Jimmy Ruffin's Death- Another Legendry Icon Says Bye to The World

Jimmy Ruffin's Death- Another Legendry Icon Says Bye to The World

The favorite of soul music devotees, Jimmy Ruffin died on Monday 17, November, 2014 in Las Vegas. The 78yrs old legendary was reported to be in a coma in a local hospital sinc
e mid of the last month.

Born in Collinsville, Mississippi, the renowned music diva lived an inspiring life that encourages talented individuals to follow their darling star's dedication, sincerity, and hard work in order to achieve success in their life.

Ruffin started his music career when he was still a youngster. He with his brother David Ruffin as singers joined the gospel group the Dixie Nightingales.

The year of 1961 was the era when Ruffin involved in the fledgling Motown Records where he was used to do session work. Unfortunately this kept him away from music for more than 22 months. He loved his family more than his own individuality and he had some moments in his life where if he wanted, he could make money for himself and could be on the fame alone but he didn't. While he came back to Detroit and Motown from his services, he preferred getting a place in the Temptations for his brother instead making his career as a solo artist.

The American soul singer began with his singles on the Soul subsidiary in 1966. He found a song that was exclusive made for the Spinners. Ruffin won over the management for letting him give his vocal to "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted". The track was a hit after its release and ranked at 7 on the Hot 100 and 6 on the R&B chart whereas it was at number 10 in the UK.

Apart from his singles, Ruffin appeared with 2 more tracks that remained among top-20 R&B hit numbers. Check out these here:

▶ I've Passed This Way Before (1967 / #17 Pop / #10 R&B)


▶ Gonna Give Her All the Love I've Got (1967 / #29 Pop / #14 R&B).

Ruffin's career was risen up in the Great Britain where he jumped from top twenty to top ten. His some of the wonderful tracks that ranked in the list were:

▶ I'll Say Forever My Love (1968 / #77 U.S. / #7 U.K.)

▶ Farewell is a Lonely Sound (1970 / #8 U.K.)

▶ It's Wonderful (To Be Loved By You) (1970 / #5 U.K.)

▶ A reissue of What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? (1974 / #4 U.K.).

Later in 1974, Ruffin said good-bye to Motown to come up with Chess Records however his music with RSO in 80s brought him back to the charts. Not only this as Ruffin's collaboration with Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees for his album Sunrise and the super successful track “Hold On To My Love” stood him among the top-20 list and was played at number 10 on Hot 100, 29 on the R&B charts, and 7 in the U.K.

England opened its arms for Ruffin and showered success on him where he moved in 1984. Paul Weller had the opportunity to work with this legendary star. Ruffin also proved himself as the best radio host for a good time period and was applauded for it.

Ed-Sheeran Is Living The Dream

Everyone dreams and loves to have them come true. The young music icon from England, Ed Sheeran is feeling himself lucky for living his boyhood dream these days. The guy appeared with his single "The A team" in 2011 and since the time, he never looked back.

The 23yrs old songwriter is embarked on the journey of his new album X's promotion that is following his previous album the popular +, that was too released in 2011: the same ye
ar of his debut.

That all indicates having lots of magazine interviews but the most significant moment for Ed-Sheeran was when he bagged the cover of Q's Awards Special Edition.

Speaking of his excitement, the British singer wrote on Instagram that his boyhood dream of appearing on the cover of his most favorite magazine had come true. Ed-Sheeran also attached the picture of the magazine's front page that reveals him wearing a black jacket with leather panels and holding an acoustic guitar. Having the crop of his unusual cherry hair tousled, the star gazed upward in a dreamy look as if he was pondering on the words of his new song. The publication front page published his name in red, with an amazing quoting that said "an everyday story of one man, his guitar and global superstardom".

The good thing is that all the success in the pocket of the young songster, doesn’t let him go away from working for good cause and he keeps putting his popularity to make things possible. Ed initiated the movement of 'the No One Turned Away that was formed by charity Crisis urging the UK government to give a second thought on their policy to help single people without a roof over their head, and come up with a better approach.

According to Ed-Sheeran, while he was volunteering at Crisis, he came across people who'd been forced to sleep on the streets. He said that he signed the drive because he believes that being on the streets without a shelter can be a horrible experience and no one should have to suffer from this. Ed-Sheeran expressed his views while he was returning from a visit to a centre in Newcastle, United Kingdom a few days ago.

“The system today fails homeless people. We have to demand change for helping every homeless person get what he/she needs as a safe haven.", Ed-Sheeran added.

Smallpool Gets in with Both Feet

Going on a huge headlining tour of North America with only 5 completed songs under the
belt is pretty rare for a band. However, Smallpool is doing it and is proving that a huge repertoire isn’t needed by anyone for thrilling fans and packing houses. The synth-rockers based in Los Angeles saw a quick turnaround in their fate. It was only in 2011 that Mike Kamerman, the guitarist and Sean Scanlon, the vocalist threw their belongings in a van and decided to drive cross-country to the West Coast from New Jersey. As they say, they didn’t have any major plan except for the fact that they wanted to make music and not starve to death.

On their way, they met Beau Kuther, the drummer and Joe Intile, the bassist. Both of them had come from Portland to the City of Angels to become professional musicians. Scanlon said that he and Mike were quite close to each other on the East Coast and were aware that they had to make a move for taking their career to the next level. Their inspiration was Scanlon’s best friend who had moved to L.A for working at a label and they thought he could help them in getting started. Initially, Scanlon worked as a valet at an upscale building in Westwood.

Lucky for him, there was an unoccupied and fully furnished suite in the building that had a grand piano and Scanlon could hole up in there and write songs after working. ‘Dreaming’ was one of those few songs, which eventually became the title track of the debut EP of the band and the ebullient lead single as well. Up till now, the song has received a total of 4 million views on YouTube, which led to the RCA offering a deal to the band. Now, the band has gotten enough success that they can give up on their day jobs and dedicate their entire time to working on a full-length album.

Scanlon said that they did numerous full-day lockouts in L.A’s Bedrock Studios where they would hash out the melodies and structures and then he would go somewhere else to write the lyrics. He added that the idea comes from one person and happy accidents give some great stuff. Lucky for them, the band is in the habit of recording all their sessions so they can go back and recreate the happy incidents. It was also said that new material for the album is quite similar to EP and they are hoping for a release date in 2015.

Scanlon further adds that they are nearly finished with the album, but they face the classic problem that everyone encounters; they think it’s done and then go back to change something or do one or more songs. However, now, they really do think they are done and are really proud of it. Therefore, they are looking forward to sharing it with the world. If last year is any indication, Smallpool will evolve as a band and will see a growing fanbase.

John Lennon’s Guitar Auction

An auction is being conducted in Central London, where the guitar belonging to John Lennon,
Beatles legend, is expected to raise about 400 million pounds or even more. Foreign media reports
have revealed that the guitar was originally made in the 1950s and earned the favor of numerous
musicians including Eric Clapton, blues legend and The Who’s Pete Townshend. An auction website
defines this guitar as one of the most significant guitars of John Lennon to be released in the market in the last 30 years. It is further mentioned that John used this particular guitar when the group was nearing the peak of their recording abilities.

John Lennon, the iconic musician played the Gretsch 610 model for his well-known song ‘Paperback Writer’. In 1967, he gave this guitar to his cousin David Birch. The guitar was given to Mr. Birch when he visited Lennon at his home in Weybridge, Surrey. He asked Lennon if he had any guitar that he didn’t want because Birch was trying to make his own band with his friends. Media reports state that this model was part of Lennon’s collection of guitars, which he kept in his music room, located at the top of his home. Now, this antique guitar is going to be auctioned and will raise millions of dollars.

Rihanna Talks About New Album But No Date

Fresh after her appearance with Eminem on Veteran’s Day and mentioning Scandal at the White House, Rihanna has discussed some details about her hopefully soon-to-come eighth studio album. While meeting and greeting the fans, the singer said that she couldn’t give them any hints about when it would be launched. However, what she could tell them was that it was going to be absolutely amazing and she’s also excited about it. She added that she always tries to outdo herself, which leads to intense battles and can also cause some overthinking when it’s not needed.

Nonetheless, Rihanna wouldn’t specify a release date for her album. She said that she couldn’t wait for everybody to finally get to hear her music little by little. Last month, the singer had shared a photo on Twitter showing that she was back to work in the studio. Some unconfirmed reports have also been released that assert that Rihanna was in the studio with Kanye West and DJ Mustard. A track list was also circulating online, which was supposedly of an album called Lost Files and featured Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Big Sean and Drake. Here are the tracks that were mentioned:

Ain’t No Drama 

Tattered Heart 


Real Talk (featuring Drake) 


Barz (featuring Nicki Minaj) 


Lost Files (featuring Eminem) 

Pray 4 Me (featuring Big Sean) 

All Night 


Lovin, Fallin, Dyin 

Hall of Fames/ Flames 

A Drug & A Dream

From 2009 to 2012, Rihanna released an album each year. Therefore, fans have been expecting a new one from her end for a while now. Recently, the singer completed the hugely successful Monster Tour along with Eminem in the US. Furthermore, she also launched Rogue Man, her first men’s fragrance.

Taylor Swift Gives a Platinum Shine to Gloomy Album Sales

Last Wednesday, 1989 turned out to be the strongest pop turn for Taylor Swift as it roared straight to the top of the Billboard 200 album chart. This is the biggest opening week to be seen in nearly a dozen years and definitely a good thing for the declining albums sales industry. According to the compiled figures, 1989 sold about 1.3 million copies, especially because it was backed by weeks of TV appearances and the number one hit ‘Shake it off’. Not only does 1989 goes platinum by selling more than a million units, but it has also become the top-selling album to be released this year.

After 2002, when the rapper Eminem released ‘The Eminem Show’, this album has had the best opening week, but even then it may not mean much to the recording industry, which is struggling with the sudden consumer shift from physical albums to streaming services. An analyst said that this means a lot to Taylor Swift, but doesn’t mean much to the music industry. She is the last human who actually can move such albums. As opposed to last year, album sales are 13% low and even in 2013; they had declined by 8%.

Taylor came out on top, beating others including the Now 52 compilation that held the second positon, Motevallo, Sam Hunt's single at third, My Dream Duets of Barry Manilow at fourth and Old Boots, New Dirt of Jason Aldean. The country singer was ahead by nearly a million albums. Social media was leveraged by the 24-year old Grammy winner to market her most pop-oriented and fifth album to date including sharing photos on Twitter of her fans posing with the album.

In addition, the singer has also thumbed her nose at the popular and online music streaming service called Spotify, which is growing quite rapidly. According to a source from www.fromthewax.com, this week, she removed her whole album from the platform, which puzzled quite a lot of analysts. Analysts said that this was an indication that a lot of work had to be done in the music industry. Only the area of streaming services is showing growth and a lot of people are of the opinion that this is the future of the music industry. In the past few weeks, Taylor Swift appeared several times on television, which included being a mentor to contestants on The Voice, the popular TV singing contest on NBC. This is the one of the most coveted promotional platforms of the music industry.

Favorable reviews have been garnered by the album for the singer who decided to shed her country root and opt for pop music, which has a more wider and global appeal. Analysts said that the most important factor is exposure of the music to those fans who will buy merchandise and concert tickets and support in other ways. Last year, the country singer’s world tour earned about $131 million, which is around $2.5 million per concert. She will start another tour in the coming year in May. 

Scorcher Comes Up With 'No One Else'

Scorcher has been privileged with a nomination at MOBO Awards for the video to his latest hit track 'Work Get It'.  Perhaps it was the show of happiness for being nominated or a desire and dedication to get more, English grime artist and actor  decided to release the follow up song, 'No One Else' in the end of the following month.
A harmonious and fascinating beat from Young Kye, Scorcher lays down a charismatic vocal that will make you love this song. The melody and words of 'No one Else' together promise to keep you lost in their magic and a prominent fascination.
Scorcher possesses an account of creating mix tapes that are happened to be the symbols of excellence in the grime vista of the United Kingdom. The singer spoke of releasing new EP, '1 Of 1' that is built on a solid base.
His previous track 'Work Get It' was a universal hit and the sound of its success loudly hit different charting on various music channels.  iTunes hip hop chart, FM and MTV positioned the song in top ten hit list for many weeks. Keeping the success story in mind, every soul seems to be looking at Scorcher to see if 'No One Else' is gonna repeat the history.
Expressing his views over the release of his upcoming track 9 EM, Scorcher said that he was trying to make composition people can live with beyond having it in just for clubs, radio, or car. He said that he was trying to get people into his world and live in it as its part just like IMAX. 
17th November isn’t afar to get 'No One Else' in your hands. The follow up track is from the '1 of 1' EP that will be released on November, 24, 2014. The vocalist indicates to have it launched at the famous Jazz Cafe where fans and friends will be given the sample the EP live. It’s an evening to be expected with to be chock-a-block and full of guest appearances and amusement.
Scorcher lovers can purchase tickets from the Jazz Cafe, London to watch their favorite star rocking live.

Patrick And Miley Aren’t Serious In Their Relationship

The American singer's union with Patrick Schwarzenegger is claimed to be none-serious by those close to both the celebrities.

Miley and Patrick first lovingly connected in the early months of the following year. However, the rumors are also in the air that the pair has been secretly dating each other for last few months and the relation is believed to be on the laid-back side.

According to US weekly magazine, some sources reveal that though their relationship is not serious, but Patrick has an eye where it may go. The magazine further wrote that according to the sources, the American model likes Miley and it seems that the songwriter is also enjoying with her new bond. She confirmed her relationship with Patrick at Halloween celebration in October.

The 23yrs old girlfriend thinks Patrick is hot and cool, an insider revealed to the publication.

On the other hand, the handsome guy spoke of his crush on Miley when he was talking to a magazine somewhere back in 2011.

Interestingly both Patrick and Miley have the same circle of friends who played a significant role to develop their friendship into a relation.

"They have been sharing a good friendship for ages and have lots of common friends hence they have in the same boat for a long time. The source added.

Patrick belongs to a background where he finds actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger as his father and Maria Shriver as his mother. As a personality, this American guy is also admired by many. The 21-year-old model and actor is just a beginner in the showbiz and has a long way to go. He owns a pizza franchise and likes to have a bubbly evening with all his friends enjoying together.

Before hooking up with Patrick, Miley had experienced a broken affair with music producer Mike Will whereas Patrick had also a girlfriend Taylor Burns. Surprisingly both the said duos spilt their previous relationship this year.

Patrick and Miley are with each other. The apparently growing relationship of the duo is said to be ended very soon because both of the celebrities are still in their beginning career stages and this is the world of showbiz where sparkling of the stars keep changing.

Mu5ic.Club; Your Go-To Place For Music

Are you into music? Then Mu5ic.club is just the website for you. It is basically a music discovery service that allows its visitors to listen to their favorite music from different artists. Music patrons cannot just listen to music here; they will also find the lyrics to their favorite songs, read biographies about their beloved artists and also get access to their full albums. All they have to do is make an account in a few simple steps. Once they have made their account, they can even create their own playlists that comprises of the songs they like to listen to frequently.

People can enjoy listening to songs belonging to different genres all in one place. They can also listen to some intelligent radio if they are in the mood. Moreover, Mu5ic.Club is the place you want to go to if you want to find about the latest events of any band or artist. It will provide you will the recent info and all relevant details you need to know. Furthermore, not only can people make and save their favorite music, but they also have the option of sharing it with their friends when they log in. Thus, Mu5ic.Club is a dream come true for every music lover out there. Visit for more information http://mu5ic.club/.

Britney Signs New Contract For Her Crew

The American hit maker is glad to be live on stage in Vegas for coming years ahead. The reason behind this happiness is the job security it provides the singer’s team.

Britney Spears started residing at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino 11months back. Here she had many shows leading a rousing success which opened a new door for her giving an extension to her concerts. She signed a contract that will take her up to 2017.

On the other hand, her concerts’ ticket sales are supposed to have caught up. But sources confirm that she isn't doing this for money.

'The blonde star isn’t fond of money Britney. It’s just the security of two more years to her dancers, team, and everyone occupied in the gigs. This is the reason for Britney decides to stick to it," the sources claim.

"Despite this contract will pocket her heavy thirty million but she seems to be less than excited for performing to empty seats," an insider revealed.

According to some sources, Britney said that there is no way in torture that she would be performing to a half empty theater. She’s just hit in thriving the viewers’ liveliness.

"When everyone felt that they had to go see Britney performing, the theater was chock-a-block. But now that it is continuing, the whole thing seems to have misrepresented."

However, the hit maker hasn't let things get her feel blue so she seems to be fully enjoying her new Britney era with a startling Halloween show. The 32yrs old songster and her dancers were thrilled for the show so they clothed up with weird but excellent outfits. Britney was wearing a mini-skirt, stockings and glasses, and looked really amazing.

Britney also inspired the American jokey-woman Kathy Griffin who came to praise her stage performance this weekend. Sharing the experience, Kathy wrote on Tweeter that she spent Saturday evening at Britney Spears' show in Vegas.

"Woke up w rug burns! What happened? (sic)" she gushed.

The singer tweeted her back saying that it was great having Kathy in her show and she was sure that a lot has happened to the guest.

Piano Playing and its Many Positive Effects on Body and Mind

Music has long been known to have a therapeutic effect on the mind, body and soul. However, most people aren't familiar with the specific benefits that playing the piano offers and not even the hordes of piano enthusiasts over at Piano Forum seems to be aware of the many positive side effects of playing and practicing on a regular basis. But experts agree that playing the piano has measurable physical and mental benefits for those who play, regardless of age.

Physical Benefits

Playing the piano has a distinct benefit over playing other instruments when it comes to the physical body. Taking piano lessons and practicing regularly as children offers unparalleled fine motor skill development. No other activity offers such a focus on fine motor skills development. In addition, playing the piano has a physiological effect on the body in that it helps those who play lower their blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rates, which puts regular piano players in a lower risk category when it comes to cardiovascular problems such as heart attack, stroke and more. What's more is that playing the piano has been linked to an increase in the production of hCG, or human growth hormone, which has been linked to slowing the natural aging process. Having more hCG means slowing the progression of age related conditions such as osteoporosis, while boosting energy levels, sexual performance and increasing muscle mass.

Mental Benefits

In addition to providing a slew of physical benefits, playing the piano has also been shown to boost brain power. Experts have shown through research that playing the piano can boost cognitive and intellectual abilities, making you smarter. Musical training has the ability to tap into the same areas that are tapped when the brain is being used to solve math problems or in spatial intelligence. These studies have gone on to suggest that children who play piano regularly throughout their lives often score as much as 100 points better on standardized tests such as the SAT and those who attend college in search of a music degree have shown to have a higher acceptance rate into medical school.

Striking a Contented Chord

Last but not least, researchers have been able to find a definitive link between playing the piano and emotional benefits. Anxiety, loneliness and depression are common emotional disturbances that have been shown to be positively affected by playing the piano.

With continued research, some medical professionals believe that many people suffering from a myriad of emotional conditions may benefit more from recreational music making more than with standard pharmaceutical therapies that are in use today. Imagine being able to treat anxiety and depression with a piano rather than drugs.

And this list is far from exhaustive. Scientists also believe that playing the piano fosters an increase in work ethic, creativity, independence and even perseverance. With all of the physical, mental and emotional benefits that playing the piano offers, it seems as though more people will be rushing to the closest piano retailer and putting one in their homes today. If you are in need of a quick pick me up or a de-stressor at the end of a long day, maybe it's time to step away from the coffeemaker and junk food and spend some time tickling the ivories instead!

Piano Forum is a leading online resource for everything having to do with pianos. Whether you are interested in getting started playing the piano or are looking to find others who share your passion, visit http://pianostreet.com.

Mariah Carey to Perform in New York In December

Mariah Carey announces about her upcoming gigs this December. She intends to make the audiences go wild with her chart-topping Christmas hit tracks in the Beacon Theatre for four extraordinary feats.

Mariah has decided to widen celebratory love and joyfulness on the stage where she will perform on her timeless hit tracks from her own album named ‘Merry Christmas’. Mariah’s said album is among the world’s best selling music albums and has sold more than 14-million copies so far. Not only this as ‘Merry Christmas’ is certified 5x platinum by the RIAA, and Mariah critically highly praised festival follow up, 'Merry Christmas II You.'

Expressing her feelings the singer gushed that she cannot imagine being anywhere more special than live in the arena, in her own homeland. She thinks it’s simply amazing celebrating the Christmas season with her fans at the most precious time of the year.

 'I can't wait!’ Mariah said.

The American songster, songwriter and actress has developed an obvious standing as the great of a diva in her 25-year long career. The lady of Long Island, New York, Mariah was noticed after the release of her self-titled album Mariah Carey in 1990. It was a studio album that outstandingly shined her among other stars.

Having more than 200 million albums sold up to now, the American singer is a versatile celebrity and considered as the best selling female singe of all time.  


December 15 New York, NY Beacon Theatre

December 16 New York, NY Beacon Theatre

December 18 New York, NY Beacon Theatre

December 20 New York, NY Beacon Theatre


Macy Gray Embarks On The Promotional Ride of Her Latest Album

The 45yrs old American singing star is back in action with her latest album named ‘The Way’ and is currently embarked on its promotional ride. The album is Macy’s second album after her first appearance with ‘Talking Book’ in 2012. The promotions reveal that Macy might be brining the storm on the charts with her new album but the facts also say that she never takes it that easy.

Macy Gray is one of the American R&B and songsters who are cherished for their unique voice and typical singing style. The musician is also said to be having influenced by Billie Holiday and Betty Davis in her performances.

Macy’s fans know that she is suffering from bipolar disorder and has been involved in drug problems long-ago. Fortunately, her musical career took her on the sky of popularity and she found lots of fans across the world that indeed saved the lady before day's end. But sometimes, some popular stars like Macy becomes weak when meet with other celebrities.

Macy confesses that she has experienced nervousness and perplexity when she is around other celebrities. Recalling her memories, she mentioned the time when she spent a few hours looking for Jay. Z offstage during his gig performance and the time when she met Diana Ross she just tripped over her tongue through the whole conversation.

While interviewing to a British magazine, the former waitress admitted that she probably be a criminal if wasn’t a famous singer. She said that she did not know what she was going to do with herself and it was her career and her kids who saved her life. ‘I was absolutely not good before that and I enjoyed a lot doing the wrong things’, she laughed.        

Jennifer Lopez Says That She Realized The Purity To Love

The versatile American celebrity, Jennifer Lopez believes in living both her personal and professional lives in an excellent fashion so she stays balanced at both parts. Not to forget that the 45yrs old, dancer has three failed marriages and some prestigious relationships with Puff Daddy and Ben Affleck. Despite experiencing the said affairs, Jennifer doesn't feel too modest about what has gone and it’s because of her children who according the actress have made her learn a sentiment she never understood existed.

The American singer & fashion designer said that when she had her children, she realized what type of love it was. 'My children made me understand that it was a pure love' she whispered.

Born on July 24, 1969, Jennifer shared her feelings with the Today Show during the releasing ceremony of her new book 'True love'. According to the author,  everyone in their lifetime feels special about someone, where they don't want hurting those they love, and just want to protect them.

'It made me move on', Jennifer said. 'But it's not that emotion, I have been experiencing.'

Jennifer's children, 6 yrs old twins Max and Emme are from her third marriage with Marc Anthony who is an American singer and a co-producer. They spent seven years with each other and were separated in 2011. Since the former couple is on good terms, the songwriter finds it awkward to enlighten how it goes to her children. 

Jennifer went on expressing as it was funny when her children inquired about what happened with their parents.  'My children are six now. I reply them with a few things, and then I say, 'When you are grown-up I will clarify it to you.'

The singer hopes for her children getting the answers from the book she wrote. Jennifer feels blessed for their love as well as loving them. She said that having her children in her life really made her go over what she was doing with her life, and the relations  and the choices she was making in associations at times, that only had to do with herself, not with someone else."

Adele and Gaga to Record A Song

Adele and Lady Gaga are reported to team up for recording a female song of praise on the New Year. The British singer-songwriter and the American singer and songwriter are enjoying massive musical success and soon set to join each other at the end of following year.

The rumor has it that both the celebrities are random friends and often enjoy telephonic chitchat with each other.

Adele’s close sources unveil that she is already working on the lyrics of the song and passes her most of her time with her 2yrs old son Angelo.

Adele is a huge fan of Lady Gaga and believes she is unvalued as a real singer and songwriter. According to some unconfirmed sources of a British newspaper, claims that Adele and Gaga plan to join the studio together in Los Angles on the New Year.

The British singer has already started working on the track that she believes would come up with piano-led double act and would be loved by her fans. ‘It’s just the beginning and I am not sure it’ll compose the album.’ Adele explained. She plans to release the track only if it’s dazzling and could do justice to both the ladies however it undoubtedly has the potential to be a classic.

On the other hand, Gaga has already spent a massive time with her Art-Rave. She had an Artpop Ball tour in the USA earlier this year, and is just back from France after some pre-scheduled gigs. The American singer also had her jazz album recording with Tony Bennett and the duo cherished working as one.

The legendry Tony also appeared to be a fan of Gaga’s voice. While talking to British TV show, the singer said that the moment he started rehearsing with Gaga he realized how beautiful singer she is. His fans love the album and everything on it. The album is full of smooth jazz tracks, and they tied over their mutual artistic legacy. Tony was asked if he had any creative difference with Gaga, he explained as that they both are Italian Americans and understand each other, therefore, no difference. Gaga also seconded his statement saying ‘that’s true.’

Anthony Ran Starez’s New Book

Discover the empowering stories of a quadriplegic-musician. Insightful, poignant and a straight look at life after being paralyzed in a car accident. How do you pick up the scattered pieces? How do you play music again? How do you love again? What’s it like to lose sensation and movement from the chest down, including your hands? Learn how one man rebuilds a gratifying and purposeful life from a wheelchair.

In his own words, Anthony Rain Starez tells the remarkable stories of struggle and triumph. You’ll understand how precious life can be. How satisfying even a small amount of freedom is. From Anthony’s unconventional, free-spirited journey, you will be inspired to love, live and appreciate your own wonderful gifts in life. You, indeed, Rock. We are each other’s students and teachers, and you will surely get it after reading You Rock…I Roll.

This book is a great read for anyone, as it shines a light on so many areas of life.


T-Pain Talks about Kanye West’s Auto Tune Techniques

Whatever you do, the technology will show its signs in every field and walk of life. Music industry has always been using new technology not only to improve the music videos but to polish the final products i.e. songs, so the music listeners get the best of it. Faheem Rasheed Najm, who is popularly known around the world with his stage name, T-Pain, was recently talking about Kanye West and Auto Tune technology.

T-Pain is known around the world and in music industry for using auto tune technology. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he’s the artist who has used it the most and most properly. It is as if he was born with the talent of using auto tune. However, there are other rappers who have been using this technique recently and they wouldn’t agree that they aren’t much good with it.

Kanye West also uses auto tune quite a lot in his songs now. However, T-pain doesn’t seem to accept the fact that Kanye West uses this technique the way it should be used.

While talking about Kanye West’s use of auto tune, T-pain didn’t hold back from telling who he has taught the way to use auto tune. He said he has taught Jamie Foxx and Chris Brown how to use this technique. He uses it himself too. He said Kanye West is good at making songs and the way he uses auto tune is not bad but he doesn’t use it properly.

He says the order of operations is what the problem is with how Kanye West uses auto tune methods to correct the pitch in his songs.

He said that Kanye West goes by recording his song first and then uses the auto tune technique to fix the little pitch anomalies and discrepancies. He thinks this is not the right way. On the other hand, Kanye West thinks he uses it properly and the way he uses it is the logically correct way since a person cannot know the mistakes before making them.

The issue between the two artists about auto tune remains an issue. They often give comments about its royalty but not much has come out of these talks.

What T-Pain says matters a lot here since he’s the one to use this technique most accurately. He’s the artist with many talents such as songwriting, rapping, and he’s an actor too. Not to mention his second album that hit the top spot at Billboard 200.

Danny Brown’s Opinions About Himself Are Pretty High

The hip hop star Danny Brown is unique and this has been said on several platforms and many different entities. The kind of lyrics he writers set him apart from any other rapper of the time. However, criticism must be faced by every artist in the world and so he’s no exception. It doesn’t seem that he’s taking the criticism in quite a way that’s recommended. In fact, he’s now asking the people to acknowledge his talent by talking about it himself.

He was pretty straight forward in describing himself as the best rapper. He demanded respect for his talent. His latest album “Old”, launched in 2013 received some great reviews but Brown thinks that he’s not being rewarded for his efforts he put in this album properly. At the same time, he is also talking about working on new album when it hasn’t been long since his latest album has come out.

Danny Brown believes that his punch lines are best among all rappers and that he’s got the best and finest stories to tell through his raps. He thinks that he needs to stay consistent so he can prove to his fans that he is really talented and there is no one wittier than him.

His latest album had the unusual number of 19 tracks on it. These were quite a few tracks for the people to listen to. However, he doesn’t seem to have similar plans for his next album.

Danny Brown explained that by putting so many tracks on the same album he just wanted the album to be a manifest of his talent’s vastness. However, on the next album he will focus more on perfect and making it more about quality. In short, there will be fewer songs on his coming album.

From his words it is clear that he wants to prove something to the world and his fans. He consistently uses the word perfect and wants to prove it to everyone. He thinks his new album will also show the rap listeners around the world his true qualities.

Danny Brown is a unique rapper as MTV dubs him and his 2nd album, called the XXX, was good enough to earn him the label of being the best artist. His recent album, named “old”, was released in 2013 and included three singles from him. It’s just the beginning of the journey for him. Let’s see how true he stays to his words in future.

Taylor Swift Could End Up Writing A Book Or Poetry Collection

One of the best songwriters, singers and a great actress, Taylor Swift had something new to share with the kids, teens and her fans too. She is on tours to promote her 5th album and that’s why she’s traveling a lot. Just on Tuesday night she was with many public students in New York City and sharing her thoughts with them. In addition to the students that were with her there, some were online from Skype, listening to the great artist live and seeing her.

The children on skype were from California and Michigan. Swift is one of the best songwriters of her age and many of the accolades that she has received are because of what she’s achieved and done at such a little age. While she’s known for her mature songwriting, she revealed to the students that she loves writing and reading too. In fact, she is so fond of writing that she never wants to let go of this passion ever.

It must be mentioned here that she is already a writer of a 400-page book, which she had written when she was just 13. However, this tale of her life, friends and family remains unpublished to date.

She mentioned while talking to the kids of the schools that she finds most interest in writing lyrics for music. However, she always wants to explore other ways of writing because it’s writing that she loves mainly. She also said that there is a possibility of her ending up writing a book.

As she continued to talk to the students around her a continuous video was made. This video has been made available online too. The students who were online through Skype also showed their love for the star.

The children sitting and enjoying with her in New York told her about many books that she could find interest in. Taylor thinks that these recommendations will be very helpful for her since she hasn’t been able to focus on her reading and writing habits since the beginning of the tours for her new album.

Taylor Swift had a great time with the students and she talked to them all without any hesitation on her interests and what she wants the students to do in their futures. Taylor ended up the session with an amazing gesture that some part of the money she makes from her single, called welcome to New York, to the public schools located in the region of New York City.   

Finding Great Karaoke Downloads

Karaoke can be an extremely addictive hobby. It’s loads of fun to sing the latest hits, pretend to be a pop star, and have some laughs with friends. If you are a person who regularly enjoys singing karaoke, then you are probably looking for a place to access fresh karaoke downloads. After all, there’s no fun or challenge in belting out the same lyrics over and over again. With today’s technology, though, karaoke enthusiasts are in luck, as there are plenty of sites that offer karaoke downloads. It can become an expensive habit, though, so you will want to set a budget and determine the cost of each song so you know how much you will be spending.

Depending on the download service you’re looking at, you’ll want to find out if you will have to pay annually, monthly, or per song. If you want to download a lot of karaoke tracks, then you will want to find a reliable website where you can find the songs that you want. You want current and popular songs, of course, plus your favourite songs and real classic crowd pleasers. Most people are able to find songs that suit their personal tastes on these types of sites.

You can often obtain components that can mix songs or convert them from MP3 to karaoke songs. It can be lots of fun to take songs from your regular computer playlist and convert them to karaoke songs too. The downside to obtaining karaoke tracks this way is that the process can be somewhat expensive, and it can take time to create a usable track. But, karaoke downloads do not have to be expensive or difficult. Find a reliable site that offers the type of songs that you are looking for. Once you do this you can simply choose the songs you want and then download them to your PC.

If you have a program on your PC for karaoke, this makes it exceedingly simple to set up your playlist and then start your evening or plan your party. You can set up the order of the songs as people will be singing them and then have each person ready to go as their song is set up in the playlist. One thing about karaoke downloads is that people are always looking for new and fresh ones. They want to know that they are getting the best and newest songs that they can possibly find so that they are singing what is currently popular.

Many people love to find songs that they like and then get them set up so that they can sing them with their friends. What is a better way to pass the time with friends than to have a karaoke party and sing the night away? Karaoke downloads are what make your party unique, so be sure to find a good and reliable site that offers the best and the latest songs that are ready to go when your guests arrive, or for whenever you feel like being a rock star in your own living room.

The Shady XV Collection Is Bringing Something New For Eminem Fans

One of the most influential rappers of all time, Eminem, is bringing something new for his fans. This is going to be big for the fans because his compilation, named Shady XV Compilation, will not only contain the biggest hits from his career but also some new songs from Eminem. The compilation has been scheduled to release on November 24.

These would be the longest days for Eminem fans since the compilation will contain no less than 2 discs on it. One of the discs will contain his biggest single hits and those that he performed with other artists and his band D12. The other disc will contain 12 tracks and these will be the fresh tracks coming from the artist. Some of these songs are his solo performances whereas some are collaborations with other artists.

The total number of solo songs will be 5. The other songs will include tracks that have been completed with artists such as Royca Da 5’9”, D12, Trick Trick, Danny Brown, Big Sean etc. “Guts over fear” will also be one of the new tracks but it has already been released so most of the fans already know about it. Big Sean had already been talking about some new stuff coming from Eminem to his audiences.

Some the best hits of his peak time will be featured on one of the discs and will include the all-time favorite around the world, Loose Yourself. Other tracks will include “in da club” from 50 cent, “my band” and “purple pills” from D12.

From this it can be said that fans will have a lot of stuff to indulge into this November. New tracks from Eminem have already been eagerly waited for by fans not only United States and Europe but those thriving on other parts of the world too. The fans have already started to discuss the compilation and its content online.

Eminem is known as one of the best rappers in the world, mostly because of his lyrics and the aggressive style of rapping. He is an artist of multiple talents and alongside rapping he is also an actor and record producer. He writers his own lyrics and they are prone to become controversial, but this is what his fans love about him. One of his biggest achievements include his 13 Grammy Awards and the inclusion of his name on the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time list of Rolling Stone.

Sam Smith And Ed Sheeran Give A Big Surprise To The Crowd

Performing at Albert Hall, Sam Smith was joined by Ed Sheeran on October 29 when Sam was singing “stay with me”. This was a huge amazement for the crowd as they least expected this to happen. Even more amazing is the fact that both are young talented guys who have recently been recognized as super stars and they both come from Britain.

Not only did the crowd feel happy about it but many people in the crowd became emotional when they both sang together. Similar incidents have happened in the past but they ended up in an unwelcoming way where the actual performing singer wasn’t too happy about another artist’s sudden appearance. The case was quite different in this scenario. Both the artists seemed quite happy to perform with each other.

They both already have a brotherly relationship and this can be told from the tweet that Sam Smith posted on Twitter right after his concert. He used some great words for his friend Ed Sheeran, calling him a true friend. He seemed quite happy to have Ed with him on the stage.

The two guys really have a good friendship and they probably like to be in each other’s company. They both took the time to take a fanciful picture behind the stage with Tori Kelly.

It can be said that some fans must have been expecting Ed to appear at any of Sam’s concerts since he had performed a cover of the song before. Both the artists are young and from the way they both sing the ballad it seems they felt the connection with this song.

They are best friends and there is nothing more to prove about it. The fans should be happy to have two of their favorite artists on the stage at the same time. Many fans must be expecting a collaborative song appearing in the upcoming albums or other duo performances at concerts.

Ed Sheeran was born in Hebden Bridge and is only 23 years old right now. Realizing the musical talent in him he had already moved to London in 2008 to grab whatever opportunities he could to become a musician. He has won several awards for his great talent and many of his songs have been nominated for Grammy Awards too.

Sam Smith is just one year younger than Ed and he gained the real fame in 2012 and then in 2013. He’s also received many awards including the best single of the year for “la la la” from Mobo Awards.

Suge Knight Gets Arrested Again With Katt Williams For Stealing A Camera

Suge Knight is no new name for those who like to hear rap and hip-hop. The aforesaid has been involved in many suspicious and criminal activities in the past, or is purported to have been involved. The CEO of Death Row Records and founder of Black Kapital Records, has been known as a big name in hip hop industry since the famous The Chronic, Dr. Dre’s one of the most famous albums in association with Death Row Records.

Known for being extremely outspoken and eccentric in his behavior, Suge Knight once received 6 bullets straight to his stomach. The witnesses at the scene have shown their astonishment at the fact that Knight was able to walk out of the club without any help from anyone after the 6 shots. Furthermore, Knight is supposed to have been involved in the murder of the famous Tupac Shakur, as stated on several occasions by various famous hip hop and rap artists.

This time Knight formed a duo with Kat Williams, which is not the first time they have joined for a legal run-in, to snatch the camera from a photographer. The photographer is said to be a female who does celebrity photography. The accusations have not been proved yet but it is said that the duo committed this offense in September in Beverly Hills.

If the accusations are proven right and Knight is really found involved in this robbery, he could end up behind bars for no less than 30 years. This is because his record is already smudged with an attack he made with a lethal weapon.

While knight is known for being a confrontational fellow, Williams, the person whose tours have once been managed by Knight, also has a bad record. Williams has also been sued by his tour manager, who used to manage his tours in the past, for battery charges. The former manager had stated that Williams hit him so badly that he lost his consciousness for nearly 2 minutes.

For robbing the photographer of her camera both the artists have been arrested. Knight’s arrest was made on Wednesday when he was in Las Vegas whereas Williams was also arrested when he showed up at court for the hearing of another case he’s involved in.

It must be noted here that Death Row Records was flying high due to its fame after Dr. Dre’ The Chronic but has been going downhill since 1996 due to Knight’s constant involvements with criminal offenses.

Soul Train Awards 2014 to Honor Kool and the Gang

The Soul Train Awards of this year will honor soul icons Kool and the Gang with the Legend Award. A message was posted by the brand on their Facebook page and website stating that the Legend Award would be granted to them at the Soul Train Award 2014 that will be presented by BET and CENTRICTV. Because the Legend Award is granted to artists for their outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of soul music, the icons are thrilled to be honored with this amazing and great accolade.

CENTRIC’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, Paxton Baxter said that they were humbled to give the Legend Award to Kool and the Gang this year because they have been trendsetters in the industry and along with other performers, they would continue to bring Celebration to Vegas during the whole weekend. On Sunday, November 9th, over the awards weekend, at a live music event with the band, Kool and the Gang will also give a performance at CENTRIC presents: The Soul Train Review.

The main awards show will be hosted by Wendy Williams at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas on November 7th and will air on November 30th on BET and CENTRIC.

Kool and the Gang remained on the top with 25 R&B singles between 1973 and 1987. Twelve of these singles managed to cross over into the top ten Pop. The best R&B singles of the band are listed as follows:

•    Higher Plane (1974)

•    Hollywood Singing (1974)

•    Spirit of the Boogie (1975)

•    Ladies’ Night (1979)

•    Celebration (1980)

•    Take My Heart (1981)

•    Joanna (1983)

•    Fresh (1984)

•    Cherish (1985)