted songs. His biggest thing with Amy was she’d come to the studio in London and she’d always come in with some wild tales, boyfriend troubles or things like that. He told Rolling Stone magazine.

The English singer was famous for her electric blend of music varieties such as soul, rhythm and blues, and jazz along with reggae. She was just 27yrs old when she left the world while her record Lioness: Hidden Treasures featuring outtakes came out after few months of her death. And now with her third album demo wiped out, there is nothing more to come publically from the late singer.

Amy even after her demise lives as one of the most inspirational young singers of her age group. During an interview with Q magazine, Lay Me Down singer Sam Smith said ‘Amy’s debut record ‘Frank’ continues to influence my music this day. According to the singer, there’s no doubt that his album has changed his life and it would have to be Amy Winehouse’s first album, ‘Frank’. He said that he could still remember hearing it in his father's car when he was 11 on the way to school.

He said it totally blew him away as it was really so honest and emotional reminding him that he needed to try and be that honest in his own song-writing.

‘I never got to meet her, but she'll always be an icon." Sam added. 

Motorhead and Mary J Blige Smash Glastonbury

Image via theguardian.com

The astonishing festival of Glastonbury in the English city Pilton has been a central attraction of the town drawing a huge crowd to its mesmerizing activities and magnificent performances by national and international celebrities.

Like every year, the Glastonbury has pulled many people to enjoy its luminous shine. The first day at the festival was named to sets Mary J. Blige and Motorhead who simply knocked out rest of the performances at the event.

The American singer (Blige) witnessed herself running a superb musical career having all of her albums on the sky of success. Blige has come up with eleven albums so far and each of her creations made its place in the top ten listing on the Billboard charts.

Blige touches on nine those eleven with her latest presentation, and ‘The London Sessions’ received huge appreciation and likeness from crowd with four songs in the later part of the event. She also played three songs from her 1994's album and gave an amazing throw in her U.K. blockbuster with Disclosure, F For You.

Mary J Blige set-list can be seen below:

Intro (from My Life, 1994)
Just Fine (from Growing Pains, 2007)
The One (from Stronger With Each Tear, 2009)
You Bring Me Joy (from My Life, 1994)
Love Is All We Need (from Share My World, 1997)
Real Love (from What's the 411?, 1992)
Be Happy (from My Life, 1994)
Love No Limit (from What's the 411?, 1992)
Enough Cryin' (from The Breakthrough, 2005)
I Can Love You (from Share My World, 1997)
Don't Mind (from My Life II: The Journey Continues (Act 1), 2011)
Nobody But You (from The London Sessions, 2014)
My Loving (from The London Sessions, 2014)
F For You (from the Disclosure album Settle, 2014)
Therapy (from The London Sessions, 2014)
Doubt (from The London Sessions, 2014)
No More Drama (from No More Drama, 2001)
One (from The Breakthrough, 2005)
Family Affair (from No More Drama, 2001)

Asha Bhosle Named Greatest Bollywood Playback Singer

Photo courtesy of Pedro Sousa via Flickr

Asha Bhosle has reportedly been honored with the title of ‘greatest Bollywood playback singer’ by Eastern Eye Newspaper, United Kingdom.

The Indian singer started her career in 1943, beating off her elder sister Lata Mangeshkar to grab the top position. Commonly referred to as Ashaji, the sweet-voice has spent over six decades of a successful music career in India. Despite being a wider range of voice quality, she is most popular as a playback singer in Indian film industry.

The newspaper also listed late Indian singer Mohammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar who appeared standing on the third and fourth position respectively while the beautiful singer Shreya Ghoshal sees herself on 7th spot and Sonu Nigam secured 14th ranking in the listing.

James Taylor Tops The Chart After 47 Years

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Everything in the world started revolving around his head when the American singer James Taylor found his album topping the chart for the first time in his 47-years recording career. "I didn't dare hoping for this', he says.

The 67 years old James earned Grammy Awards for five times in his overall career. The American singer and guitarist released his first musical album after 47 years. It's a self-titled album released on Beatles' Apple label. Having hitting No.1 with his latest release "Before This World" on the Billboard 200 album chart, the songwriter indeed have achieved a milestone in his career. Previously Muse's "Drones" grabbed No.1 position in the charts.

James Taylor was introduced with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000. He today seems to be among many other wonderful stars that had to wait a life-time to top the chart or win a big award. He has his time now while there are abundant people who are still in the queue to live their dream.

James Taylor thanked his fans for their love, enthusiasm, and support for bringing his new album "before this world". He sent this message through a short YouTube video.

Vertical Record Players are Here; the Future of Vinyl?

Image courtesy of Byronv2 via Flickr

Record players have been around for a long time, they’re one of the first formats on which we could listen to music easily in the comfort of our own homes, and the format has never totally died, in fact in recent years vinyl has enjoyed a revival, and sales have grown by hundreds of percent.

This has seen companies trying to create the best record players for the job, and to reignite peoples love of records, now one company has launched a vertical record player, bringing the retro music player right into the 21st century.

Pretty simple, you might think, but of course the way a record player works relies on gravity! The needle is dropped, and the record spins at a steady rate, but the design has had to be a little more clever for the vertical model, which is made by Roy Harpaz and has been named the ‘toc’. 12, 10 and 7 inch vinyl all work on the model, which has also been released with some cool photos of the inner workings which allow you to see what drives it.

In terms of the look, it goes well in modern or classic houses with a wooden outer shell encasing the mechanics. It’s futuristic looking, after all, it is a totally new design, which we’ve certainly never seen before. Does it actually serve any purpose? Well besides looking cool and providing a talking point for your house guests, it can be a bit of a space saver, taking up less surface area than traditional, and even the more modern record players.

How does it sound? Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing yet as only the photographs of the product have been released, but we can’t wait to get our hands on one and test out the way it sounds, with some concerns being raised about whether the design may lend itself to scratching. The vertical design of course has nothing to do with the sound and is purely for style. Speaking of style, the control panel on the side is simple, and the LCDs show that this is a more modern product with a lot of features hidden behind a minimal look.

With loads of big companies trying to release the top record players, and more and more entering the market all the time, you can’t blame the toc for trying to be unique, and it offers everything you could look for in terms of looks, design and even functionality, with our one small criticism from the start being that the controls are at the back, which could be an issue if you want to use them during playback. Of course the proof is in the pudding, and we will only be able to truly see what this has to offer when the reviews surface and it becomes widely available, for now, even a youtube video would help people to make their mind up about what is undeniably, a very cool, smart and futuristic design, will it start a vinyl revolution?

Lee Nelson Invades Kanye On Stage At Glastonbury

Image via telegraph.co.uk

Lee Nelson is comical face and often makes certain acts that can leave an already confused person nowhere. An episode of such kind was seen on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury when Kanye was lost in his rocking performance and suddenly Lee speeded up to the stage and started dancing with the singer. Kayne perhaps was already confused and this invade by Lee couldn’t let him do anything else but dance with him. Later security persons forcibly removed the comic rogue from the stage allowing the rapper to continue with his show.

The English humorist Simon Brodki who is commonly known as Lee Nelson (a character played by the comedian) also provided people a hot topic to discuss about him when he managed to slink into a shoot with the English football team while they were giving pose for the world cup last year.

And now he comes in the headlines with his recent funny episode. No one was expecting that Lee Nelson would suddenly run to the iconic stage while the rapper was lost with his fourth song and would try to continue with the song with his comical dancing steps. It became creepy and really disgusting when the black skinhead singer had to break off to get Lee away from the stage before he could restart with his tracks.

It is worth mentioning here that Kayne West and his gig at Glastonbury was a hot topic of discussion for many due to some grounds even before the incident happened. It had tens of thousands viewers around the stage making the show one of the most controversial selling in recent times. Moreover, there was an online petition against the American rapper that acquired over 100,000 signatories.  A lot of spectators in the festival left feeling saddened with the overvalued Glastonbury set.

It was also noted that while playing ‘Touch the Sky’, Kanye left the arena as he had to re-appear being lifted high into the sky on a the stage form above the horde.

The rapper closed with a monotonous style by way of his song “All Falls Down” and then declared ‘you are now watching the greatest living rock star on the planet.'

Sonu Nigam To Perform In Africa

Photo courtesy of Marine Asalia via Flickr

Sonu Nigam is an iconic singer of India. He soon is going to present the first two editions of his 40-piece orchestra show 'Klose To My Heart' in South Africa. This will certainly be a heartthrob moment when Nigam will make Africans’ heartbeats faster with his marvelous performance in sometime later in 2015.

South Africa is one of Nigam's favorite places and the 41yrs old singer has desired for a long time to bring his various concepts for a show to South Africa. Nigam Is in Los Angeles these days for a family event and he sent a video message for his fans from there saying "It's always not really easy proposition to land at any country because of having such a big group of musicians and technicians for bringing in, but I promise an variety of nostalgia which you won't forget in a lifetime".

Nigam has been enjoying his different concerts in the US, UK and UAE for last several years where he amazed audiences with his mesmerizing vocal power and an impressive array of his hit songs. All of his shows assemble a band of talented musicians who play an encircling series of musical instruments including violins, drums, keyboards, dholaks and tablas, congos, octapads, guitars, saxophones, trumpeted, and flutes.

On the other the Managing Executive of Sun City, Mike van Vuuren advertized Nigam’s upcoming show a big success of the era. He said “it will be a coup for Sun City, which has previously hosted sold-out shows of the first IIFA Awards in South Africa and a Bollywood Concert featuring Shahrukh Khan and a host of other Bollywood artists in its 5,500-seater SuperBowl”.

Many people from the music world are of view that it will be for the first time when with Nigam's show South African's music lovers could see something like this, as it won't be just the usual six or eight-men group, but a FULL 40-piece ensemble in a spectacle of glow, brightness, and video on arena.

Nick Jonas Speaks of His Split

Image Credit: Hana Selly (Flickr)

People say love hurts and there's no doubt about it. Same happened with Nick Jonas who has suffered from love ache after a tough split with the American actress Olivia Culpo. It sounds as if he is trying to come out of the painful memories of his love life.

The former couple spent two years of togetherness and spilt in the beginning of June this year. Having parted ways with the 23yrs old beauty queen, Nick shows as if he is okay with it but his recent statements on media seemed to be revealing some other story.

The American singer spoke of his breakup for the first time to one of the entertainment magazines. "It boiled down to work commitments after some time.” He said he was doing OK though it was very much difficult for him. They had a striking two-year relationship and Nick has nothing but love and respect for his ex.

Nick believes that it's always tough; and he now is focusing on his music. The 22 yrs old star is trying to stay as busy as he can and as creative as he can be."These are the moments, you've just got to throw caution to the wind and lose your way in your work and that's what I'm trying to do," Nick admitted.

Nick now decides to fully focus on his work. After sibling band Jonas Brothers closed in 2013, the singer is being applauded as both a solo composer and an actor at the same time.  His success can be seen with his single ‘Jealous’ that was charted across the world for the singer once told it was about Olivia. He never knew that it would be once become harder for him to listen that song from his second album.

Whatever went wrong with their love life but the songwriter feels satisfactions with his standing. "I was so honest throughout the relationship." He said.

Nick has regrets for being private with his relationship in the past. He says it was something that makes your relationship very challenging. He tried to hide his relationship on several points and did things to keep it in personal but now he believes that it all caused more stress on his togetherness. He admits while he was open and publicly in romance, there was so much comfort in that.

“So yeah, I think it's the conflicting truly. But the part of a relationship is what makes everything harder afterwards," he moaned.

Benji and Cameron Yearn To Start A Family

Image via usmagazine.com

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz finally reveal their secret married and tell their fans about their next step toward a happy and complete family life. Both Benji and Cameron yearn to have babies in near future and are overjoyed with the new prospect of their togetherness with their own children.

Cameron and Benji are cherished among the most loved couples of the entertainment world. The couple has impressed their fans with their amazing chemistry. They were dating each other for long time but didn't give any clear statement about their relationship. They tied knot in secret several months ago which was lately disclosed when the American vocalist with his actress wife unveiled that he just love to be the father of his children with Cameron.

The 36yrs old guitarist for the band Good Charlotte has a great family and feels himself a lucky man having gotten to experience each bit of the joys that a person can have with a family.

'So I love kids, yeah', Benji was excited to say that.

He enjoys spending time with his wife at his $10 million Beverly Hills mansion, where they tied knot on January 5 while Cameron Diaz, on the other hand, has informed her producers that she wouldn't be available for further movies as she with her spouse is desperately trying for a baby.

The 42yrs old actress and her husband are completely smitten in each other's company. it sounds as if she is taking tremendous measures to begin a complete family life with Benji Meddan.

It's clearly revealed Cameron wants to stay home and enjoy her special time of her existence. The Sources claim that she is determined not to answer the phone no matter whatever amount is offered to the actress.  She has numerous work offers but she is adamant that she does not exist for anything at the moment. According to the sources, the actress has shifted her priorities for 100 percent. She desired to settle down and has achieved her desire.