Levine Is Desperate To Have His Own Babies

The American musician wants to be father of so many kids and will like to have them at some point of his life.

Adam Noah Levine tied knots with Behati Prinsloo in July of 2014. usually known as the lead songster for the Los Angeles pop rock band,  Maroon 5, Adam has in the past joked about completing the century of children with the model but now he seems desperate making his joke clear saying how desperately he wants to begin a family.

Talking to E! News, The 35yrs old actor says that yes they are going to do it at some point that will not be at a long distance but he cannot disclose it as he himself doesn't have an idea about it and hence has a big question mark about

"Is that vague enough for you?" Adam wondered.

But the singer doesn't want to end with a few little tikes. According to Adam, if he could do it as he wants; he would like to have lots of children because he loves them so much.

Wondering how many kids he may have in future, he laughed and said that it may be 17. ‘Does it sound reasonable?' he was in jolly mood. "I love children a lot, though and I love seeing them on the set, as well."

For Adam's fans it wasn't for the first time when he has expressed his wish where he desperately willing to initiate a new life and wants to see Behati as his wife and the mother of his children.

The singer just after a month of his marriage to the Victoria Secret angel, interviewed with Ryan at Ryan's Secrets Show on FM radio show. He said that he wanted 100 babies and he really wanted more children than would be socially responsible.

Besides Adam who has demonstrated himself an obvious impatient to get into fatherhood, Behati on the same leaf says a slightly different. Having a conversation with a fashion site named Net-A-Porter back in the beginning of the year; Adam's new wife said that she with Adam has a 'definite' plan to have babies.

Behati on the other hand, hasn't started making any existing plans. Showing the realistic approach of her personality, the Namibian model said that she has no expectations. It’s not something that she thinks in negative way but she has learned that one cannot plan ahead. She said she lives little by little and sees what happens. It's fuzzy, but she likes it that way.

Madonna’s ‘Special’ Tour for 2015

According to recent reports, a ‘special’ tour for the upcoming year is under the works by Madonna. Last, it was in 2012 that the Material Girl travelled on her The MDNA tour and performed television shows. Now, it is claimed that the 56-year old is in talks of starting a tour again next year, after a fresh album is released. A source gave some information to The Mirror, a British newspaper, which stated that the tour would be immensely special and Madonna is going to pull out all the stops for this one, particularly because the Virgin Tour took place 30 years ago.

The star will be travelling the world similar to what she did on The MDNA tour in 2012 in which she went to different places including Asia, South America and Europe. She will be able to fully concentrate on her performances after the record is finished. As per the reports, Madonna is seeking the assistance of Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic for writing songs for her upcoming album. It is believed that the star wants to be completely different and out of the box this time around. The insider added that the singer is aware that she has to reinvent herself constantly if she wishes to remain relevant in the increasingly competitive industry.

Therefore, she is intent on pushing all boundaries for her new sounds and the new tour will show a new side of Madonna that people haven’t witnessed before. Nothing can be said until her album is released.

Pharrell Williams Was Declared The Biggest Winner At The BCC Awards

The American singer was declared as a person of the biggest victory with numerous BBC Awards.

Pharrell Williams took home awards for Best International Artist and Song of the Year for Happy at the inaugural ceremony on Thursday evening.

The 41yrs old songwriter who is a fashion designer and a record producer too, couldn't attend the event because he was busy in filming commitments for US talent show The Voice. He expressed his thanks for the gongs through a video message.

The rapper also said that he is uncertain what it was that made Happy such a great success globally adding that the achievement it brought isn't something what he can determine.

The hit maker of ‘Gust of Wind’ named his award to his fans who he thinks too credit the victory for the song, he has won the award. He said that songwriters are obliged to what the listeners think. When they say 'song of the year' it's not really his award, it's their award.

The honorable evening became special for Pharrell in regard of his one-time coworker Ed Sheeran was declared a winner at the gongs where he took home the prize for British Act of the Year.

While on the stage receiving his gong the English songwriter and singer conveyed his thanks to everyone for the award saying as a very big thanks to all who’s bought a record, bought a ticket, streamed on YouTube or listened to his music."

According to Ed Sheeran, he always thought that his career would be stopping at one album, however if people stop listening to the music he'll still make it."

The ceremony was dazzling with the live performances by Coldplay, One Direction, Take That and Ed, whose awe-inspiring solo acts of their favorite versions along with the hit singing of Pharrell blew a new soul into the venue.

Besides that the ceremony was also sweet scented with the breathtaking performance of new group Catfish and the Bottle men who won the BBC Introducing award ' recognizing the most promising new act'.

Reviewing Nicki Minaj’s ‘The Pinkprint’

There is yet to be a bad album of Nicki Minaj. The singer has refused to do what others want or expect of her and has always done what she wants. That seems to be paying off because her latest album, The Pinkprint, which was released December 15th wasn’t a dud either. As a matter of fact, this could be her best album so far. Nicki has chosen not to use her bipolar tendencies for rap and pop songs. Instead, even though it seems like a miracle, the nearly-comatose singer has proven that it’s completely possible for these two genres i.e. rap and pop that are constantly warring to co-exist.

Rap is associated with a masculine touch whereas pop is associated with a feminine element. Nicki has introduced her first breakup album where she mixes these two genres. The first two singles namely ‘Bed of Lies’ featuring Skyler-Grey and ‘Pills N Potions’ produced by Dr. Luke were quite unexciting, but what really shines through is The Pinkprint. This particular song forces the listener to deal with an emotion that’s not usually associated with the Queen of Rap and that’s vulnerability. The singer has touched on the sensitive area of heartbreak before as well, but it was more pronounced in the three-song stretch of the new album.

There are some brutal songs in the album as well, which are downright painful and showcase the singer’s pain of the tragedies she has suffered in songs like ‘I Lied’ and ‘Crying Game’. Then, the singer goes back to being the rap champion with Beyonce in ‘Feelin Myself’. ‘Truffle Butter’, the bonus song, ‘Grand Piano’ and ‘Win Again’ all make the album a real breakthrough for Nicki.

Taylor Swift Says Her Actions Ripple

Raised in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Taylor Swift is recognized for her good girl personality and she just wants to continue to be known the wonderful.

Taylor was at a recording for the journalist's annual TV special The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014, where she came in the contact with a US newswoman Barbara Walters. She told the magazine why she is of the opinion that all women should be having the positive influences to pay a call on to the entertainment industry.

According to Taylor, she puts all of her actions through a filter before she does them because that's the way her life is all about.

Adding the reference of a hypothetical tabloid scandal, the American songwriter said that If that story gets out or some ten-yrs old observers that she did that in a news article, similar to her actions do have waved.

On the other hand, that all has happened really doesn't stop Taylor to pamper by time to time. The star is going to celebrate her birthday on Saturday and just the day before that the part fully airs accredited that she is old enough to consume alcoholic beverages.

Taylor as the country singer says she has never taken advantage of her celebrity status to getting under the influence. She despite rising to a highly praised reputation with her debut album eight years back, insists to stay humble and modest.

The singer also claims to be responsible enough before she started drinking. On the word of Taylor’s statement, she waited until she stepped until 21 years of the age because she was concerned about being into any troubles. She says that she takes drink and she is 25 now.

The actress, model, and singer, Scarlett Johansso is another American celebrity who will be featuring on Barbara's 10 Most Fascinating People. She would be the one the reporter will open up many secrets about her life as a new mother.

The actress became the proud mother of a cute daughter on 4th day of September this year, streamed about her new yet real and the best role of the life.

"It's superb," she smiled. "It's very delightful and very tiring."

Wu Tang Clan To Hit Stages In The UK

Wu-Tang had a super successful tour last year when they celebrated their 20th years of togetherness.  After that the one of the huge and most influential hip hop bands of the planet plans to return to the United Kingdom in the year of 2015 where they will rock two very special live performances in London and Glasgow.

The extraordinary competence of the band doesn't let it a surprise realizing that It’s been more than 20 years when the Wu-Tang Clan (WTC) appeared with their debut album, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) but still their influence on Hip-Hop and Pop society continue to  RESONATES, WORLDWIDE.

The band's most excellent albums include RZA, GZA, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, U-God, Master Killa, Ghostface Killah and Cappadonna (and the ever present in spirit Ol' Dirty Bastard). They're now coming back with their latest album ' A Better Tomorrow’ that is already out for you to grasp one since 2nd December. The new album is going to certify their CONTINUED RELEVANCE in the music industry.

Following the wonderful success of their first album, the WTC has brought 5 group and 19 compilation albums totalling 8 platinum records, over 12 gold albums, and 40+ million sold. This all counts a huge success for the band in the music industry.

Wu-Tang released their 'Forever', a double album opus in 1997, followed by The W in 2000. Later they released Iron Flag woth one year break and after a BRIEF HIATUS, 8 Diagrams came out in 2007. The band also released a myriad of solo albums throughout these years, which are now taken classic Hip-Hop MATERIAL INCLUDING Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx., GZA's Liquid Swords and Ghostface's Supreme Clientele.

Both of the UK dates are going to witness the influential group playing exclusive gigs at London O2 Academy Brixton on 4th June and Glasgow O2 Academy on 5th June next year. The group will perform tracks from their amazing albums released so far along with an array ocw new beats from their new creation ' A Better Tomorrow'. Their voyage is said to be one of the most awaited and super successful tours of 2015.




Tickets will be available for general sale from Wednesday 17th December at 9.00am




Music That Has The Power To Uplift And Inspire

In these times of almost universal division and turmoil, music that gathers people together in the space of our commonalities is vital.  Aside from its inherent beauty, this music is a blend of East and West, of tradition and modernity – music that builds bridges - and it comes from a tradition (Sufism - and specifically the lineage of the poet Rumi) that, even though it is deeply rooted in Islam, always and truly speaks from a place of 'many pathways, one destination.’ These chants come from a contemplative tradition that invokes that part of us that is bigger than the ego, wiser than the ego, and infinitely more forgiving than the ego, and bringing that loving self into our relationships, into society.

This project represents the mystical tradition that led me to embrace it decades ago – generous, expansive, forgiving, peaceful, and truly ethical.  Its intent is help people strip away all that runs counter to the most basic impulse in human beings – the impulse to reflect and express beauty (iḥsan).  The Tasbih recording project also presents a face of Islam (and a female one that) that is rarely if ever presented in the media.

Media Contact: 

Crowd PR Guru

Email: Guru@CrowdPRguru.com
Phone: (800) 401-2238  Ext. 2

'Shadows In The Night' by Bob Dylan: Album Details Revealed

Bob Dylan gets back in action with the new album 'Shadows in the Night'. He was on the

contact of the media and his fans revealing the details of his album release which is due coming

out in 2015.

The album may be different than what it has been whispered for so long. The rumors were

about Sinatra covering the album even though Sinatra perhaps had recorded all of the tracks at

once or another.  But this goes for the American singer whose entry in the standard album

chase is important.

Bob's new album is going be release under Columbia records on February 3, next year. Jack

Frost is the producer of this a ten-song album who has collected ten American classics in

exposed down the preparations.

In 'Shadows In the night', Bob unlike others going for the full pop group direction, has stripped

the preparations down in order to fitting his five-piece group. Speaking of the creation, the

songwriter said that it was a true freedom to work on this album and he always wanted to have

worked something like this for pretty long time but he could never be brave enough to reach

30-piece difficult arrangements and purify them down for a 5-piece band.

He said that this is the key to all of these performances and they were aware of these songs

very well. According to the 73yrs old, all songs were all done live; along with having one or two

takes and no overdubbing, and no vocal booths at all. There were even no headphones or

separate tracking for the most part that was mixed as its recording was done. He said that he

didn't see himself as covering these songs in any way. They've been covered enough or he

should say buried as a matter of a fact. According to the artist, the thing that he and his band

are mostly doing is the discovering them or one can take it like lifting them out of the grave and

bring them into the light of day.

Columbia Records chairman Rob Stringer claims that he doesn’t see any strings, noticeable

horns, background singing or other such devices that are often originated on the albums

featuring standard ballads. Bob, in its place, has decided to come across an approach to fill

these songs with new life and present-day’s significance. It is a luminous and simply excellent

record and the company is tremendously keyed up to be presenting it to the world very soon.

‘Shadows in the Night’ is said to add the most important revival in Bob's career that started

over a decade in the past by Time Out of Mind and has sustained through the importantly

highly praised Love and Theft, Modern Times, Together Through Life and Tempest.

Bob Dylan ' Shadows In The Night’ has the following track listing:

 I'm A Fool To Want You 

 The Night We Called It A Day

 Stay With Me

 Autumn Leaves

 Why Try to Change Me Now

 Some Enchanted Evening

 Full Moon And Empty Arms

 Where Are You?

 What'll I Do

 That Lucky Old Sun

Kodaline Unveil Their New Album 'Coming Up For Air'

It was not earlier than the last Friday when Kodaline announced the release of their new single

known as 'honest' and today the band is announcing the release of their latest album 'Coming Up

For Air' that is going to arrive on February 9th, next year.

The band has formed one of the greatest success records in the past two years. They are to come

up with a huge excitement of a kind of comeback along with their epic new album 'Coming Up For

Air' that will be releasing through RCA Victor in February 2015.

Originally known as 21 Demands, the boys, according to the grapevine, have drawn the wonderful

inspiration from some of the most excellent producers like the creator of Snow Patrol, R.E.M,

Jacknife Lee, maker of Ellie Goulding, Jim Eliot (Ellie Goulding), and the man of 'A Perfect World',

Steve Harris.  They've witnessed how full-fledged songs were gushing out even much quicker than

the group ever thought.

Steve Garrigan, the lead singer of  Kodaline revealed that if anyone would have told us at the start

of the summer that they'd be winding up the album as autumn ends we wouldn't have believed

them. But it really happened so quickly and we did lot of the songs live in the studio, just right on

the spot.

Steve's lyrics have always been impressing listeners from all of their albums that have come out.

Right from the first appearance of the band as 'In A Perfect World', the songwriter has written the

BULK of the songs in the collaboration  with the guitarist Mark, the bassist Jason and the drummer

Vinny pitching in on all the music. Kodaline have brought a game-changer in their debut single

'Honest'. Including a stadium sized chorus that is the reason for the Coldplay to be swollen with

pride, and is one of the highlights aiming the success of 'Coming Up For Air'.

After having a great worldwide tour with 'In A Perfect World’, the band has played in the festivals

and shows here there and everywhere.  The smugly boys of Kodaline have decided to play a few of

live gigs across the United Kingdom in February and March next year.

Kodaline Play On The Following Dates:


•Sunday on 15th Feb at GLASGOW, Barrowlands 

•Tuesday 17th Feb at LONDON, Roundhouse


•Monday 9th March at NOTTINGHAM, Rock City

•Tuesday 10th March at SOUTHAMPTON, Guildhall

•Wednesday 11th March at NORWICH, UAE

•Thursday 12th March at BRISTOL, Academy

•Saturday 14th March at BIRMINGHAM, Institute

•Sunday 15th March at LEEDS, Academy

•Monday 16th March at NEWCASTLE, Academy

Get your tickets online at


The latest album by Kodaline has a lot to boasting that certainly includes the anthemic 'The One',

the driving drumming of 'Ready', the sound and burly weighed down 'Better' and the inspiring

album closer 'Love Will Set You Free'.

With 'Coming Up For Air', the Irish band has proven that they are up to the competency to manage

the recording an album which doesn't only stand as a sonic step on but the one which at its core

that keeps hold of the aptitude to hook up straight away with spectators, to contribute to the

emotions in their songs and to drag the listeners in to their world.

Coming Up For Air Track listing looks like the following:

1. Honest

2. The One

3. Autopilot

4. Human Again

5. Unclear

6. Coming Alive

7. Lost

8. Ready

9. Better

10. Everything Works Out In The End

11. Play The Game

12. Love Will Set You Free

Dolly Parton Says She Will Never Stop Singing

The 68yrs old country singer Dolly Rebecca Parton says that she would love to leave the world

singing 'anyone's song' as long as she was pleased.

The American singer’s 42nd album 'Blue Smoke' was released in the mid of 2014 which was

declared a big commercial. Not only has this as the latest album of the singer been one of her

most successful creations so far that made a huge in the United Kingdom.

Despite reaching a greater stage of the age, the actress & the author doesn't seem like slowing

down with what she is doing throughout her overall career.  According to the American star,

she wants to die on the stage while being in music. The musician says that she has just always

loved to work even when people think she can't and then see her making a comeback. She

further added that she never went anywhere and was always behind the scene working on


'I'd like to work until the day I die, I hope,' Dolly mentioned at UK TV show Good Morning

Britain. 'Passing away on the stage would be the best way to depart the life.’ The ‘9 to 5’ star


Dolly was pondering how she could be expressing of her views about her end of the life and so

her career. She is of the opinion that she has always mentioned that she'd like to keel over right

in the middle of a song, hopefully on stage. Dolly anticipated that it hopefully happens during

a song she has written but the singer will take anybody's song if she could go out with a smile.

Her latest album's success brings a great year for the pneumatic fair-haired, who hit the stages

at the Glastonbury music celebration back in the months of summer. She got her set down a

storm, even if she had to fight against some claims that the singer acted out. The most

significant thing about the happening was that it hasn't put Dolly off though and she explained

the experience as one of her career's biggest highlights.

While she was asked to go in a little detail with what she went through, the hit maker said that

it was remarkable and just amazing because she had been so overwrought and anxious, and she

wasn't certain about getting that horde. And with everybody saying what a big deal it was.

When they say it's such a big deal, you assume, 'Uh oh! Should I be jumpy?' But the crowd was

great and I was hoping they'd like me and they seemed to!' she inspired.

'I liked the horde and just had a good old time with them. I even put my pen to paper for a song

about the muck for them, so they liked that! ', she added.

The experience seems to be turning the singer around and she believes that it was really great

and she is very proud of that.

Asha Bhosle To Be Honored With Life Time Achievement Award At DIFF

The iconic star from Indian film and music industry, Asha Bhosle needs no words to describe her

legacy and the wonderful class she has named to herself in her yrs long professional lifespan.

The playback singer has sung countless songs inside and outside Indian films and there are even

no limitations on the number of awards, Asha Bhonsle has won as far as this. FilmFare,

National, ZeeCine and lots more renowned trophies appraising the unmatched competence of

the legendary singer can be seen on the shelves of her villa's walls.

This time the 81yrs old country singer is going to be honored with the Lifetime Achievement

Award for her enduring impact on Indian music. She is said to be the lady of the honor whose

decades of dedication to Indian cinema will be cherished at the FORTHCOMING Dubai

International Film Festival (DIFF).

Asha Bhonsle is famous for her fantastic range and versatility. She perhaps is the only female

singer in the country who has recorded every style of music ranging from film to folk songs,

Indian classical music to pop songs, as well as ghazals and bhajans.

The VETERAN singer is happy to receive the honor. Speaking of her views about the award, the

lady of harmony said that she is content to have been chosen to be honored by this Lifetime

Achievement Award from DIFF in Dubai. ‘It’s indeed an opportunity to witness the place with

long HISTORIC ties to my nation and I am desperate to visit this special film celebration that has

done a lot to PROMOTE the art WORLDWIDE," Asha's statement was out on the official website

of the film festival.

The film festival will start Dec 10 and will go on till Dec 17 in Dubai, UAE.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is an award that is meant to honor the greatest film actors,

writers, directors and producers of the world. Previous winners include Martin Sheen, Omar

Sharif, Faten Hamamah, Adel Imam, Jameel Rateb, Sabah, Morgan Freeman, Sean Penn,

Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Daoud Abdel Sayed, Youssef Chahine, Rachid Bouchareb,

Souleymane Cisse, Nabil El-Maleh, Oliver Stone, Danny Glover, Terry Gilliam, Yash Chopra,

Subhash Ghai, Michael Apted and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz.

The website also has DIFF Chairman Abdul Hamid Juma sharing some respectful and nicely

formed wording about Asha Bhosle. Showing the respect towards the singer he wrote that Asha

Bhosle is a stalwart of the Indian music scene, and they are proud to be honoring her with this

DIFF Lifetime Achievement Award. Her work has touched almost every corner of the world and

they look forward to welcoming such a legend to Dubai and DIFF.

U2 Get All Tour Dates Sold Out

It seems the music charts don’t really matter to the Irish rock band from Dublin, as U2

continues to hit the box office.

The disaster that came about with the release of Songs of Innocence without any doubts

doesn't look like demolishing the real spirits of the Irish band. This goes in a great prove that

the band is on the victory of the super success of the tour which even hasn’t yet begun. Yes! It’s

the tour scheduled in the coming year where all dates of U2 have already been sold out giving

the whole ‘Innocence and Experience’ impression right from its beginning.

Formed in 1976, the group has Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen. Contrasting

their recent excursions, U2 have hold back on the digit of tickets to be had by sticking to

showground rather than huge stadiums but the demand sees no change and stays unchanged.

It was seen in the city of New York alone where about 118,000 citizens stood in line online to

pay money for tickets to be at the four gigs that are going to be on July 18, 19, 22 and 23.

The Band has the aim to make their fans happy fans, and since they want each of the devotees

to enjoy the boom equally, they have decided to gratify demand; and so have given their go

ahead for the further dates to be included in four cities in North American and four cities in


Tickets for the new dates will be offered at U2.com subscribers from December 10 at 10 AM

through Friday, December 12 at midday. General sale will take place from Monday, December


The full journey with new dates looks like the following:

05/14 ' Vancouver, BC ' Rogers Arena

05/15 ' Vancouver, BC ' Rogers Arena

05/18 ' San Jose, CA ' SAP Center at San Jose

05/19 ' San Jose, CA ' SAP Center at San Jose

05/22 ' Phoenix, AZ ' US Airways Center

05/23 ' Phoenix, AZ ' US Airways Center

05/26 ' Los Angeles, CA ' Forum

05/27 ' Los Angeles, CA ' Forum

05/30 ' Los Angeles, CA ' Forum

05/31 ' Los Angeles, CA ' Forum

06/12 ' Montreal, QC ' Bell Centre

06/13 ' Montreal, QC ' Bell Centre

06/16 ' Montreal, QC ' Bell Centre

06/17 ' Montreal, QC ' Bell Centre

06/24 ' Chicago, IL ' United Center

06/25 ' Chicago, IL ' United Center

06/28 ' Chicago, IL ' United Center

06/29 ' Chicago, IL ' United Center

07/06 ' Toronto, ON ' Air Canada Centre

07/07 ' Toronto, ON ' Air Canada Centre

07/10 ' Boston, MA ' TD Garden

07/11 ' Boston, MA ' TD Garden

07/14 ' Boston, MA ' TD Garden

07/15 ' Boston, MA ' TD Garden

07/18 ' New York, NY ' Madison Square Garden

07/19 ' New York, NY ' Madison Square Garden

07/22 ' New York, NY ' Madison Square Garden

07/23 ' New York, NY ' Madison Square Garden

07/26 ' New York, NY ' Madison Square Garden

07/27 ' New York, NY ' Madison Square Garden

09/04 ' Turin, Italy ' Pala Alpitour

09/05 ' Turin, Italy ' Pala Alpitour

09/08 ' Amsterdam, The Netherlands ' Ziggo Dome

09/09 ' Amsterdam, The Netherlands ' Ziggo Dome

09/12 ' Amsterdam, The Netherlands ' Ziggo Dome

09/13 ' Amsterdam, The Netherlands ' Ziggo Dome

09/16 ' Stockholm, Sweden ' Globe

09/17 ' Stockholm, Sweden ' Globe

09/20 ' Stockholm, Sweden ' Globe

09/21 ' Stockholm, Sweden ' Globe

09/24 ' Berlin, Germany ' O2 World

09/25 ' Berlin, Germany ' O2 World

09/28 ' Berlin, Germany ' O2 World

09/29 ' Berlin, Germany ' O2 World

10/05 ' Barcelona, Spain ' Palau Sant Jordi

10/06 ' Barcelona, Spain ' Palau Sant Jordi

10/13 ' Antwerp, Belgium ' Sportpaleis

10/14 ' Antwerp, Belgium ' Sportpaleis

10/17 ' Koln, Germany ' Lanxess Arena

10/18 ' Koln, Germany ' Lanxess Arena

10/25 ' London, UK ' O2

10/26 ' London, UK ' O2

10/29 ' London, UK ' O2

10/30 ' London, UK ' O2

11/06 ' Glasgow, UK ' The SSE Hydro

11/07 ' Glasgow, UK ' The SSE Hydro

11/10 ' Paris, France ' Bercy

11/11 ' Paris, France ' Bercy

11/14 ' Paris, France ' Bercy

11/15 ' Paris, France ' Bercy

Reviewing The Upcoming Album by The Overtones’

It seems the Overtones don’t get tired with their non-stop creations. Having had 3 hit albums,

an average of 750,000 sales and three super successful frontline voyages hitting the stages, the

five- piece harmony have further plans to recreate classic tunes for modern world's viewers.

Discovered by a Warner Brothers talent hunt singing during their tea-break in the era time

when they were working as decorators in a store near Oxford Street,  the band has recently

announced their fourth creation's release on 9th day of February 2015 anticipating It's huge

success like their previous albums. 'Sweet Soul Music' by The Overtones will be coming out in

the collaboration with Warner Music Entertainment.

The band carried their togetherness and rocking skills to honor the pioneers of doo-wop and

soul music The Drifters, Al Green, Marvin Gaye and The Temptations. 'Sweet Soul Music' will be

portrayed as the mark of respect to these legendary and iconic musicians and singers that the

boys grew up listening to and who have a great inspiration throughout their musical journey.

The new album was prepared at Sarm Studios in the production of Julian Hinton (Seal, Rumer,

and Trevor Horn). The album aims taking their listeners back to the era of 1960s, when

innovative TV shows were like 'Ready Steady Go in addition to 'The Tami Show' that began

giving some legendry artists like James Brown, The Temptations, Jerry Lee Lewis and The

Supremes to the world.

The lead singer of the band, Timmy Matley believes that the album will have all classic tracks

that have been ruling the airwaves.  ‘it’s been just an honor for us to take on these greatest

songs and we have really worked hard on it by stretching our tones of voice, and our choral

competences, our harmonies, our full approach so that we can move into a special gear.'

Lachie Chapman was of the same opinion that soul music is something that doesn’t only make

people dance on its beats but also hits in their hearts. Speaking of his views the music artist of

the Overtones said that there come some beautiful feelings in the wake of these songs and that

make us listening to them even after half century of their release. Their magical and delightful

notion is widespread having something that every person can speak about.

The new creation begins with the wavering title song 'Sweet Soul Music' that  was at first

recorded by Arthur Conley and co-written by the legendary Otis Redding. The album also

includes The Temptations' breathtaking track 'Get Ready', Martha & The Vandellas' sweltering

'Heat Wave' , Marvin Gaye's archetypal 'How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You',  as well as The

Drifters 'Under The Boardwalk'

'Sweet Soul Music'  also contains some innovative lyrics of the boys shaping like 'Something

Good', 'Giving Me Soul' and 'Moving On' where the band seems to be putting a new soul in

their making. The last of these three tracks was produced by Duck (The Wanted, Lawson).there

is no doubt that these songs are one of the excellent creations by the Overtones and capture

the spirit and real sense of the classics sitting like a dream beside them. The new album also

goes on with the deep-rooted habit of self-written originals by the band, like as 'Gambling

Man', 'Loving The Sound' and 'Superstar'.

The 'Sweet Soul Music' track listing looks likes the following:

1. Sweet Soul Music

2. Get Ready

3. Give Me Just a Little More Time

4. Something Good

5. Heatwave

6. Let's Stay Together

7. Moving On

8. How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

9. River Deep, Mountain High (featuring Sam Bailey)

10. Under The Boardwalk

11. Giving Me Soul

12. Heard It Through The Grapevine

13. Rainy Night in Georgia


1st ' Cork, Opera House

2nd ' Dublin, Olympia Theatre

6th ' Southend, Cliffs Pavilion

8th ' Leicester, De Montford Hall

9th ' Brighton, Dome

10th ' Folkestone, Leas Cliff Hall

12th ' Nottingham, Royal Concert Hall

13th ' Birmingham, Symphony Hall

14th ' Bournemouth, Pavilion Theatre

17th ' Newcastle, City Hall

18th ' Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall

19th ' Liverpool. Philharmonic Hall

21st ' Llandudno, Venue Cymru Theatre

22nd ' Bristol, Colston Hall

23rd ' Reading, Hexagon

25th ' Ipswich, Regent

27th ' Oxford, New Theatre

29th ' Manchester, Bridgewater Hall

30th ' Harrogate, Royal Hall


1st ' Sheffield, City Hall

3rd ' London, Palladium

7th ' Cardiff, St. David's Hall

8th ' Northampton, Derngate

9th ' Guildford, G Live

South Park To Have Iggy Azelea, Lorde And Lots More At The Finale

South Park is going to have the superstars of the pop music at its 

season finale of the part one.  The finale is an out-and-out opportunity 

for the pop superstars like Iggy Azelea, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and 

Lorde who have received a South Park lampoon. The audience will also 

witness the king of the pop music Mr. Michael Jackson in as a hologram 

off target.

In addition to the rocking performances by the talented artists, South 

Park has also planned to take in a persistent narration whispering 

throughout the season that involves the disclosure that young New 

Zealand pop singer Lorde is in reality the revise personality of Randy 

Marsh who is a 45yrs old male geologist and the father of Stan.

Lorde, or Randy is going to appear at a benefit concert in the episode 

going live tonight. The singer will come up with  ' Night of Pure 

Oestrogen: Women of Rock ' addressing the gluten crisis in Africa.

Randy/Lorde seems to be a little hesitant for taking the stage with no 

use of his valuable auto-tune. Even if the manager to the singer said in 

response that it's not about the music, it's about comments. Everyone 

thinks what the people out there care what he/she sounds like?

On the other hand Randy says that he would like to act as a role model, 

who is positive to young girls, a ruling that displeases Iggy Azalea to 

sound musical sound with, 'That's really not difficult for you to say, you 

don't have a good body.' Which then off course, leads to a full scale cat 


Sounds excited! So what are waiting for? Check the stars right out at 

South Park, 10pm on Comedy Central tonight.

Raageshwari Loomba To Perform At The Indo-Pak Peace Celebration in Oslo

Famous for her innocent looks and distinctive tone of voice,

Raageshwari Loomba is an Indian pop singer. She has numerous albums on her musical career

where she met both success and failure at the same time but the determination of the former

actress didn't let her get down and she continued with her singing and now she is on the place

where the Nobel Peace Centre feels proud to invite her for representing India.

Raageshwari has accepted the invitation and she is proud to be the representative of her

country to convey the message of peace. The singer will also have a live performance at the

Indo-Pak Peace Celebration in Oslo.

Born in Mumbai, Raagheswari is daughter of Mr.Trilok Singh Loomba who himself is a National

Award-winning musician and government servant.The former MTV and Channel V VJ is ready to

represent her nation state as the 'Messenger of Peace'. She just can't wait being in Oslo for the

Nobel Peace Centre. 'She is much-loved motivational spokeswoman in India and that's why the

Nobel Peace Center has invited her.", an insider told the E-news.

Speaking of her views, the model and the motivational speaker said that everyone doesn't get

the invitations for such n esteemed cause and she is honored to get this invitation.

According to the 37yrs old songstress she is privileged to be called as the messenger of peace

from India and she is very excited to perform at their Indo-Pak Peace Celebration.

The Indo-Pak peace celebrations will also witness  Malala Yousufzai and Kailash kher who are to

give honorable prize at their Indo-Pak concert.

The 'Duniya' singer is much into wellness programs and motivational seminars and she on the

other hand loves to live along harmony. The singer has plans to dedicate all her hit numbers to

'Aman Ki Aasha'.

Raageshwari was lost in thought anticipating a great time in Oslo. Revealing the songs she will

sing at the venue, the multitalented lady said that she will be singing 'We are the World' and

her own song 'Duniya' and 'Dam a Dam Mast Qalandar'

Raageshwari has these albums on her musical career.

 Duniya (March 1997)

 Pyaar Ka Rang (July 1998)

 Sach Ka Saath (January 1998)

 Y2K- saal do hazaar (December 1999)

 Sagari Rayn (December 2006)

 Lifting the Veil – Ismaili Ginans(to be released)

Lady Gaga Gets Pleasure From Ballet

The American rapper is getting a great pleasure from ballet class. She said that it was such a

fun, ballet brings me joy.

The 28yrs old songwriter and actress is a woman of hard work where she has a demanding

work calendar that she divides between her gigs, appearances, and the recordings at the studio.

This week she was able to take a break so she indulged in one of her favorite hobbies. She put a

picture of herself on her Instagram account yesterday where she could be seen cozy in a

feathery hooded cover, showing off a pair of ballet slippers. The fans that have seen the picture

of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta recognized with her stage name Lady Gaga, are of the

opinion that she looked hot in the picture.

'Just left ballet!' she put a caption besides expressing that she's having so much fun as she's

back to her old habit, and so she couldn't wipe this smile off her face. She said she is very happy

because she hasn't had time off like this in years.

The star is famous for her rambunctious stage performances but the wonderful reality boasting

her abilities confirm that Gaga has times gone by with the classical boogie form.

Apart from sharing the excitement by her Twitter feed, Gaga's reveling in her time off recently.

Gushing to her fans, she wrote that she was really excited to be preparing for the upcoming

festive period and wanted her fans enjoying with her.

Gaga said that she was decorating a Christmas tree herself for the first time in 6 years, I’m in

high spirits, 'she wrote. 'We should never take it for granted the happiness it has brought to


On the other hand, it doesn't call a full relaxing time for the 'Poker Face' hit-maker as she

recently been in Washington D.C., where the star spent the sundown honoring Sting, Al Green,

Lily Tomlin and Patricia McBride who all were given Kennedy Center honors medals.

That was the same venue where Gaga was in good mood showcasing it through raving about

what a pleasure it was to spend time with Meryl Streep who was just honored by Academy


Talking about Meryl, the singer wrote that 'Meryl is a truly amazing lady through and through. It

was such a joy to be with her. Really made me smile, a kindness beyond,’ she also put an

Instagram picture of the both of the wonderful superstars.

Kanye West Loves To Be With His Family

The American rapper is famous for being candid and very open at his gigs. He likes to give

lectures on the realities and tips for improving the world and surroundings. However the same

man becomes different while he is not in the public.

It’s just a few days back when Hal Carmichael (the stepbrother of Kayne Omari West) unveiled

what to do for having him in the family. Speaking of his brother, Hal mentioned that no one will

see Kanye smiling when he’s in public while he always smiles being with us. He's a real buffoon;

he's really droll and just loves to make his soul mate Kim [Kardashian, Kanye's wife] giggle


Revealing the variation in the singer’s moods, Hal said that when Wayne looks temperamental,

it happens as he lives in continuous thoughts and just never stop making plans behind his

head’s corner but in reality he is a jolly person and loves to smile. According to the Kayne’s

brother, the rapper doesn’t even take his own personality seriously and when he gets down the

arena, he becomes normal, he just doesn’t like ranting

The American entrepreneur was never in no doubts about what career path he had to follow.

He with his brother came together since the father of the two tied knots with Hal’s mother in

1997 and yet after that Kayne was a force to be deemed with.

Kayne is a passionate fan of late Michael Jackson and so was always following his footsteps.  He

liked to look well turned-out in some nice polo shirts and elegant sneakers. Also he would never

come out of his home looking like a mess.  Revealing more about Kayne, the stepbrother said

that he believes in an image and so he is always in Paris. He stays in touch with various

designers and wants to be taken seriously in the world.

Kayne married to his girlfriend who was a former reality television show star and now he is the

father of a 17-months old daughter. Despite Hal didn’t attend their wedding ceremony but he

has met the groom and is of the opinion that Kim is the right soul mate of his brother.  Hal

expressed his views about the wife of Kayne as she is a lovable lady and his first meeting with

her was when he was star-stuck.  But she was genuinely a humble girl who is down to earth just

like her husband.

Kayne loves his wife so much so it just becomes tough for him when people are mean about

her., he stirred.

Justin Pines For Selena Gomez

The on & off relationship of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez has never been perfect.

Both the stars apparently have separated their ways but rumors are swirling around

that the 'Baby' singer still wants Selena back in his life.

The 20yrs old hit maker has continued a grueling union with Selena. Justin, on the

other hand, was recently in news to be tenderly linked to Hailey Baldwin. But various

reports are revealing some other story saying that Justin still pines after the 'Heart

Wants What It Wants' star.

'When it’s all about hooking up, Justin has Hailey; he has all the girls he likes to hook

up with and so brings them to his place. It's just not a problem and will continue the

way it is, but he stills wants Selena,' an insider revealed it to a tittle-tattle website

named Hollywood Life.

The whispers are also of the opinion that despite the newly blonde singer is up to

make amendments and gets success in reuniting with Selena; she'll slip out of his

hands. Justin is according to the grapevine in no doubt to shatter any chance he gets.

'Justin is going to mess up everything because he's not being able to be true to the

singer,' the source added. 'Justin always gets what he wants and this time he's after

Selena because he knows he can't have her.'

While Hailey, on the other hand, denies any relationships with the Canadian singer

outside of a friendly one. In the reply to the rumors, the 18yrs old daughter of actor

Stephen Baldwin laughed out and told the website that they've just been friends for


'I know Justin since I was very young like around 13 in age and we have just been

good friends for many years,' Hailey told E! News. She said that they have stayed

close and there is nothing more to the reality than that.

Interestingly, Hailey denied the affair claim after the couple was seen dining with

each other in Beverly Hills. They were also photographed while shopping together.

Even so, Selena looks as if she’s being very upset by the whispers swirling about

Justin and Hailey's romantic link up.

According to the sources Selena is away from Justin and isn't on talking terms with

the singer. She is really disappointed with news claiming that her ex is flaunting his

relationship with Hailey. 'Though they aren't dating, Selena takes it as a break up

earth. She knows him all too well.' A close mate of the actress told an American

music magazine.

Are You Ready To Get Nearer To Iconic Elvis Presley

The Great Britain plans to get personal insight into the lifespan of the legendary singer Elvis

Presley. The ultimate King of Rock 'n' Roll', will be coming in the view by his largest Elvis'

demonstration that has been ever risen in Europe. The management has the plans to do a

magic with Elvis at The O2: The Exhibition of His Life which is going to initiate from Friday 12,

December, 2014 at the O2, London.

The exhibition will last for nine months showcasing more than 300 artefacts direct from the

Presley family's precious Graceland Archives. The exhibition has the privilege to exhibit those

artefacts that have never been seen outside of Graceland in Memphis.

Tickets to the grand exhibition are already on sale. Just grab your pass.

The display of Elvis at The O2: The Exhibition of His Life is a worthwhile opportunity to know the

iconic late singer from nearer. Chronicling the rise of Elvis and how he had a great influence on

a esteem and fame, and how Elvis crashed popular way of life around the planet with his

musical competence, films and personal style.

The showing has to reveal the humble start of this great singer and his dramatic yet striking rise

to eminence, recognition and reputation. The visitors will have a great revelation of exploring

the Elvis obsession that first brushed off the US and then the whole world by his awe-inspiring

recordings, unbeatable gigs of successful tours, his military service, Hollywood films

vocation, and a great impact on fashion.

Most outstandingly, the exhibition is going to get people get a personal peep behind the gates

of Graceland and come to be familiar with the man flagged down as the sovereign of Rock 'n'

Roll, who went all-out to be the best possible, father, youngster and companion.

Priscilla Presley spoke of her soul mate saying that Elvis was so much to me and our daughter

Lisa.. We both make out that we and his relations have been truly sharing him with the world

even after he's no longer in the world.  His legacy continues to live on at the moment through

his music as well as with those who go halves in the love and respect of what he put in to the

planet of entertainment. Since all items contain a life span of memories, we are vertical happy

to let these treasured memories to run off Graceland, if only for a short time, so that his fans

and the snooping can learn about who Elvis was as an artist, and understand what he was really

like at home, by taking a look at the things that he had with himself.

There will be more than 300 artefacts presented in Elvis at The O2: The Exhibition of His Life will

consist of automobiles, personal items, past documents, iconic stage costumes, guitars, gold

and platinum records, and cinematography, besides incredible audio and video presentations.

Even the famed pool table Elvis played on with The Beatles will be on show. Some precise items

leaving Memphis for the first of its kind London showing contain the following:

 'TCB' (Taking Care of Business) ring, 16 total karats with a centre solitaire of 11.5 karats

 American Eagle jumpsuit from Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii

 Red 1960 MG Roadster from the film Blue Hawaii

 Elvis' personal wallet containing photos of a young Lisa Marie Presley

 Elvis' personal keys to Graceland

A number of artefacts will only be on exhibit for a limited period of time throughout the nine

month running. The reason behind is to give the showing description a fresh and electrifying

legend worth perceiving on several occasions. Artefacts that will be on show for a limited

period of time during the exhibition comprise:

 American Eagle jumpsuit from Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii

 955 'Pink Cadillac' Fleetwood used for touring and given to his mother in the end

 Elvis' gold lame´ outfit worn on stage in 1957

 Black leather suit from the 1968 Comeback Special

The Music from Elvis at the O2, has been composed specially for this demonstration. If you are

a fan of the legendry star, get your copy through a ticket purchase or from The O2 Exhibition

retail opening.

Sam Smith Is Honored With Six Grammy Nominations

Sam Smith leads the maximum number of nominees among the Grammy nominations

announced so far. The British singer is the first male singer in his homeland who has received in

the ‘big four’ Grammy Awards categories after the release of his debut album. The nominations

becomes more special by learning the reality of his being first ever male singer in last 34 years

to come up for the honor.

The 57th Annual Grammy Awards is going to occur at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday,

February 8, 2015 and will be on air live right from its venue.

for now the nominations have seen somewhat a partial look of the honorable names and

according the list, Sam Smith goes on the top of the total number of the nods.

The announcement that was made on the evening of 6th of December 2014, ‘In The Lonely Hour

(Capitol Records)’ by Sam Smith was chosen for Album Of The Year category whereas he was

also honored with a nomination for his 4x multi-Platinum single "Stay With Me" for Record and

Song Of The Year. The songwriter also receives a nod for Best New Artist. These four categories

add up to the General Field of the nominations at Grammy Awards.

The songster has some other nominations into the bargain, such as Best Pop Vocal Album for

his ‘In The Lonely Hour’ and Best Pop Solo Performance for his ‘Stay With Me’, putting him on

the lead by total six nods by now.

Sam Smith is the man of music whose album ‘In the lonely hour’ sale was a history in the United

States earning him a record of highest debut album selling. The said album was sold more

copies in its first week of release than any other British male singer’s first presentation in the

23yrs long account of SoundScan. It crossed the threshold at the Billboard 200 with No. 2

standing and has been certified Platinum by the RIAA. The Associated Press flagged it down as

"a passionate, heart-wrenching album" while The Washington Post said, "'In the Lonely Hour'

brags all aspects of Smith's voice to goose pimple-raising upshot."

The story of success doesn’t end here as the singer’s latest sensation “I'm Not the Only One,"

has recently been certified Platinum in the United States and marks his third Top-10 smack on

Billboard's Hot 100 in the year of 2014, earning him an achievement that is simply matchless by

any other male singer in the same year. It goes after his 4x multi-Platinum awe-inspiring hit,

"Stay With Me," that was found playing across eight radio formats and mounted to No. 1 at five


The year of 2014 is proving itself a lucky period for hit maker and has given him many

achievements throughout its span. Smith was honored with the BRIT Critics' Choice award, the

BBC Sound of 2014 prize, Favorite Male Artist ' Pop/Rock honors at the American Music

Awards, a Q award, four MOBOs and the VH1 2014 You Oughta Know Artist of the Year award.

Smith plans to go again to the U.S. in January 2015 that is going to be his third ride to North

America in less than twelve-month time. Besides, he will be performing at a concert at Madison

Square Garden and a two-night stand The Forum in Los Angeles.


January 9 Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre

January 10 Nashville, TN Grand Ole Opry House

January 12 Fairfax, VA Patriot Center

January 13 Philadelphia, PA The Liacouras Center

January 15 New York, NY Madison Square Garden

January 17 Boston, MA Agganis Arena

January 19 Montreal, QC Bell Centre

January 20 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre

January 22 Detroit, MI Masonic Temple Theatre

January 23 Chicago, IL UIC Pavilion

January 24 St. Paul, MN Roy Wilkins Auditorium

January 26 Broomfield, CO 1st Bank Center

January 29 Los Angeles, CA The Forum

January 30 Los Angeles, CA The Forum

January 31 San Francisco, CA Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

February 2 Seattle, WA Key Arena

February 4 Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena

Miley Makes Out With Paris Hilton

The world of entertainment industry is full of amusement swirling many Interesting chitchat

and gossips around.  This time it talks about the American singer, actress and songwriter Miley

Ray Cyrus who has reportedly been found making out with the heiress Paris Whitney Hilton.

The 22yrs old singer is assumed to have been speckled in a loving hug with Hilton at Miami

nightspot E11EVEN.

Another surprise is that Miley didn't arrive at the awkward place alone or with Paris Hilton as

she was accompanied with Patrick Schwarzenegger (Miley's boyfriend) who is the son of Maria

Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The couple has been dating for last few months and also been caught by many photographers’

cameras on different occasions. While there are also some news claiming the duo is also been

found across the Florida city enjoying in each other’s company. This was the place where they

went to attend the ArtBasel.

Paris who is an American socialite, actress and entertainer, also been in many relationships and

recently was found dating the 28th yrs old Ralph Lauren model Josh Upshaw after her coming

apart from Spanish model River Viiperi.

E! News has also posted an interesting photograph where Patrick and Miley can be seen

smocking on a terrace together the hours of daylight on Thursday.  Having the boyfriend

together and coming up with a hot and sticky session with Hilton, isn't that something


On the other hand, according to American news outlet Fox411’s report, some reliable sources

that were also present on the nightspot claim that the three of people of the scene left


The rumor has it that Patrick’s parents are about to reach the terms with the up-and-coming

association, even supposing it was before claimed Maria didn’t like the singer.

 'It's not correct that Maria is dejected with Miley,' an insider told People magazine some days

back. 'If her son is happy, the mother is happy off course!'

This could be a sign of for the very first time that Miley has been made this publically about an

affair after her former bond with Liam Hemsworth. The former  couple dated on and off after

June  in 2009, and even their engagement was announced just after two years of this date

which was later turned into marriage in September 2013.

Patrick, on the other hand, also doesn’t have a history without a girlfriend. He had an affair with

Taylor Burns that continued for two years. The former dup separated their ways and met their

new mates.

One Direction Expand Their Tour With More Dates

The famous Pop boys crew comes back to their native soil in coming year and has announced to

add more dates to their travel around the United Kingdom and Ireland. Having Niall Horan,

Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson together at one place, the British Pop

band stands among the biggest pop groups that are truly famous for their pop acts and rocking


The pop boys have reached at a new phase of victory where their latest album ‘FOUR’ has got

them the biggest achievement of their overall career. The album ultimately received number 1

charting on the iTunes across the 85 nations along with the record selling of more than 2 million

records in just seven days. The album, in addition, has made their creators coming up with a

record flattering the first ever performance to unveil at the top of the US Billboard charts with

all of their first four albums.

The following are the dates that were announced by now. These dates show the timetable

when the boys will be hitting the rhythm with full volume in Europe, North America, Asia and

South Africa. ‘One Direction’ then plans to return their homeland and the neighborhood

country Ireland providing their devotees the opportunity to witness the band increase their

heartbeats by performing on their hit and favorite songs along with their latest album ‘Four’.

The experience is going to be simply unforgettable when their fans will find old and new tracks

of the band at one place and off course, together with the band itself.  

‘One Direction’ will be smashing the stage at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium in June next year

followed by an all- in- all performance at London The 02. The boys will kick off their traveling to

Ireland in the end of August and will conclude a month later in Sheffield.  

The up-to-the-minute dates look like the following:

 Monday 28 September 2015 - London The O2

 Tuesday 29 September 2015 - London The O2

 Wednesday 30 September 2015 - London The O2

 Monday 12 October 2015 - Birmingham NIA

 Tuesday 27 October 2015 - Newcastle Metro Radio Arena

 Saturday 31 October 2015 - Sheffield Motor-point Arena

The previous UK & Ireland tour dates:

 Saturday 6th June ' Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

 Thursday 24th September ' The O2, London

 Friday 25th September ' The O2, London

 Saturday 26th September ' The O2, London

 Saturday 3rd October ' Arena, Manchester 

 Sunday 4th October ' Arena, Manchester

 Wednesday 7th October ' The SSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow

 Thursday 8th October ' The SSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow

 Saturday 10th October ' Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham

 Sunday 11th October ' Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham

 Friday 16th October ' 3Arena, Dublin

 Saturday 17th October ' 3Arena, Dublin

 Tuesday 20th October ' Odyssey Arena, Belfast

 Wednesday 21st October ' Odyssey Arena, Belfast

 Sunday 25th October ' Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

 Monday 26th October ' Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

 Thursday 29th October ' Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield

 Friday 30th October ' Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield

If you are one of the fans of the rocking boys, don’t stop yourself buying tickets from one of the 

following websites:




Kodaline Is Back In Action With Their New Single

The possessors of amazing competence, dashing personalities, appealing harmony, the Irish

rock band, Kodaline is back in action after their new single release. Making a warm welcome

with an impressive innovation single ‘Honest’,  the boys are returning on the first day of

February next year.

Jacknife Lee is the producer of their new larger-than-life tracks and the band is showing the real

excitement toward its release by RCA records.

The group is based on Dublin and was known as 21 Demands in the beginning. Later in 2011,

the boys changed their group name to Kodaline. Their albums ‘In A Perfect World’ and ‘Brand

New Day’ took them to the top of the success and fame.

Kodaline’s new presentation boasts the real approach of the boys widening the trademark

sound that lead their first appearance with ‘A Perfect World’ being at number 3 among the top

ten triumphs. Not only this, as the album had 230,000 selling just in the land of the United

Kingdom in the year of 2013.

The band is of the opinion that their day & nights on tap hard work and heartily efforts are

gathered in making the album and therefore, the lead singer Steve Garrigan, guitarist Mark

Prendergast, bassist Jason Boland and drummer Vinny May anticipate the same success of their

single as their previous smashed the charts and became hit around the world.

The band has worked hard on the songwriting for the new single “Honest” and has been

showcasing a solid edging to their elevated chorus lines as well as widescreen jingle. The band

believes that working with Jacknife Lee was a great exposure and so the outcomes are going to

be astounding.

Jason Boland explained his experience of having Jacknife in the making of their new single. He

said that the guy opened their eyes to a different way of work and gave us a lesson in

experimenting with music.

The bassist said that Jacknife’s way of recording the tracks is simply wonderful and there is

everything in his studio that can turn on and synchronize the place and musical gears all over,

so if someone wants to play an instrument, they can just pick it up and use.

The Irish music producer and mixer who has worked with lots of different singers and bands,

seconds the explanation Jason made saying that Kodaline were in the habit of work in a

different way whereas his way of working is diverse. However there’s no doubt that they were

brave enough to try something new. And that something was just out of their comfort zone.

KA Twigs: I don’t like to be labeled

KA Twigs has gone for a transformation in her looks and so appears with a new rocker these

days. Despite the British songster has come up with several piercings beautifying her ears

appearance, a nose knife-like throughout her septum, and an idiosyncratic style for trend and

looks really hot, she doesn’t want anyone labeling her for what she is or looks like.

Some other colleagues, on the other hand, who have worked with Twigs as supporting dancers

to other celebrities for many years, have labeled her as ‘quirky’. The names hating Twigs

include Jessie J and Kylie.

That was something that hurt the ‘water me’ singer and she expressed it in words saying that

she was the 'quirky genderless girl' and if anybody ever states her quirky ever again, she’d

throw up on herself.

Sighing to a magazine named ‘Q’, FKA twigs said that she assumed she just felt truly detached

from herself. When somebody makes anybody else's dream come true by selling herself and

then boxing into the 'alternative kooky dancer' character, it’s just like feeling quite sucked dry.

This perhaps is the reason behind why the 26yrs old dancer is so determined in whatever she is

doing. And this exactly is the reason why she feels like not being uncomfortable ever again

because she believes that she has spent many years feeling uncomfortable and has learnt a lot

at one fell swoop.

KA Twigs whose original name is Tahliah Debrett Barnet is at this time flying high in the charting

with her first studio album LP1 that has  earned the singer an honorable  nomination for

Mercury Prize's best British album.

Twigs appears to be struggling in her both phases of life where she comes up with her studio

album’s success and on the other hand, doesn’t appear to shabby toward romance in her

existence. The singer is often seen with Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson

but she also has an excellent idea about her new A-list years which could arrive at ending

without any word of warning. Her statement that ‘though it’s weird but she feels like at any

moment if she doesn’t keep on working hard, everything will just go away’, shows how aware

the songwriter about this reality is.

"Many speak, 'Oh, you're selling out this place.' But it doesn't really mean anything," she


Even if twigs doesn’t like to be called by any label but she has showcased what she is all about.

So Cheers!