Adele Didn’t Permit Donald Trump to Use her Music

After fans had expressed their anger at the use of Adele’s hits as warm-up music by Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, the singer told him that he didn’t have permission to use her music at campaign rallies. The Republican frontrunner had stoked up the atmosphere at various campaign events by consistently playing ‘Rolling in the Deep’, Adele’s smash hit, before his appearance. Trump is a huge fan of Adele’s and he even attended her concert last year in New York.

He used another of the singer’s songs, Skyfall, which was primarily the James Bond theme, when he delivered his apocalyptic stump speech about the future of America. Adele’s fans were none too pleased with the appropriation of her music by Trump for his campaign. Some had predicted that Trump had most likely not gotten an endorsement for doing so and she would object. Others had been downright furious as they called the Presidential candidate a bigot. Some had also asked if the singer was being paid for the use of her music.

Adele finally chose to break her silence regarding this controversy as one spokesman of the singer clearly stated that she is not associated with Trump in any way and neither did she endorse the use of her music for his campaign. The spokesman said that Adele hadn’t permitted the use of her music for political campaigns at all. Mike Huckabee, a rival of Trump’s for the Republican nomination, has also attempted to use the popularity of Adele’s music.

Trailing the field, Huckabee posted a cover of her latest hit ‘Hello’ on YouTube and Twitter in which the lyrics deal with the Iowa caucus and competitors. The post’s audio has been shut off because of a claim from the song’s copyright holder. Since she made a statement in 2011 that she was a ‘Labour girl’, Adele has chosen to stay out of the political circle. Steven Tyler, the frontman for Aerosmith, has also told Donald Trump to stop using Dream On, the power ballad, at campaign events.

A second cease-and-desist letter was sent to the campaign committee of Trump by Tyler’s attorneys, which stated that the Republican’s candidate didn’t have Tyler’s permission for using their songs as it gave the false impression that he had endorsed the campaign or was somehow connected to it. Adele hasn’t taken this step as yet. Some fans also said that her songs weren’t exactly appropriate for the political campaigning.

Previously, Adele’s fans had been annoyed by Trump last November at the Radio City Music Hall, when he chose to ‘cut the line’ in order to reach his seat. Musicians have regularly complained about the use of their music by politicians. Ted Cruz, the Texas senator and also another hopeful candidate for 2016, along with Trump, had also made use of It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) and Michael Stipe, the REM frontman had objected to the use of their band’s 1984 music.

In 1984, Bruce Springsteen had also objected to the use of his song Born in the USA by Ronald Reagan. Meanwhile, Vampire Weekend, the indie band, has chosen to publicly endorse Bernie Sanders, a Democrat hopeful for the 2016 race. At an Iowa students rally, the group had taken up the stage with the Vermont Senator as they performed a cover of This Land is your Land by Woody Guthrie.  

5 Tips to Top Your Mix

A brief insight to some mixing techniques we use that could help you achieve a better end product and how we work here in MixButton.

First - Initial Thoughts

Simply write down your initial thoughts on pen and paper upon listening for the first time, and what direction you feel you want the track to go in. Write down how you want each section to make you feel, and any specific effects you think could work with fresh ears.

This is a simple process that is often overlooked and is great at laying down your initial instincts for the track, instead of figuring out half way through the mix.

There is only one chance for a first impression so you must capitalize on it and capture your ideas from the start.

Second - Mono Image EQ

Many of us want to get the mix sounding good early on, but mixing is a gradual process. A quick pan to the side often misleads your ear into hearing the respective instrument cleaner that it actually is. This is because the instrument is no longer competing in a frequency space.

Without disrupting your individual tracks, make sure the final output bus is in mono and start to EQ the different instruments.

As they are all on top of each other and competing for space, you will find when you treat them you will have to work harder and have to be more precise.

After making sure all instruments can be heard and are working well together, change the final output back to stereo and you will find your mix sounding a lot better.

Third - Fine Automation Key for feeling

It is important to remember that music has to make people feel something, as that is the design of the artist. A big give away of many amateur mixers is that the sections do not really move to each other and so the track does not connect with the listener.

Fine automation on a DAW or fader riding, is crucial with many instruments especially legato style sounds and notes, for example voice or strings. Obviously the performer has a responsibility to give the recording dynamics and movement, but it is also the responsibly of the mixer to bring that to the listeners ear in order that they can connect to the track easily. This is vital with the main vocal.

Fourth - Stereo Bus Cleaning

This is a tip for near the end of your mixing process to deal with any final frequency disruptions or inconsistencies.

On the stereo bus, place any linear EQ and select either a high pass or low pass filter. The idea is to isolate the low or high frequencies at once. For example, a low pass at 300hz would give you a good idea of how the bottom end of your mix is working and if there are any clashing sounds that you need to address. Same concept goes with the high-end frequencies.

Fifth – 1db or not db

Even Shakespeare struggled with the concept of mixing and chose to express this through his play Hamlet.

What he learned was that a mix is rarely transformed with one action or a secret switch that suddenly makes the mix sound good. Rather many little things, each treating individual parts of the track culminating in an overall better mix.

While you may not think 1db here or 2 db there makes a difference in the short-term immediate sound. We have to mix with the vision that these little changes are together affecting the overall sound.

So it is important to be patient with the precision at which you work as many small changes make a big difference.


Thank you for reading this article and hopefully it gives you a little insight on how we work here at MixButton ( We are an online mixing studio for the masses ready to take your music to the next level.

Simply upload your tracks and get your mixed track back within a week!

Check out our pricing, each package includes the chance to review your final product and request a change if necessary. Visit the website and listen to some samples to find out what we could do for your music.

YJ Da Kid - “New Kid” (Official Video)

The New Kid On The Block With His Shades On, Out Here Looking Cool With His J’s On...

Wearing everything new that's HOT today & sipping on that good stuff called Cool Blue, YJ Da Kid is original with his own style. Ballin hard riding coupes with his speakers on is nothing new, he’s been the man since grade school. It’s a new day & YJ’s out here hustling to make a way, bringing a new type of swagger to the block with his eyes on millions not these haters.

Watch the music video below

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David Bowie Gets his Own Constellation

Following the death of David Bowie last week from cancer, Belgian astronomers announced that he has been given his own constellation. The registration of the constellation was announced, which stated that it sits in the vicinity of Mars. It comprises of about seven stars, which are in the shape of a lightning bolt. This is a fitting homage to the 69-year old artist who had taken inspiration from the universe throughout his music career.

The artist’s single titled Space Oddity brought him into the limelight and then he crafted a persona of an extra-terrestrial rock star for himself called Ziggy Stardust. Life on Mars and Starman were some other hits of his career. The cover of the album Aladdin Sane in 1973 boasted David Bowie with a blue and red lightning bold painted on the left side of his face. The constellation was registered by the combined effort of MIRA public observatory and Studio Brussel, the Belgian radio station.

However, it was quite a tough task to find the legendary rock star the right place in the heavens. MIRA observatory’s Phillippe Mollet said that determining the appropriate stars wasn’t easy at all. He said that Studio Brussels had requested for a unique place and they had chosen seven stars in the vicinity of Mars with reference to his numerous albums. The stars include Zeta Centauri, Beta Sigma Octantis Trianguli Australis, Alpha Virginis, SAA 204 132, Spica and Sigma Librae. It was recorded at the exact time of his death.

This constellation is another part of the Stardust for Bowie tribute project where Google Sky can be used by fans for adding their favorite songs by Bowie along with a short note to the constellation’s virtual version. The musician took his last breath on January 10th after battling cancer for about 18 months. 

Warner Music Canada Gets New VP

Steve Waxman, veteran of the music industry has been promoted to the position of Vice President for Warner Music Canada. The avid golfer has been working at the label group as the director of national publicity since 1992. He said that the label was an exciting place to work and he considered himself lucky to have the privilege of being a part of it and able to contribute ideas.

Steve Kane, the WMC president announced the promotion and referred to the new VP as a ‘risk taker’ and regarded him as an enthusiastic advocate for the artists of the label. Mr. Kane said that Waxman had been part of the music industry for 30 years as he had worked at Billy Idol’s management company in NYC and had also been a part of Attic Records as the head of Publicity & Radio Promotion before he became coming on board at Warner.

He added that his knowledge of the business and the music had enabled Waxman to earn the respect of their media partners and the industry. He also appreciated Waxman’s ability of putting different ideas forward and his unique way of accomplishing things.

The artist roster at Warner Music Canada include Simple Plan, The Sheepdogs, Blue Rodeo, Tegan and Sara, Billy Talent and Michael Bublé amongst others.

David Bowie will be Honored at the Brit Awards

Next month, the Brit awards are scheduled to be held and a major tribute will be made in the honor of David Bowie at the event. On 24th February 2016, the ceremony will be held at the O2 Arena in London and it has been confirmed by Max Lousada, the chairman, that the ‘extraordinary work and life’ of the rock icon will be honored there. At the 2014, Bowie had received the Best British Male honor and had become the oldest recipient of a Brit award. Initially organized as a show for giving tribute, a memorial concert is also in the works and will probably be held at the Carnegie Hall in New York in March 2016.

At the age of 69, David Bowie finally lost the battle against cancer on Sunday, 10th January, 2016. He immediately sparked a horde of tributes that came in from a number of prominent musical peers including Paul McCartney, Marilyn Mason, Boy George and the Rolling Stones. Annie Lennox, the former Eurythmics star also paid tribute to Mr. Bowie on Monday, 11th Jan, 2016 via her Facebook page.

In her post, she said that she was stunned as others to hear that the rock star had departed and said that he had had a huge influence on their lives so it would take a while to accept it. Just two days before Bowie died, his last album called Blackstar had been released on his 69th birthday and Lennox also shared her thoughts about it. She said that the elegant gentlemen must have known that his end was near so he gave all of them a parting gift in the form of his last album.

The 61-year old said that the album was out of this world and concluded her post with a heart touching poem about the rock icon who will forever be remembered. 

After 2008, First New Song by the Last Shadow Puppets

It was in 2008 that the Last Shadow Puppets released a song, but now they have returned with a new one. The album from the British Group has been long-awaited as it features members of The Rascals, Arctic Monkeys and also Simian Mobile Disco and the song titled ‘Bad Habits’ belongs to it. The Last Shadow Puppets comprises of Miles Kane (The Rascals), Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) and James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco).

The album titled ‘The Age of Understatement’ had been released by the Last Shadow Puppets in 2008 and had become the number one album in the UK and the number 30 spot in Australia. The album’s single ‘The Age of Understatement’ had also been in the top 10 list in the UK. The last new song that had been released by the musicians in 2008 was called ‘My Mistakes Were Made for You’. Therefore, ‘Bad Habits’ is the first new song they are releasing and it features strings that have been arranged by Owen Pallett.

Their upcoming album hasn’t been given a name, but will have a release date of this year. 

Which Computer Is Best for a Home Recording Studio?

Photo by Matthewdfr, CC BY-SA 3.0

As technology becomes smaller and more affordable, creating one's own home recording studio has gone from dream to reality for countless musicians. For a few thousand dollars you can turn your basement into an acoustic playground fit for recording, mixing and mastering all in one place. While you can outfit your new studio with an endless list of cool gadgets, the most important tool will be your computer.

Your computer will be the base of operations before, during and after recording. You may be able to manage with whatever computer you're using now, but there are definitely some things to look for to optimize your music-producing experience. We'll be looking at the most demanding aspects of music manipulation software and hardware, as well as the computer accessories you just can't live without.


First, there are people in both the PC and Mac camp regarding the best computer for studio use. Arguments can be made for both and in the interest of being fair, I've included suggestions for each. That said, Mac is the typical choice of experts in the field. The uniformity of available programs, updates and formats is what makes Mac so popular, but depending on your needs and preferences, using a PC won't make much difference.

First, let's discuss the requirements of a good studio computer.

Processor- You will be using multiple applications and plug-ins at once, so a multi-core processor is essential. Multi-core processors will help distribute the load of multiple virtual instruments and allow for smooth play-back as opposed to fewer processors which may be overwhelmed.

RAM- Processing speed is useless without the RAM to support it. Try to balance the two, and have at least 2 GB of RAM to start.

Hard Drive Speed- Hard drive speed is measured in RPM and relates to the speed with which a computer accesses stored data. Since you will be dealing with large libraries of information, your hard drive RPM is relatively important and a starting suggestion 7200 rpm.

Monitor Space- This goes back to when you will have multiple applications running simultaneously, attempting to make minute changes to delicate pixels. You'll want a large, clear monitor capable of high resolution.

You'll be using studio monitors and headphones to mix, so ironically one thing you don't have to worry about is the audio quality. Now that you know what a good studio computer should have, here are our recommendations.

For a tight budget:

1. The Mac Mini- This little darling of a machine has everything you need to start. It's extremely affordable and more than capable of running most professional DAWs.
2. Dell Inspiron 3000- This affordable PC is actually cheaper than the Mac Mini with competitive features. The 23” monitor option is also acceptable.

For a larger budget:

1. The Mac Pro- The Mac Pro is the quintessential tool of professional studios, and for good reason. It is incredibly quick, capable of seemingly endless storage, and has plenty of auxiliary ports for gadgets like Native Instruments' Maschine MKII. Check out some Maschine MK2 tutorials to see what can be accomplished with these incredible tools.
2. Acer Predator- The Predator line is great for multi-media producing. You'll get a state of the art video card for visual projects and all the specs you need, including a ton of storage space. Consider the Predator if you're not using your computer exclusively for music.

In addition to a capable computer, you'll need a few accessories to help organize and optimize your work. When picking accessories, consider the following:

Keyboard- For your keyboard you'll need a number pad and markers for all your DAW shortcuts. Some keyboards come with markers, or you can buy keyboard covers to use as a cheat sheet.

Mouse- Much like your keyboard, you'll want a mouse which can remember several of the various DAW shortcuts, making them accessible with buttons on the mouse rather than the keyboard.

That's it! Now you know the basic essentials for your new home recording studio computer. As you grow in experience and technical skill you may find that you want to upgrade certain functions of your rig, but for now these basics should get you on the ground running. 

BBC Music Awards Dominated by Absent Adele

Taking away the awards of best live performance and best British artist, the second BBC music awards were dominated by pop star Adele. The singer was unable to attend the ceremony held on Thursday afternoon, the show was broadcasted on BBC One, but did send a message saying that she was amazed because she had only recently put out new music and was positively delighted. The dramatic ballad titled Take Me to Church by Irish singer Hozier claimed the award of song of the year. This is the only public vote of the show.

The show was opened by a performance by One Direction, which was one of their last public performances as a band before they take a hiatus, supposedly for a year. The four-piece was surrounded by pyrotechnics while they played their top hit Drag Me Down to huge screams and encouragement from the audience. Earlier, the band had posed for photos with their fans outside the Genting Arena in Birmingham despite the huge torrential rain.

The show’s host, Chris Evans asked the band if they were really taking a break at the height of their career success, Liam Payne said that they were indeed doing so, even though it sounded immensely stupid. Other performances included one by Ellie Goulding, who was backed by the BBC Concert Orchestra when she played an orchestral and sweeping version of Love me Like you Do, her theme for 50 shades of Grey. A special duet was performed by country duo The Shires with former beautiful South stars Jacqui Abbot and Paul Heaton, which included songs like Leaving on a Jet Plane, Nashville Grey Skies and The Austerity of Love.

The hit single Black Magic was also performed by Little Mix and songs Sailing and Pleasing by Rod Steward closed the show. The best international artist prize was claimed by none other than Taylor Swift who accepted her trophy (which was a golden vintage BBC microphone) through a video from Australia. Holding the trophy, she said that it was very heavy and it must have cost a lot in shipping so she was really happy with it. Hozier also made a joke about the hefty trophy saying that it could be used as a murder weapon.

Swift’s 1989 tour has been one of the top earners of 2015 and she said that it had been a great experience to play Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Norwich. The BBC Introducing award was given to Jack Garratt as a recognition for the newcomer who has risen quickly through the music strands of the BBC. Nonetheless, the evening was really dominated by Adele, whose new album titled 25, which has only been on sale for three weeks, has become the biggest seller of the year on both sides of the Atlantic. Everyone else appeared to be in awe of the singing sensation including Perrie Edwards, the Little Mix star, James Bay and Leigh-Anne Pinnock.

Here is a list of nominees and winners at the show:

British Artist of the Year 

Ed Sheeran
Years & Years
Jamie XX
Adele (Winner)
Florence + The Machine

Song of the Year 

OMI- Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)
Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth - See You Again
Jason Derulo- Want to Want Me
Ellie Goulding- Love me Like you Do
Ed Sheeran- Bloodstream
Hozier- Take Me to Church (Winner) 
Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk
Jesse Glynne- Hold My Hand
The Weeknd- Can’t Feel my Face
Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat. MØ - Lean On

International Artist of the Year 

Foo Fighters
The Weeknd
Major Lazer
Taylor Swift (Winner) 

BBC Introducing Act 

Jack Garratt (Winner) 

BBC Live Performance of the Year 

Lionel Richie- Glastonbury
Adele at the BBC (Winner) 
BBC Radio 1 at the BBC Proms
Jeff Lynne's ELO - Radio 2 In Concert
Florence + The Machine – Glastonbury
BBC Radio 1Xtra at the BBC Proms

Hosts and Presenters of Billboard Women in Music 2015 Revealed

The 2015 Women in Music event by Billboards will be celebrated in New York City on Friday, December 11th, where music stars and industry luminaries will come together for the celebration. Alicia Keys will present the award of Women in Music 2015 Executive of the Year and it will be awarded to CEO and Chairman of Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), Jody Gerson. Apart from Keys, numerous celebrities will have the honor of presenting awards at the iconic event to the year’s honorees.

Ciara will present the award of Innovator to Missy Elliot, Martina McBride will present Loretta Lynn with the Legend award, Hailee Steinfeld will present Group of the Year award to Fifth Harmony, Hilary Scott (commonly recognized as Lady Antebellum) will present Kelsea Ballerini with the Rising Star award, Paul Rudd will present the Chart Topper title to Selena Gomez and the Breakthrough Artist honor will go to Tori Kelly, which will be presented by Jussie Smollett.

The show will be broadcasted on December 18th on Lifetime and will be hosted by NBC’s Today show host Tamron Hall and Savannah Guthrie. The 2015 Women in Music event’s Woman of the Year honor will be presented to Lady Gaga. Others who will also be honored include names like Selena Gomez, Fifth Harmony, Lana Del Rey, Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes, Loretta Lynn, Demi Lovato and Kelsea Ballerini. As far as performances at the event are concerned, Demi Lovato, Kelly, Howard, Lady Gaga, Kelsea Ballerini and Selena Gomez are all scheduled. 

Reason 8 Review: How It Can help Make Music

Have you been looking to make music that is just astonishing? Can you also need to collaborate with others? Then you certainly must be looking into Reason 8 music creation applications. We're going to clarify all the benefits that this amazing software has to offer. When you are set to get this software then we could provide you with Reason 8 keygen software and a Reason 8 crack.

What is Reason 8?

Well, as the name alludes to Reason 8 is the 8th variant of the Reason audio creation applications of Propeller. However, it is more than creation. Its emulators act like the full stand of hardware devices for example; mixers, sequencers, signal processor, samplers, and synthesizers. You can choose which ones you intend to make use of and the way they're interconnected. You select which virtual instruments you want to work with or can setup a full virtual studio. This let your creations to fully mimic live music. Free of charge you could get the program with Reason 8 crack.

Exceptionally Instinctive

Reason software doesn't demand a computer degree to use. It had been created with all the mission of enabling one to easily get to your own assignment....creating fantastic music. It achieves this through exceptionally intuitive user environment and endless sonic palette. You're provided all the tools write to remix, record, and produce your own tracks.

Simple Collaboration

Share, collaborate, and create music with producers and other musicians using Reason 8. You will get inspiration from other musicians across the whole world. You also can give to their jobs. Once you have your creation then you can share it together with others.

Simple Strategy to Create Music

With Reason 8 crack and Reason 8 keygen afterward you are able to take complete advantage of Reason's features. You are going to simply lose yourself. There are really so many creative options that you all will never go through them. This is accessible through the extremely large group of effects and instruments of the applications. Every instrument provide exactly the same looks and sounds as the real thing. It's easy to understand the best way to utilize each one and there aren't any difficult to understand cryptic menus or / and interfaces.

Reason 8 Simply Discharges Inspiration

This software offers such high quality mixing that you will be capable to make music which is exactly the same quality that you would find in a studio. It was created using the legendary console SSL 9000k as inspiration. This implies that it provides all of the tools you will have to sculpt your own masterpieces.

For anybody attempting to make good quality music Reason 8 software is only a merchandise that is highest. It provides access to generation alternatives and many instruments that you will take amazement. The interface that is user friendly means that there isn't any extended learning curve. That's why we provide details about Reason cracks. You won't regret getting this software.

Nathan Sykes and Liam Payne are Eager to Collaborate

The Wanted singer and the 22 year-old One Direction hunk have been locked in a bitter rivalry in the past, but both of them have decided to bury the hatched. In fact, the two are now heading for the studio. The 22 year-old Nathan Skykes said that he had asked Liam about working together and he was looking forward to it once they get incorporate it into their schedule. Fans will undoubtedly be surprised to find out that the pair are planning to create some music together as there has been a long-running feud amongst the two bands.

The war between the five-piece and One Direction was kicked off by Louis Tomlinson, Liam’s band mate. Louis had used the words ‘little girl’ for Tom Parker and the latter had made fun of his voice. However, it seems that they have decided to forgive and forget the spat and Nathan is happy that they can get along. He said that the issue was a couple of years ago and they were all adults.

Nathan said that he wasn’t a fan of confrontations so it was great to meet them on a friendly level. He stated that it was a relief to know that they could be friends and they had shared quite a few laughs about it. Meanwhile, it was announced by The Wanted that they would be going on an extended hiatus before they join forces again in the near feature. Incidentally, One Direction have also made the decision of going their separate ways for a while to work on their solo projects. 

U2 Paid Tribute to Terror Victims at Paris Concert

After the horror of the Bataclan theatre concert, U2 returned to Paris for the first time for a concert on Sunday, 6th December, 2015 and they paid a touching tribute to the victims of the November 13th terror attacks in the country. The Irish rockers had been scheduled to perform in France’s capital the night after the atrocities took place, but had scrapped off their plans. The massacre had occurred at the Eagles of Death Metal show and 89 of the gig-goers became victims of the attack. Subsequently, U2 decided to reschedule their first of the two shows in Paris, INNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE show on Sunday.

There were more than 20,000 revelers and Bono, the band’s frontman first stepped onto the AccorHotels Arena stage and shouted ‘Vive Le France’. U2 dedicated their hit song titled Pride (In the Name of Love) to those who had lost their lives in the terrorist attack. The giant screen in the venue showed a blue, white and red peace and love signs and names of each of the 130 victims were displayed on it. The death of hundreds of others who have passed away due to senseless acts of violence and terrorism were also acknowledged by Bono.

He made references to those who had lost lives in various terror incidents in San Bernardino, Istanbul and Beirut and said they had to stand together against those who had false ideologies about the god they serve. There were reports that U2 had extended an invitation to Eagles of Death Metal to come with them onstage as they returned to the city for the first time after the horror of the concert, but they didn’t make an appearance. Nonetheless, Patti Smith, the veteran musician did come out as a surprise guest and performed three songs with the band including her unique anthem People Have the Power.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and J.J. Abrams Collaborated for Star Wars Music

As the December 18th release date of the Star Wars movie The Force Awakens draws nearer, additional details about the highly awaited movie are being brought to light. On Monday, the movie’s director, J.J Abrams appeared on The Tonight Show and revealed that a cantina scene would be included in Episode VII. It would bear a strong resemblance to the beloved A New Hope sequence and the scene boasts music that he wrote with the collaboration of Lin-Manuel Miranda, the mastermind behind ‘Hamilton’, which is Broadway’s hottest show.

Abrams revealed to Jimmy Fallon that he had gone to a Hamilton matinee and had had a chance meeting with Miranda where the latter had offered his services jokingly for making the music of the cantina scene. Miranda hadn’t known then that John Williams, the legendary composer of Star Wars had requested not to make music for that scene in the movie.

The director said that he ended up emailing Miranda and said that he knew it was a joke, but he was working on something and Miranda could help him if he liked. Abrams said that Miranda was ready to jump at the chance and drop everything. He broke his tirade by telling Jimmy that he had seen Miranda on his show and it was the best television he had seen in the last decade. Then he went back to the story and said that they had sent music files back and forth where Miranda had played instruments and sung. Now, one sequence in the movie boasted music written by the two.

The collaboration was confirmed by Miranda via a tweet in which he said that he had been working on the music for the past 2 months and was really excited to see it. During his appearance on the Tonight Show, Abrams also confessed to Jimmy that he had nearly broken his back in trying to prevent Harrison Ford from breaking his leg due to an accident on set. 

American Music Awards 2015

Held on 22nd November 2015 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles California, the 43rd annual American Music Awards were hosted by the evergreen Jennifer Lopez and broadcasted on ABC. The big winner of the night turned out to be Taylor Swift, but it was also an important even for The Weeknd and One Direction who took away two awards each and Ariana Grande also managed to beat Taylor Swift in one category. A eulogy was presented by Jared Leto mourning the Parris attacks in the same month and he also presented an award to Celine Dion for her performance. Here is a list of the nominees and winners at this year’s American Music Awards for different categories as voted by the American public:

Artist of the Year

Maroon 5
The Weeknd
Taylor Swift
Ed Sheeran
One Direction (Winner)
Ariana Grande
Sam Smith
Luke Bryan
Meghan Trainor
Nicki Minaj

Song of the Year 

Ed Sheeran ‘Thinking Out Loud’
The Weeknd ‘Can’t feel my Face’
Taylor Swift ‘Blank Space’ (Winner)
Mark Rohnson Featuring Bruno Mars ‘Uptown Funk!’
Wiz Khalifa Featuring Charlie Puth ‘See You Again’

New Artist of the Year Presented by KOHL’S

Tove Lo
The Weeknd
Fetty Wap
Walk the Moon
Sam Hunt (Winner)

Collaboration of the Year Unleashed by T-Mobile 

Skrillex & Diplo Featuring Justin Bieber ‘Where Are Ü Now’ (Winner)
Wiz Khalifa Featuring Charlie Puth ‘See You Again’
Mark Ronson Featuring Bruno Mars ‘Uptown Funk!’
Rihanna & Kanye West Featuring Paul McCartney ‘FourFiveSeconds’
Taylor Swift Featuring Kendrick Lamar ‘Bad Blood’

Favorite Duo or Group- Pop/Rock 

Walk the Moon
Maroon 5
One Direction (Winner)

Favorite Male Artist- Pop/Rock 

Ed Sheeran (Winner)
Nick Jonas
Sam Smith

Favorite Female Artist- Pop/Rock 

Meghan Trainor
Ariana Grande (Winner)
Taylor Swift

Favorite Album- Pop/Rock 

Taylor Swift 1989 (Winner) 
Sam Smith In the Lonely Hour
Ed Sheeran X

Favorite Duo or Group- Country 

Little Big Town
Zac Brown Band
Florida Georgia Line (Winner)

Favorite Album- Country 

Sam Hunt - Montevallo 
Florida Georgia Line - Anything Goes (Winner) 
Jason Aldean Old Boots, New Dirt

Favorite Male Artist- Country 

Luke Bryan (Winner)
Jason Aldean
Sam Hunt

Favorite Female Artist- Country 

Kelsea Ballerini
Carrie Underwood (Winner) 
Miranda Lambert

Favorite Album- Rap/ Hip-Hop 

Drake- If You’re Reading This It’s Too late
J. Cole- 2014 Forest Hills Drive
Nicki Minaj- The Pinkprint (Winner)

Favorite Artist- Rap/ Hip-Hop 

Nicki Minaj (Winner)
Fetty Wap

Favorite Album- Soul/R&B

Chris Brown X
The Weeknd- Beauty Behind the Madness (Winner)
D’Angelo and The Vanguard Black Messiah

Favorite Male Artist- Soul/R&B

Chris Brown
The Weeknd (Winner) 
Trey Songz

Favorite Female Artist- Soul/R&B

Rihanna (Winner) 
Mary J. Blige

Favorite Artist- Adult Contemporary 

Meghan Trainor
Ed Sheeran
Taylor Swift (Winner) 

Favorite Artist- Alternative Rock 

Fall Out Boy (Winner) 
Walk the Moon

Favorite Artist- Contemporary Inspirational 

Casting Crowns (Winner) 
Hillsong United

Favorite Artist- Latin

Ricky Martin
Enrique Iglesias (Winner) 
Romeo Santos

Top Soundtrack 

Empire: Original Soundtrack from Season 1
Fifty Shades of Grey
Pitch Perfect 2 (Winner) 

Favorite Artist- Electronic Dance Medium (EDM)

Calvin Harris (Winner) 
David Guetta

New Album and Tour Announced by James

James proudly made the announcement of a major headline tour to begin in 2016 and also a new album called Girl at The End of the World that will be released on 18th March on BMG Recordings. One of the most loved and creatively restless artists of the UK, James are renowned for their diverse and unique style that’s evident in their 13 studio albums. They aren’t just commercially successful with over 12 million album sales all over the world, but are also critically acclaimed. Originally, an agreement was signed in 1982 by the band with the iconic Factory Records. Since then, the band has successfully produced various hit singles including Come Home, Sit Down, Born of Frustration and She’s a Star.

After 32 years in the industry, the band has managed to come up with an album they say is their best ever work. The band will be teaming up with the legendary Brian Eno for the Girl At The End of the World, who will add his unique influence to their work and also with producer Max Dingel, known for White Lies and The Killer Muse. In their newest album, James have continued on with their deep connection to the dance floor with the simmering electronica and it is both euphoric and anthemic. The distinctive evocative and vocal lyrics of Tim Booth and the trademark songwriting of the band once again turns out to be one of Britain’s finest.

Tim Booth spoke up about making the new album and said that bands usually complain how difficult it is to make a second album, but the real challenge is the 14th one. He said that in the case of James, the entire process is a combination of dumb luck, improvisation, skill and intuition. He asserted that the outsider may see the process as chaos since there is ample room for pretty much everything, but chaos has worked well for them and their history gives them confidence that they will achieve the magic they are after.

Tim further said that most of their best lyrics come from typos and they couldn’t probably explain them. He added that this album was perhaps the most stressful and difficult one, but it was also the most rewarding. As far as the tour for the Girl At The End of the World is concerned, it will span the whole of UK, which will include a huge hometown show at the Manchester Arena. There will also be a 3 date takeover of London at the O2 Brixton Academy, O2 Forum Kentish Town and the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire. The tickets for the tour will go on sale from November 20th, Friday.

Fans will be able to preorder the album from November 18th, Wednesday. The tracks of the upcoming Girl At the End of the World Album are listed below:

Dear John
Girl at the End of the World
Surfer’s Song
To my Surprise
Move Down South
Nothing but Love
Feet of Clay

French Authorities Order Motorhead to Postpone Paris Show

Motorhead’s Sunday night show in Paris was postponed on the weekend after the shut-down was ordered by the French authorities. Initially, after the terrorist attacks on Friday night at the Eagles of Death Metal show, Motorhead had planned to go ahead with their own show in Paris that was scheduled to be held at The Zenith. However, it was strongly advised by the police that it wasn’t a good idea to go ahead with the performance.

In a statement provided by Motorhead, they offered their condolences and apologies to the public and announced that their gig in Paris would be postponed until January. They said that they were trying to choose a suitable date and would provide details soon.

On Saturday, a statement was issued in which Motorhead express their horror at the terrorist attacks and thanked everyone who had asked about their safety. They assured the public that everyone at Motorcamp was doing well. They added that Paris was in a lockdown until the authorities could figure out what happened and they would share any further news.

They haven’t officially announced a return data for the show in January. Their next performance is on November 17th, 2015 in Dusseldorf, Germany. On Saturday night, U2 also had a show in Paris, which they cancelled and the Foo Fighters also cancelled all their remaining shows of the European tour. 

YouTube Adds Video Catalog for Bolstering Music App

The new music service by YouTube is planning to bury the competition; how? YouTube will use the massive video collection of the website for providing content on the app. On Wednesday, the YouTube Music Mobile App had been introduced by the newly named Alphabet Inc. less than a month after it had launched YouTube Red. The company is charging $9.99 a month for the new music service that can be used by customers for enjoying ad-free access to all services associated with YouTube. With this move, the digital video library will be competing with against a horde of other established music streaming services in the market.

According to executives at YouTube, they are in a very strong position and can win this battle successfully. Currently, the music streaming service market is headed by Spotify, which had about 20 million paid subscribers as of June. The number two spot was taken up by Apple Music, which was launched in June and as of October, it had reported approximately 6.5 million paid subscribers. Users can utilize the YouTube app without having to pay anything, but the only way they will be able to gain access to all its services and options is through the YouTube Red account.

Red users have the advantage of converting music videos that sap data into audio-only versions. This will enable them to listen to the audio of all videos available on YouTube and they can also use the background mode function for multitasking on different devices. They also have the option of downloading songs to a playlist within the app that can be used both online and offline. Apart from that, whether people use Red or not, customers can see stations that have been customized according to genres, titles, artists and songs. It is possible to find the complete album collection of each artist and see related items ranging from amateur covers to live performances.

A percentage of the subscriptions received from YouTube Red will also be provided to the artists on YouTube. Complete details weren’t given by YouTube, but the service said that majority of the revenue is paid to partners. In order to prevent the loss of users from the music streaming store Play, Google has decided to allow subscribers of both Google Play and YouTube Red to gain access to either website. The head of music products at YouTube and also the creator of the MOG music streaming service owned by Beats, T. Jay Fowler said that last year, a beta streaming service was launched for developing an improved Red model and a plan for using content in order to promote deeper engagement.

YouTube could gain an advantage over its competitors with a new virtual reality video format and unique amateur videos. However, according to some experts, all the bells and whistles may not exactly be appreciated by average users. It could be tricky for users to navigate all these features because the YouTube Red is separate from its music app and they have other apps as well. 

Music Stations Standing Strong Amidst Internet Radio

FM Music Stations like KEXP were supposed to go down with the rise of internet radio, but apparently someone forget to tell them so. KEXP is the little station that helped in jumpstarting the careers of some big music stars like Ryan Lewis, Macklemore and Lumineers. Last week, the morning D.J. at KEXP, John Richards walked through the gleaming new headquarters of the station, which aren’t very far from Space Needle. This is a project worth $15 million aimed at enhancing the evolution of the station into a music programmer for the modern age. The building will boast a record store, a café and a public performance space.

The booth from where the D.J.s will begin their broadcasting has been equipped with the latest microphones, electronic consoles and computer displays and an aquarium-like view of the booth can be seen from a soundproof window. This is a time when music fans can listen to almost any track they wish on the internet with the aid of services like Pandora, Spotify and various others. Some other options for listening to old music and discovering new sounds can be found through commercial and satellite radio. Despite this availability of music, there are some not-for-profit music stations such as KEXP that are doing quite well.

As a matter of fact, these music stations are reaping the benefits of the internet for reaching a global audience by enhancing their video programming and trying to become the top destination for music fans. The most important fact to note is that these stations are attempting to stand out through their music programming. Instead of using software, D.Js select the genre hopping mixes. The demand for human tour guides of the music world has increased because of the abundance of music and also the numerous methods of distribution.

This approach has proven to be effective as even Apple Inc. has incorporated it in its Apple Music Service via Beats 1. This is an internet-only live radio station headed by Zane Lowe, a former DJ at BBC radio. Another public radio station in South California called KCRW is becoming a tastemaker. The radio stations use their YouTube channel for expanding their audience by posting videos of sessions with musicians at music festivals and its studios. While the size of the audience of these stations isn’t as big as their digital rivals, they still have a lot of influential fans. 

Is Classical Music a Dying Art Form?

Imagine, for a minute, that it is evening time and you are about to head to a piano recital. Once there, you find your allocated seat. The room hushes as the pianist, wearing white tie and tails, enters the stage and heads towards the audience. With a gloomy expression, he casts a glance over the audience before sitting down, cracking his fingers, and launching into some sort of Beethoven sonata. People in the audience nod in approval, close their eyes and let the music flow over them. So far so good, although you may feel the night is a bit stiff and slightly presumptuous in its ‘poshness’.

And therein lays the issue. It is this that is causing classical music to be the smallest musical industry in the world. It is for that reason that people believe there is no place in contemporary music for these types of events and concerts.

Contemporary Music and Classical Music

Classical music, however, is not dead. In fact, it is seeing a brilliant revival that is leading to the classical becoming contemporary. This is something you can also experience at the Musicians Institute – Contemporary Music department. They will show you how there are musicians in this world, such as James Rhodes, who have found a way to update the beautiful sounds of classical music and make them more relevant in today’s society. Andre Rieux is another example of how classical music certainly has a place in today’s world.

Classical music has transcendent Mozart and Bach. It no longer is something for the elite only. In fact, new classical music is contemporary and young people are drawn to it. Consider, for instance, modern classical composer Ludovico Einaudi. He uses very simple techniques and harmonics. Compared to the great composers of hundreds of years ago, his style can best be compared to something that is taught to young children. But that is incredibly important! It is through works like Einaudi’s that young people will continue to love the classical art form. It is his work that is making classical contemporary.

Classical music isn’t snobby, nerdy or too posh for the everyday person. Rather, it is a form of music that is as much an art form like any other and one that has a clear place in our society. Being appreciative of music means being appreciative of all compositions, from Slayer’s death metal tracks to Joseph Haydn’s almost crazy compositions. Did you know, for instance, that many believe Haydn’s compositions have actually inspired modern jazz?

Many people feel that classical music no longer has a place in today’s society. In reality, however, classical music needs to be seen as a style, just like rock, blues, jazz, country and pop. And any style can be modern and contemporary. The likes of Mozart, Back, Beethoven and others will always be geniuses whose work will continue to influence the world today, just as Einstein will always influence the world of science, even if smarter people now exist.

Google’s Music Service Gets Podcasts

In order to expand its audience on the largest mobile platform in the world i.e. Android, Google has decided to make an addition to its music service in the form of podcasts. Audio producers are hoping that this move would be fruitful for Google Play Music because it comes amidst a surge of interest in the format that’s almost a decade old. Podcasts have long since been associated with Apple Inc. as the term itself is sourced from iPod. Serial, the breakout true crime drama released last year boosted the popularity of this format considerably and they have gained a lot of traction amongst listeners.

This has also inspired interest amongst advertisers as they are eager to reach their target audience who have gotten into the habit of listening to TV shows on their smartphones. The ubiquity of mobile phones has done wonders for this format, but the most dominant platform for podcasts still continues to be Apple even though the Android OS belonging to Google Inc. holds a greater share of the market. According to a listener survey that was conducted this year, 52% of the audience use their iPhones for listening to podcasts whereas about 26% use their Android phones.

Podcasts have been a part of the iTunes store for a long while and in fact, in 2012, the iPhone maker even launched a native app for them. As per industry executives, the launch of this app has aided in boosting the listernership on the iOS platform. In comparison, a native podcasting app hasn’t been installed on the Android platform, which could be why not a lot of people make use of it. In the opinion of some experts in the podcasting industry, the Android market is rather underserved, which explains the lack of podcast use on the platform.

Partnerships have been signed by Google with various podcast producers including HBO, Gimlet Media, PRX’s Radiotopia and Midroll’s Earwolf network. Podcast creators based on the US can now start uploading shows on Google Play Music from Tuesday onwards. Consumers will be able to access them in the next couple of months. Google Play Music service is also offered on the iPhone. It is also in the search engine giant’s plans to aid podcasters in not just getting in touch with existing users and fans, but also introduce new people to this format and assist them in finding new shows according to their interest and mood.

Podcasts will be recommended with the help of technology that Google acquired from Songza in 2014, which specializes in curated playlists. 

Phil Collins Returning to Music

After taking a break from the music industry for 13 years, Phil Collins announced that he would be making a return and will initiate new recording sessions from the next month. The multimillion-selling artist last released brand new music in 2002 with his album Testify. The only work he did after that was in 2010 when he released a Motown Covers album. However, in an interview given in the Rolling Stone, Collins said that he is no longer retired and is now ready to make music again.

It was in the mid-1970s that the drummer and singer first rose to fame with Genesis. Eventually, he was able to kick-off a successful solo career with several hits like In the Air Tonight and Against all Odds. He managed to sell about 150 million records all over the world. His solo albums will also be reissued before the release of the new material. Collins said that it would be silly not to make new music if people remember the old stuff and show interest in it. The singer had announced his decision to retire in 2011 in order to be a full-time father to his two sons.

This was after he was divorced for the third time in 2008 when he remained in Switzerland and his ex-wife, Orianne Cevey had taken their sons with her to Miami. In the interview, the singer said that he was left with a lot of time on his hands to think over what happened and there were moments of darkness when he drank too much. He said that he spent his time drinking and watching TV and it very nearly killed him. Now, he said that he hadn’t had a drink in three years. Furthermore, he also had to undergo surgery because in 2007, he suffered from nerve damage on the Genesis reunion tour because of which he was unable to play drums.

Collins said that he was keeping his sons in mind while planning the new tour. He stated that his 10 and 14 year old sons were interested in knowing what their father does as they were just babies when he was on the road last. Now, he said that they wanted to enjoy his music because they love it. When asked about another Genesis reunion, Phil Collins said that he wanted to do this first and see how this goes before thinking about anything else. 

Things You Need to Know about Karaoke Machines as a Music Lover

In the 1970s, when the first generation karaoke machines were launched in the market, music fans and wannabe singers all over the globe had a reason to celebrate. Avid, amateur singers greatly benefited from the Japanese invention as it provided them with full-orchestral music and they could also see the lyrics on-screen, which was immensely convenient. Today, karaoke remains one of the most popular music entertainment systems and it is fascinating to learn how the machines work and provide entertainment. Read on to know everything about karaoke machines.


The karaoke entertainment system enables just about anyone to perform in complete synchronization with pre-recorded music or a video. The best part about the machines is that they also display lyrics of the song on the screen not just in English, but in a variety of languages. You can hook these machines to a computer or a television set.


The translation of the word ‘karaoke’ is ‘empty orchestra’. Japanese words ‘kara’ (empty) and ‘oke’, which is the part of another Japanese word ‘okesutora’ (orchestra). Karaoke machines gained immense popularity all over Asia after they were invented and gradually spread out to other parts of the world including United States and other countries in the West.

Karaoke Components 

The simple and modern day karaoke systems comprise of some basic features, which include speakers, music players with either CD, DVD or computer compatibility, multiple microphone inputs, a cordless or wired microphone, voice pitch-altering capability and background music. Not only are the machines compatible with downloaded music, the state-of-the-art machines can also operate on other formats including VCD, DVD, laser disk or CD-G formats. You have the option of purchasing all components of the karaoke machine separately or can also buy an all-in-one single karaoke package if your budget allows. You can look at some of karaoke machine reviews and learn more about features of the best karaoke machines available.


There is an audio input and output in karaoke machines and they also comprise of an in-built system for altering the pitch and tone of the music that’s played. In this way, the system is able to make adjustments according to the vocal range of the singer and enables them to perform in a key they are comfortable with. Basically, the original singer’s pre-recorded track is suppressed by the karaoke machine. Only the background music and the video of the soundtrack continues to play. Therefore, whenever a singer wishes to perform with the help of a karaoke machine, they are provided with lyrics on-screen and they can sing in sync with music in the background.


There are a wide variety of benefits associated with karaoke machines. They are an interactive and exciting music medium, which provide assistance to amateur singers in perfecting their singing skills. They also create a music-filled vibrant ambience wherever they are used. However, the best perk of karaoke machines is their portability as they can be taken just about anywhere. It is also quite versatile because you can set up a karaoke machine easily in any part of the house and allow guests to join in the fun and singing. They can offer a high entertainment value to everyone. 

Newly Launched Aurous Facing Lawsuit

Just a few days after its launch, the ad-free music streaming app called Aurous is being sued by major music labels who are claiming that copyrights are ‘blatantly infringed’ by the software. A lawsuit was filed by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on behalf of various music labels including UMG, Warner Bros and Sony. The lawsuit alleges that the creators of Aurous are perfectly aware of the copyright infringement of their service and fully intend it to happen.

Peer-to-peer BitTorrent technology is used by Aurous for streaming music, not downloading it and has been compared with the illegal video streaming app called Popcorn Time for its polished and similar user interface. Andrew Sampson, the developer of the app claimed that the software is perfectly legal as tracks are collated via the public APIs from a variety of sources that include Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud. However, according to the RIAA, the catalog of music of Aurous is sourced from various pirate sites, which include MP3Skull, Pleer and MP3WithMe. The latter site has been described by the industrial body as one that offers unauthorized downloads of songs from numerous top artists.

In a statement made to The Guardian, a spokesperson of the RIAA said that Aurous is an example of a business model that’s operating on the basis of copyright theft on a huge scale. It said that Aurous wasn’t legal or licensed just like Limewire, Grooveshark and Grokster and it wouldn’t be allowed to exploit the rights of creators. The creators behind the app remained defiant as they tweeted that they were being sued for 3 million when they hadn’t done anything, which simply proved that their idea was exceptional.

They also said that they weren’t ‘profiting’ from any illegal actions because their service is ad-free. Nonetheless, the RIAA won’t be deterred just because Aurous doesn’t sell advertising. It is noted by the lawsuit that Sampson and fellow developers are reaping a financial benefit from the copyright infringement in the form of an increasing customer base. The RIAA claims that the creators can choose to monetize the app later on with advertising or other methods that can generate revenue.