Apple Purchases British Music Start-Up

Semetric, British music analyst startup has been acquired by Apple Inc. as the company is looking to get an idea of the latest listening trends. The iPhone maker wishes to bolster this ability before it launches the Beats Music streaming service internationally this year. According to the information provided by an individual with knowledge of the transaction, the Cupertino, California giant paid a total sum of $50 million for the music startup that’s based in London. There are about 40 employees of the company and most of them now work for the iPhone maker. The deal drew to a close at the end of last year, but Apple refused to offer any details about it.

Founded in 2008, Semetric is renowned everywhere because of its brand called Musicmetric. The company provides information regarding music streaming and downloading and also offers an analysis of the opinion of the masses about songs and artists on social media. The client list of Semetric is made up of notable music companies such as Gracenote and Spotify and also various record labels. This deal with the American smartphone giant is one of the most significant deals made by any digital music company based in London, which includes Omnifone, 7digital and MixCloud.

On Wednesday, the music recognition app called Shazam said that in the latest funding round, they had managed to raise a sum of $30 million, which means that the British company is now valued at $1 billion. Apple is trying to assert its leadership in the digital media market and the purchase of Semetric is the company’s latest attempt. The company’s hold in this market has been waning as there was a significant flag in iTunes download over the past year. Last May, a subscription streaming service called Beats Music was acquired by the American firm as a part of the acquisition of Beats Electronics that cost $3 billion.

It is the company’s plan to introduce Beats Music along with its new iOS operating system in this year. In this way, the service would become available instantly on hundreds of millions of iPads and iPhones and increase the pressure on the market leader of the music streaming industry, Spotify. According to analysts of the industry, Apple will take advantage of the vast pool of data at Semetric and use it to make improvements in the song recommendations of Beat Music in order to establish a stronger connection with its users and fans.

Experts said that the analytics would be invaluable for understanding the tastes and preferences of users. Apple has made this deal with Semetric in order to get ahead in the race with digital music companies for acquiring the expertise and technology that’s needed for optimizing the way music is delivered to the listeners. Last year, Spotify had acquired The Echo Nest, a music analytics company for a handsome price of $100 million. The data gathered by this company is used for generating song and playlist recommendations. Apple didn’t say whether analytical data would be offered to other companies by Semetric after the acquisition.

Meghan Trainor’s First UK Tour Announced

The hit-maker of All About that Bass has announced her first-ever tour of the UK. Known for only two tracks Lips are Movin’ and All About that Bass, the US singer will perform in the UK in four dates of April. In 2014, her song All About that Bass made chart history within the UK when it became the first track to enter the top 40 songs not through physical sales and downloads, but through streaming only. Once the song became available to sale, it climbed to the top position.

The tour of the 21 year-old will begin on 9th April in Manchester and she will go to Glasgow on 10th April. On 11th April she will go to Birmingham and will culminate the tour on the 13th in London. Her debut album will be released near the end of this month.

Meghan Trainor and Harry Styles Recording Song

Stop whatever you are doing and listen to this; Meghan Trainor and Harry Styles are doing a duet. Normally, the One Direction heartthrob is betting out songs with his other bandmates Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson to a crowd of adoring fans. However, it seems that Harry has still found the time to collaborate with Meghan Trainor, the hit-maker of All About That Bass and they are now recording a song together. According to the details that were provided by Meghan, the song is beautiful and both of them created it on her ukulele.

The singer said that they had even recorded a rough demo of their vocals, which is a great acoustic love thing. She gushed that it was the first great thing she was able to do with a pop star. Meghan said that a friend had told her that Harry was a fan, but she went in with a prepared chorus verse because she didn’t expect him to write anything mature. Therefore, she was surprised when he came up with really poetic and mature lyrics, showing that he does know love. Someday Maybe is the title of the track, but may not be available to the fans because the heartthrob is dedicated to his duties to One Direction.

Meghan added that romance wasn’t on her list with the British singer even though they did make sweet music. Nevertheless, she said that she adored the whole of One Direction because they were perfect and just wanted to be friends with them. Moreover, she doesn’t want to date another pop star because of the busy schedules. After coming onto the music scene in 2014, the career of the 21 year-old has reached sky high and this year is also expected to do her wonders as she is nominated for two Grammys at the award show being held next month.

Her number one track is catchy and is about skinny women. The singer said that she never thought she could become a star due to her body shape and because she couldn’t be like them, she had decided to become a songwriter and write songs about them.

Jamaica’s Attachment to Foreign Music

Jamaicans have always deeply appreciated the music from foreign soils. This is one of the reasons why that numerous acts have been thrilled to see the reception of their music when they were brought in to perform at local shows such as the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival. Michael Barnett, music aficionado said that this appreciation has originated from the 1940s and has become an entrenched tradition. He said that back then, there weren’t any local radio stations so people would choose stations from the South such as Alabama, Louisiana etc. Mr. Barnett said that even with the advent of ZQI, Jamaica’s first radio station, the affinity didn’t stop.

Therefore, an appreciation of music has been instilled in the successive generations through the years. He explained that parents would purchase albums of their favorites and play them at home so the children were introduced to different tracks. He asserted that Jamaicans were more knowledgeable about foreign music than they were about local music. If you asked any Jamaican, they could not provide as much information on a local artist as they could on Mariah Carey’s catalogue. From 29th to 31st January, the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival will be conducted at the Trelawny Multi-purpose stadium.

Various foreign acts are expected to perform there including Charlie Wilson, Mariah Carey, the Pointer Sisters and Peter Cetera. In the past years, some of the greats of pop, jazz, blues and R&B have been hosted by this festival including Air Supply, Billy Ocean, Al Green, Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, Dionne Warwick, Mary J Bilge, Kenny Rogers, Kenny G, Gladys Knight and Al Jarreau. Along with Keith Brown, his business partner, Barnett promoted the Startime series of the vintage music shows and is currently working at a radio station called Kool FM as a disc jockey.

In his opinion, the attachment and attraction of Jamaicans to foreign music is both good and bad. He stated that before listening to foreign music, people should listen to local music. Nonetheless, he added that Jamaicans have always been diverse in their taste and the quality of foreign music is also the reason why the songs have a pull there.

Cherry Suede; Profile

In an industry where the creative process is often suffocated by a label or management, Cherry Suede does things differently. Their artistic process is completely their own and they are constantly reinventing the business model. From their tour schedule to the close interaction they have with their fans, their nontraditional, unique take is what fills venues and keeps music lovers coming back for more.

Those music lovers, known as the Cherry Suede Brigade, are given the opportunity to get up close and personal with the band, thanks to technology. Using social media along with offering subscriptions to their website, livestreams and even consistently releasing songs digitally so their fans can access them immediately, Cherry Suede has figured out new and innovative ways to share their passion and tell their story.

The 2015 USA/ Canada Up Close and Personal Tour, which is completely a result of the Cherry Suede Brigade voting for the band to come to their top cities, will focus on what the band does best- playing music and interacting with fans. The set list will be a mix of songs from their first two studio albums, their two acoustic EPs and a preview of Volume 4 of their Up Close and Personal EP series.

New fans who may not be familiar with all of Cherry Suede’s songs, are encouraged to head to the website and check out the digital downloads, streaming music, and advance copies for sale. These tracks all have an individual sound and many were written with an emotional connection to artists that have impacted and influenced the band.

Cherry Suede is as excited as ever to hit the road again, perform live and meet and interact with their amazing friends in person. They feel blessed to do what they love every day and have what they believe to be the greatest job in the world!

About Cherry Suede:

Cherry Suede is a popular independent rock band from Ottawa, ON Canada.  Incorporating the unique approach of a direct-to-fan business model, they have played over 3000 shows in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Africa, without the help of any traditional record companies or agents. They are one of the first indie bands to embrace live concert streaming, and their Indiegogo crowd funding campaigns have both greatly exceeded their goals.  They often create premium travel experiences to destinations that include NYC, London, UK and even Kenya. Their merchandise line ranges from traditional shirts, hoodies and coffee mugs, to their own line of coffee and chocolate. The strong word of mouth and loyalty of Cherry Suede's fans has helped push them to the fore-front of leading independent artists, and where they dominate several key niche market segments online. Cherry Suede is fully licensed by SOCAN for their live streams in Canada and their on-demand content is handled through Limelight.

For tour dates, check the concert schedule at (

From Air Guitar to Bono - Here’s why to Learn Guitar

According to scientists in Cambridge University, playing air guitar and singing in the shower is an integral part of the creative process for musicians. The boffins have claimed that performing these acts opens up the creative imagination.

While, an orthopaedic surgeon has claimed recently that Bono playing guitar could be the best remedy for his ills in wake of his bike crash.

So, with all of this positive news, here’s why we think you or your kids should learn to play guitar.


Learning how to play any musical instrument is a challenging and exciting journey. As one of the most familiar and recognisable musical sounds, the guitar has influenced and shaped the music industry. Often played as a solo instrument, it tends to be the first port of call for those looking to learn how to play a musical instrument.

The sound is made by simply strumming or plucking the guitar’s strings, that vary in number from 4 to 18 depending on the type of instrument you choose to play.  Whether your goal is to join a band or simply acquire a new skill, learning how to play any instrument can be both rewarding and self-fulfilling.

There are lots of things that you need to take into consideration before choosing to learn how to play the guitar according to First Tutors. From selecting the best guitar and equipment to booking guitar lessons with a teacher who will help you to develop the skills and techniques you need to become a confident and accomplished musician.

Learning how to play the guitar can be a great experience as there is no better feeling than expressing yourself through music. Whether you have ambitions to become a professional musician or you simply want to throw your self into a new hobby, learning how to play the guitar will open up many opportunities and doors both socially, personally and professionally.

Acoustic or Electric Guitar?

Choosing whether to learn how to play the acoustic guitar, electric guitar or even both comes down to personal choice and preference. Although similar in many ways, they project very different sounds and it is important that you understand the differences.

The acoustic guitar is a cheaper solution compared to the electric guitar. However, if you opt for a cheap version in fear that you may not enjoy playing the guitar, this increases your chances of quitting so quality should be at the forefront of your mind when choosing an instrument.

It’s also important that you are committed and remain motivated to master the techniques required - this will not happen overnight so persevere. Make sure that you invest in a guitar that is the right size for your height and frame, if not, this will impact on your progression and enjoyment.

Once you have selected the right guitar for you, learning how to play it will also allow you to play and explore other instruments in the same musical family such as the Banjo, Harp, Mandolin, Dulcimer and Bass Guitar.

Guitar Lessons

Despite there being a number of online tutorials demonstrating how to play the guitar, these should not be a substitute for enlisting the help of a professional guitar teacher, who will help you to hone your skills and develop the techniques and skills needed to become an accomplished musician.

Investing in guitar lessons with a reputable company or teacher will allow you to become an accomplished player in no time. One to one guidance and support when it comes to learning how to play any musical instrument is invaluable, as it will allow you to move forward at your own pace. Everyone also has different learning abilities and styles, so it’s important to book guitar lessons with a teacher that you feel comfortable with.

Most guitar teachers will provide you with guidance and help when it comes to buying your next guitar, ensuring that you choose the best equipment on the market whilst making sure that you grow as a musician.

Investing in guitar lessons will also allow you to progress and accomplish your personal musical desires far quicker, giving you the confidence to develop the techniques needed to become a successful musician.

The GhosMerck Storm Is About To Hit You

The world is connected to internet round the clock and things are happening quite fast in this virtual world. Videos go viral and then they settle down in seas of data residing in heaps of hard drives on servers around the world. However, there are some things and some people who can’t be forgotten that easily and GhosMerck is definitely one of them. This talented young blood has rose to the top with this skills at rapping. He has a unique tone in his voice and his lyrics are addictive that you would want to hear over and over.

Due to the immense talent that he has in him he has been called the protégé of Andre 3000. If you don’t know about Andre 3000 then it is time you go on search some information about him on the internet right now. GhosMerck, real name Tavaris Mitchell, was born in Suffolk, Virginia. He has an unconventional way of putting together his lyrics and some more deliciousness is added to his raps with his voice. He has a very unique tone and a very clear way of pronouncing words. However, he goes fast and sometimes you can compare him to the fastest rappers you have heard so far.

GhosMerck is one of those artists who don’t get famous in just one night for one performance. This guy has been to places and we can see that from his latest achievements. One of the biggest achievements for him is how he has suddenly got the attention of Timbaland and Missy Elliott. Timbaland Thursday, a website where all new artists only wish to find a place, gave space to GhosMerck. Here you can hear some of his songs and see how he can cast a spell on you with his lyrics, unique style of rapping and a crisp voice.

He has accomplished some more in the recent years. Just past year he was part of the VH1 “make a band famous” competition. Artists from around the country come here and show their talent and musical skills. VH1 “make a band famous” is known for holding competitions among some of the biggest singers known to the world such as Gotye, Ed Sheeran and Adele. GhosMerck, even though he was not as famous at the time of the competition, went as far as to become a semi-finalist in the competition. However, GhosMerck is not holding back and we know that from his recent activities.

GhosMerck’s song called “Swerving”, produced by the famous Dj Dennis Blaze, is now available on the internet i.e. SoundCloud. This track is already getting people by surprise and more and more clicks every day are reflecting how worthy of a talent GhosMerck is. Thousands of people have already listened to the track and liked it, and more are coming to hear it with time. Thousands of followers are waiting every day for some news from GhosMerck on his Twitter account. His track “Swerving” being played on various radio stations, is bound to be the next big rap song and if you haven't heard it, go ahead and hear it and spread the word.

Katy Perry Gets in Touch with Psychic Christopher Golden

Even stars like Katy Perry need advice in important matters and being a psychic enthusiast, our beautiful singer has sought the assistance of none other than psychic Christopher Golden. He is a renowned psychic who provides his services to numerous celebrities and stars, but doesn’t brag about them in the media. Whether they are interviews or articles, he is very discreet and doesn’t mention any names. As a matter of fact, last year, there were rumors circling around that psychic Christopher Golden had advised Hilary Duff to divorce her husband. Even though he didn’t mention that she wasn’t his client, he tweeted that he hadn’t caused the divorce.

It was reported that BFFs Rihanna and Katy Perry habitually used psychics for finding true love, avoiding bad choices in relationships, seeing around corners and even for career purposes. Nancy Stevens was one of the psychic that most celebrities and stars consulted for advice, but in recent years, the name of Christopher Golden has also joined the list of psychics for stars and he is also referred to as Psychic 90210 as an indication that he provides services to the elite. Charging $1200, he is not interested in getting any publicity for what he does.

The only fact that he has actually mentioned about his clients is that most of them come to him for dealing with everyday problems rather than those that plague the famous and rich. In a couple of articles, the business aspects of psychic readings had been discussed by Golden. He explained the reason behind celebrities’ use of psychics for seeing their future, but he didn’t give any names. As per rumors, there are some notable celebrities that use Golden’s services including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Hilary Duff, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Anniston, George Clooney, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Ozzy Osborne.

However, none of these names are listed on Christopher Golden’s website. He has advertised himself as a love psychic who knows how to aid couples in patching up things if they have broken up. Rihanna had mentioned in public that she had sought the services of a psychic for getting over her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna had said that it was immensely difficult for her to come across her ex as she still had feelings for him. Psychic Christopher Golden is known to assist people who have difficulty in moving on after a breakup.

Maybe it really does cost 1200 bucks to get Psychic 90210 to help you in moving on, but it cannot be said as to how much of this is based on reality. According to reports, he had been counseling more than one of the stars on Beverly Hills Housewives, but hadn’t appeared on the show because he wished to maintain his anonymity. Most of the psychics would jump at this opportunity though so it is rather surprising. Even when he was contacted to ask about his services to Katy Perry in regard to her love life, he refused to say anything about this matter.

Pino Daniele Dead at 59

It has just been confirmed that Italian songwriter-singer, Pino Daniele is dead at 59 years of age because of a heart attack. He became one of the most popular and famous artists of Italy when he fused the blues and jazz with his Native Neapolitan music. He was born in Naples to a working-class family and his father was a port worker. Daniele taught himself how to play the guitar and became a musician by playing for some of the successful musicians of the 1970s such as Pat Metheny, Eric Clapton, Chick Corea and Richie Havens. A day of mourning has been declared by the Mayor Luigi de Magistris of Naples in honor of the local hero.

Matteo Renzi, the Prime Minister said Pino Daniele’s voice was amusing and he could still hear him as his guitar-playing ability had passion and melancholy that was tinged with rare sensitivity, which will continue to tell the whole world about their story.

It was in 1977 that the singer made his striking debut in the Italian music market when he launched the album titled Terra Mia. This was a successful combination of Blues sound and Neapolitan tradition. Daniele used the term ‘taramblu’ for defining his music, which was a mix of rumba, blues and tarantella. The singer also worked for the Italian movie industry by creating the soundtrack for several films, which include the ones by Massimo Troisi, the late Neapolitan director and actor. Daniele last tweeted on January 1st, in which he said he was back home.

Bono Applauds Spotify and Apple over Digital Music Payments

According to the New Year post of U2’s front man, Bono, the songwriters are being stuck with a ‘poor deal’, but he did appreciate Apple for making the effort to get the artists paid. He said that in this digital era, the songwriters aren’t getting any returns, but he appreciated the effort made by Spotify and Apple to help musicians in getting paid for their music streaming and downloads. The latest comments regarding digital music were made by U2’s head in a blog post made on the website of the band for marking the beginning of the year. 

This post was written while Bono is recovering from a serious cycling accident. He added that the iTunes giveaway of the band’s album called the Songs of Innocence had proven to be extremely controversial as a lot of people were annoyed because they like being annoyed or felt like they were robbed off their phone, which was later returned to them after being used. The front man stated that he understood the feeling of the latter group, but told the annoyed group to watch a video of Jimmy Kimmel, the US chat-show host who had said that Bono should give a very negative response to those who were complaining. 

Even though the partnership of Apple Inc. and the band has received some heavy criticism, Bono was only interested in praising the iPhone maker and said that anyone who has the urge to listen to music or even make music should be grateful that the American firm is a music company too. The musician said that the company is unique in its efforts to get the artists paid. It agreed to pay for the album and then gifted it to all music lovers out there, which was simply beautiful, as stated by Bono. 

The question of how much the Cupertino, California-based company paid for the album wasn’t revealed by the company nor the band and the figure of $100 million reported in the media was just a misleading figure. This is because it also includes the cost of the marketing campaigns carried out by the firm that featured music from that particular album. 

Apart from that, Bono also praised Spotify, the music streaming service, for its actions even though it had been highly criticized by some artists. The most prominent artist to do so was Taylor Swift, who spoke about its payments to songwriters and artists. He said that the internet had flattened the uneven playing field by giving people access to information. The good part about Spotify was that it convinced people to pay $10 a month as subscription for accessing music that they could have gotten for free. While this figure cannot replace income from digital and physical sales, but it is a good start.

This isn’t the first time that Spotify has been defended by Bono because he did the same in November at the Web Summit conference when he said that rather than targeting their ire at streaming services, musicians should focus them on labels. 

Digital Music Shift Higlighted by Download Slide

The year 2014 saw a decline in the sales of music downloads, both in the US and the UK, as consumers shifted to using streaming services like Spotify rather than purchasing songs online. According to the data accumulated, there was a 12% reduction is the sales of digital songs and a 9% decrease in sales of digital albums. In comparison, there was more than 50% increase seen in the US audio and video streaming as a total of 164 billion songs were streamed. Stark changes in the digital music market are highlighted by the shift.

There has been rapid growth of advertising-supported and subscription streaming services such as Deezer and Spotify whereas downloads have stalled, which are the bedrock of the iTunes store of Apple Inc. In the previous year, the iPhone maker bought Beats and plans to bundle this music streaming service into its iOS operating system in the first half of 2015. Taylor Swift was the biggest-selling artist in the US in the past year as she sold 3.66 million of the total 257 million album sales in 2014.

She withdrew her music from Spotify and took a stand for supporting only download sales. The second-biggest seller of the year was the Frozen soundtrack and the third was Sam Smith, the British singer, who also made a break in the UK in the same year. In the UK, it was the first time that download sales had fallen as they had seen a strong growth cycle, which had initiated over a decade ago when the iTunes was launched. There was a 2% decrease in the UK recorded music sales and British artists had made all the top 10 albums.

In 2014, a total of 30 million albums were downloaded in the UK, which was a reduction from 32.6 million downloaded in the previous year. In contrast, the retail value of subscriptions paid to streaming services saw an increase of 65%. The UK and the US are two of the biggest music markets, with Japan taking third place so they are considered bellwethers of global trends in the music industry.

When speaking about 2014, Spotify’s Kevin Brown said that it is the year when streaming truly became popular in the UK.

Tips For Getting Followers In Soundcloud

Today, we spoke of laws, the pillars on which to build your artistic and musical personality, this time we have to roll up the shirt because I bring a series of combat tactics to multiply your followers on Soundcloud, with osme simple steps. If you follow these steps in a few weeks you'll get a handful of followers and friends, requires a little effort so read the post, put the batteries, follow the steps and get followers on Soundcloud.

Start following Soundcloud users in which you are interested

It sounds obvious but people often begin to follow people like crazy without any criteria, this is not good, start with about 100 people, or at most 200. Use this group of people who still as the core of your group, later as you get your social network concocting musical will be more focused if you keep 100 people that if you follow 600.

Moreover, we will close over the circle, among those 100 followers choose 20 or 30 where you're really interested in Soundcloud plays  and whose music itself is important to you. Listen to his songs, he starts commenting to bookmark and give the like, be honest, just say that you liked something you have really liked, if something did not like you just do not tell, do not give the like and not agreed to favorites.

The basis for getting followers on Soundcloud

LCF call in Anglo-Saxon language, Like, Comment and Favorite, also applies to English: Like, Comment and Favorites, this will be your routine and the base of the community who are about to create regarding your account soundcloud and your name / presence as an artist.

If you are not willing to waste time with routine LCF had better give up on getting followers on Soundcloud. You just can not give likes like crazy waiting for you to make one like it back, you should know that the number of people you can follow him on soundcloud is limited, 2000 at the latest, which suggests the following question; you be willing to settle for just 2000 (with luck) soundcloud followers ?, I bet you do not.

Begins with several issues, not just one

Prepare a few issues before starting your routine LCF, do not start just one. Note that when you get a person to do one like back in soundcloud is likely to go to your profile, in most cases, will be the only time you do so entertains your guests with a good selection of your music, you can also give some, or all songs, remember the post last week .

Follow who follows you

Start making your core fans do on soundcloud from there, if someone becomes a follower of yours on soundcloud, Give back the follow gradually get a group of people around the world that you will follow with you, with the point common of your love for the same kind of music.

Follow Soundcloud only users that are active

Or people you know who have just online either because you've seen recently published a comment or you've seen some activity in your profile. Before there was a green dot indicating someone was online, seems to have been removed in an update of soundcloud. Read some helpful tips to promote your music on soundcloud.

There are a couple of reasons to keep only to users who are active:

The first is that there are many soundcloud users whose accounts are in use, follow no good and is not productive, focus on active users, do not waste time with inactive or less active users whose answer is not going to produce a reasonable period of time.

Second, when a user receives a like or comment on soundcloud is online is much more likely to return the favor, or at least I see your profile soundcloud (which is a lot)
Just keep people tending to return the follow.

Follow followers, this is the norm, since it is what you are looking for; followers.

How can I know who I will follow back? Very simple, if a person continues to 900 and 200 he still is very likely to follow me after giving me follow. If instead the individual is at 100 and he followed 1000 users most likely not return my follow. Easy, no?

When someone follows you start your routine LCF in your profile.

You will see immediately that routine follow LCF followers and make their songs will earn followers, listeners, comments and likes on your profile soundcloud. The tactic is simple but requires effort and dedication.

The Woodlands Symphony is Making a Comeback

After an intermission that lasted five years, the Woodlands Symphony is making a comeback. Darryl Bayer, who is one of the original musicians, is playing the role of the artistic director of the band and has made it his aim to bring all of them back together. Bayer is an award-winning music educator, recording artist and musician and for 15 years, he acted as the principal trumpet player of the original Woodlands Symphony.

Bayer said that people would come up to him and ask about the Symphony and he would reply that it was done. Obviously, they asked him to rectify the situation. Initially, he didn’t see why he should be the one to do it. But, later on, he realized that he had been part of the Woodlands Symphony from the beginning so he had decided to do it. He first requested the blessing of the former board members through a letter and then started from scratch by applying for nonprofit status again.

He elaborated that the economic downturn had caused the previous incarnation to suffer. He said that the economy made a recovery and the Woodlands Symphony could have made it. People were happy when they heard it may be coming back so he decided to get the word out by putting out cards around town. Bayer said that he organized a concert and got in touch with the original musicians who were delighted. However, he also carried out auditions for new members because he wanted new musicians who could be different, daring and wild. They got some hip new musicians that could transform them into a cool symphony.

In September, the new Woodlands Symphony performed their first concert after only two rehearsals. Bayer acted as guest conductor at the show held in Creekside Village’s Rob Fleming Park. Now, since he has a buzz going, Bayer is now focused on fundraising for a paid symphony. He wishes to raise somewhere between $25,000 and $30,000 and he still needs $10,000 for his next show, which is slated for February. Online donations can be made and Bayer is hoping for a full concert season.

Bayer wants to hold a concert in April for presenting a tribute to George and Cynthia Mitchell. In June, he wishes to present ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’ along with Shakespearean actors. His plans include hosting another outdoor pop concert in September. Eventually, he wishes to perform Handel’s ‘Messiah’ in December, in order to highlight the tradition of the Woodlands Symphony Orchestra. In several ways, Bayer wants to differentiate the new symphony from the previous one.

He said that they want to be different from the original symphony and wish to target a younger audience. He asserted that their aim is to create a completely new generation of symphony fans. McKenna Jordan, the concertmaster of the new symphony is also in agreement and said that the Houston Symphony had benefitted from the mixed media concerts, which had drawn lots of young listeners who are the future of the symphony.

Bono May Never Play Again

After his bike accident last year, Bono, the U2 frontman, may never be able to play the guitar again. It was in November that he took a hard spill in Central Park of New York City and was immediately taken to the Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. At that time, it was explained by Dr. Dean Lorich that reconstructive surgery was needed by Bono on his arm, face and shoulder. He suffered various injuries, which also included the three fractures in his left shoulder blade. 

Now, the musician seems to have shared the potentially alarming consequences of the accident in a post on the official website of the band. Bono began the post lightheartedly by stating that even though he had broken his face, arm, elbow and hand, it was his Irish pride that had really taken the fall because he had been wearing black and yellow LYCRA cycling shorts under his tracksuit and not something rock-n-roll. Then he mentioned that the recovery process had proven to be much more difficult than anticipated due to which it is uncertain that he may ever play guitar again. 

He asserted that the band hand reminded him that the neither the Western civilization nor the members were dependent on this factor. Nonetheless, the musician is absolutely heartbroken at the mere thought of never strumming an instrument again. He seems determined to continue his passion so it is not over just yet. He said that he would terribly miss playing his guitar and not just for writing tunes, but also for the pleasure of it. 

The title of the post was Little Book of a Big Year: Bono’s A to Z of 2014. The star lists memorable events of the band in the past 12 months while going through the alphabets. Most of the list is positive, especially when he reaches O where he mentioned U2’s appearance at the Oscars where they were photobombed on the red carpet by Benedict Cumberbatch. He said it was a memorable moment as they got to meet their idol and had ‘one hell of a night out’ at the Oscars. 

PJ Harvey Will Record Album in Public

PJ Harvey conceived a project called Recording in Progress in collaboration with Somerset House and Artangel. The singer has decide to make her heavily anticipated ninth album within an architectural installation at the recently opened New Wing of Somerset’s House, which will be open
to the public for only four weeks. Taking the form of an enclosed box, the structure is a recording studio, which has one-way glazing.

It displays the engineers, producers, band and PJ Harvey as a multidimensional and mutating sound structure. The recording of the album will be done at Somerset House between 16th January and 14th February. The singer said that the recording process will be operated in the same way as it would in a recording gallery because they want the public to understand the energy and flow of the recording process.

First Kiss from Kid Rock to be Released in February

The tenth studio album of Kid Rock, which has been given the title of First Kiss, will have a release date of February 2015. The new set promises a sound that’s based mostly in the roots because the backing band of a greater part of the album was Band of Heathens. A member of Band of Heathens, Ed Jurdi, said that they connected with Kid Rock in the previous year as he was a fan of the band. He added that Kid Rock had invited them on his cruise for the past few years and then also requested that they open a few of his shows.

Because they had fun hanging out and playing old tunes, Kid Rock invited them to do some recording in his studio outside Detroit. So, the band spent a week there during which they had a great time as friends and also made some music. Kid Rock liked the aesthetic of the Band of Heathens and wished to capture it for his own songs. Two versions of the new album will be released; there will be a standard version, which will contain FOAD, the bonus track. The second version is being called the ‘Amended’ version, which has a bonus track called Say Goodbye and is a clean take on the whole album.

14-Day European Return Policy Introduced by iTunes

A new 14-day return policy has been introduced by Apple for iTunes sales in Europe in order to comply with some of the new laws concerning online sales that have been established in the territory. These changes have given rise to some worries in the music industry. According to the new laws in Europe, there will be a trial period of 14 days for all online purchases, which also includes digital downloads. The modification was quietly introduced by the iPhone maker in Europe in its terms and conditions this week in order to show compliance with the ‘right of withdrawal’ rules that were implemented by the European Union in June, 2014. 

The new guidelines dictate that a customer is now entitled to apply for a refund of any music purchased from the iTunes in Europe. No questions will be asked of the customer from the time of purchase to 14 days later. The only exception was provided in the form of iTunes gift cards, which can only be returned during this period if the code hasn’t been redeemed by the customer. What’s surprising is that iTunes is being more generous than demanded by law. It is stated by the new rules that if the performance has been played on any device, customers cannot return the download. 

iTunes can use its software to monitor if the download was performed or not. However, Apple states that even if the music has been played on any device, a full refund will still be made. This has caused some concerns in an already struggling and bootlegged industry. Music can become worthless because the customer can download it, copy it and then ask for a full refund with no questions asked. 

This new policy is only applicable to iTunes within Europe and the Cupertino, California based company has no intention of introducing it elsewhere.

Creating Music Through Meditation and Muscle Memory

Peter Calandra’s Creative Composing Process in 4 Steps

Watch This Process in Action - “A Quiet Spark” from Inner Circle

As the new year approaches and we are working towards our goals of

“More Creative Output!” I would like to share my insights in case my approach might be something you think is worth a shot.

Every individual has his or her own creative process.  We are all unique and therefore have our own method of forging our creative output. For some people knowing their creative process just comes naturally. I had to work to discover mine. There are many books and ideas written about this and it is my intention to add my personal system. If you ever feel stuck while creating or you want to try a new approach here’s what I do:

Step 1: Flow With As Little Conscious Effort As Possible

Creativity is putting study into action. When I practice the piano, I spend time each day drilling different musical concepts into my hands and mind in all twelve keys. I do this slowly over time with a metronome and I pay painstaking attention to detail.

Step 2: Realize Your Idea In A Slow Steady Pace

For example, I take a sequence of chord voicings that I consciously created and learn them in every key. Then I practice these chord voicings in different inversions. Next, I practice them using different rhythmic patterns. Maybe I’ll make an arpeggiated version and learn it in all twelve keys with different rhythms and note sequences. The possibilities are endless, but the main concept here is to slow down and carefully realize my ideas in a slow steady flow.

Step 3: Create Muscle Memory

What I am attempting to do is take a small idea and work it into my muscle memory so that I can play the idea without thinking about it. The value of this is that I cut down on the time it takes me to execute my creativity. I have now enabled myself to be more concerned with accuracy and detail and not so much with speed.

Step 4: Calm Your Mind

In addition to this, I also find it useful to work on calming my mind and letting the music flow out of me. I focus on my breathing and allow the notes to fall into place. Meditation while not in front of the piano might prove useful and getting used to the practice of letting ideas that come up just float by like clouds in the sky.

Note: It Takes Discipline

At first, this was difficult for me. As you can imagine, working out the music creatively while trying to stay calm and focused is quite challenging, but this is the intention I always start out with. Over time and with repetition, it has become easier to achieve this calm state while composing. Eventually the music becomes not an effort but an outflow that you just ride.

And Finally: Over Time It Seeps In

What I have found is that if I stay with this, doing it a bit every day (continuing to learn things in all twelve keys), over time it seeps deeper and deeper into my subconscious and the music becomes sound I just create and not think about and formulate.

Listen And See It In Action: Audio And Video

My album, Ashokan Memories, is completely improv. It is the result of years of working with this creative composing process. Most of the music on my latest album Inner Circle, started out as improvisations I captured in Pro Tools and then developed and orchestrated.

In both of these performances, I improvised complete compositions using expanded methods I described in the above steps.  It creates a truly genuine sound that creates an authentic expression of you, and I encourage you all to explore these practices to find your true expression.

Peter Calandra is a New York City-based composer and keyboard player. He has scored 40 films, written over 2,000 compositions for television broadcast, including over 40 theme packages, and performed as a musician in the Broadway productions of Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, The Phantom Of The Opera, The Lion King, and Little Shop Of Horrors. Parallel to this, Calandra has released four albums of imaginative and lyrical instrumental music encompassing jazz, contemporary jazz, classical, and refined pop.

Levine Is Desperate To Have His Own Babies

The American musician wants to be father of so many kids and will like to have them at some point of his life.

Adam Noah Levine tied knots with Behati Prinsloo in July of 2014. usually known as the lead songster for the Los Angeles pop rock band,  Maroon 5, Adam has in the past joked about completing the century of children with the model but now he seems desperate making his joke clear saying how desperately he wants to begin a family.

Talking to E! News, The 35yrs old actor says that yes they are going to do it at some point that will not be at a long distance but he cannot disclose it as he himself doesn't have an idea about it and hence has a big question mark about

"Is that vague enough for you?" Adam wondered.

But the singer doesn't want to end with a few little tikes. According to Adam, if he could do it as he wants; he would like to have lots of children because he loves them so much.

Wondering how many kids he may have in future, he laughed and said that it may be 17. ‘Does it sound reasonable?' he was in jolly mood. "I love children a lot, though and I love seeing them on the set, as well."

For Adam's fans it wasn't for the first time when he has expressed his wish where he desperately willing to initiate a new life and wants to see Behati as his wife and the mother of his children.

The singer just after a month of his marriage to the Victoria Secret angel, interviewed with Ryan at Ryan's Secrets Show on FM radio show. He said that he wanted 100 babies and he really wanted more children than would be socially responsible.

Besides Adam who has demonstrated himself an obvious impatient to get into fatherhood, Behati on the same leaf says a slightly different. Having a conversation with a fashion site named Net-A-Porter back in the beginning of the year; Adam's new wife said that she with Adam has a 'definite' plan to have babies.

Behati on the other hand, hasn't started making any existing plans. Showing the realistic approach of her personality, the Namibian model said that she has no expectations. It’s not something that she thinks in negative way but she has learned that one cannot plan ahead. She said she lives little by little and sees what happens. It's fuzzy, but she likes it that way.

Madonna’s ‘Special’ Tour for 2015

According to recent reports, a ‘special’ tour for the upcoming year is under the works by Madonna. Last, it was in 2012 that the Material Girl travelled on her The MDNA tour and performed television shows. Now, it is claimed that the 56-year old is in talks of starting a tour again next year, after a fresh album is released. A source gave some information to The Mirror, a British newspaper, which stated that the tour would be immensely special and Madonna is going to pull out all the stops for this one, particularly because the Virgin Tour took place 30 years ago.

The star will be travelling the world similar to what she did on The MDNA tour in 2012 in which she went to different places including Asia, South America and Europe. She will be able to fully concentrate on her performances after the record is finished. As per the reports, Madonna is seeking the assistance of Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic for writing songs for her upcoming album. It is believed that the star wants to be completely different and out of the box this time around. The insider added that the singer is aware that she has to reinvent herself constantly if she wishes to remain relevant in the increasingly competitive industry.

Therefore, she is intent on pushing all boundaries for her new sounds and the new tour will show a new side of Madonna that people haven’t witnessed before. Nothing can be said until her album is released.

Pharrell Williams Was Declared The Biggest Winner At The BCC Awards

The American singer was declared as a person of the biggest victory with numerous BBC Awards.

Pharrell Williams took home awards for Best International Artist and Song of the Year for Happy at the inaugural ceremony on Thursday evening.

The 41yrs old songwriter who is a fashion designer and a record producer too, couldn't attend the event because he was busy in filming commitments for US talent show The Voice. He expressed his thanks for the gongs through a video message.

The rapper also said that he is uncertain what it was that made Happy such a great success globally adding that the achievement it brought isn't something what he can determine.

The hit maker of ‘Gust of Wind’ named his award to his fans who he thinks too credit the victory for the song, he has won the award. He said that songwriters are obliged to what the listeners think. When they say 'song of the year' it's not really his award, it's their award.

The honorable evening became special for Pharrell in regard of his one-time coworker Ed Sheeran was declared a winner at the gongs where he took home the prize for British Act of the Year.

While on the stage receiving his gong the English songwriter and singer conveyed his thanks to everyone for the award saying as a very big thanks to all who’s bought a record, bought a ticket, streamed on YouTube or listened to his music."

According to Ed Sheeran, he always thought that his career would be stopping at one album, however if people stop listening to the music he'll still make it."

The ceremony was dazzling with the live performances by Coldplay, One Direction, Take That and Ed, whose awe-inspiring solo acts of their favorite versions along with the hit singing of Pharrell blew a new soul into the venue.

Besides that the ceremony was also sweet scented with the breathtaking performance of new group Catfish and the Bottle men who won the BBC Introducing award ' recognizing the most promising new act'.

Reviewing Nicki Minaj’s ‘The Pinkprint’

There is yet to be a bad album of Nicki Minaj. The singer has refused to do what others want or expect of her and has always done what she wants. That seems to be paying off because her latest album, The Pinkprint, which was released December 15th wasn’t a dud either. As a matter of fact, this could be her best album so far. Nicki has chosen not to use her bipolar tendencies for rap and pop songs. Instead, even though it seems like a miracle, the nearly-comatose singer has proven that it’s completely possible for these two genres i.e. rap and pop that are constantly warring to co-exist.

Rap is associated with a masculine touch whereas pop is associated with a feminine element. Nicki has introduced her first breakup album where she mixes these two genres. The first two singles namely ‘Bed of Lies’ featuring Skyler-Grey and ‘Pills N Potions’ produced by Dr. Luke were quite unexciting, but what really shines through is The Pinkprint. This particular song forces the listener to deal with an emotion that’s not usually associated with the Queen of Rap and that’s vulnerability. The singer has touched on the sensitive area of heartbreak before as well, but it was more pronounced in the three-song stretch of the new album.

There are some brutal songs in the album as well, which are downright painful and showcase the singer’s pain of the tragedies she has suffered in songs like ‘I Lied’ and ‘Crying Game’. Then, the singer goes back to being the rap champion with Beyonce in ‘Feelin Myself’. ‘Truffle Butter’, the bonus song, ‘Grand Piano’ and ‘Win Again’ all make the album a real breakthrough for Nicki.

Taylor Swift Says Her Actions Ripple

Raised in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Taylor Swift is recognized for her good girl personality and she just wants to continue to be known the wonderful.

Taylor was at a recording for the journalist's annual TV special The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014, where she came in the contact with a US newswoman Barbara Walters. She told the magazine why she is of the opinion that all women should be having the positive influences to pay a call on to the entertainment industry.

According to Taylor, she puts all of her actions through a filter before she does them because that's the way her life is all about.

Adding the reference of a hypothetical tabloid scandal, the American songwriter said that If that story gets out or some ten-yrs old observers that she did that in a news article, similar to her actions do have waved.

On the other hand, that all has happened really doesn't stop Taylor to pamper by time to time. The star is going to celebrate her birthday on Saturday and just the day before that the part fully airs accredited that she is old enough to consume alcoholic beverages.

Taylor as the country singer says she has never taken advantage of her celebrity status to getting under the influence. She despite rising to a highly praised reputation with her debut album eight years back, insists to stay humble and modest.

The singer also claims to be responsible enough before she started drinking. On the word of Taylor’s statement, she waited until she stepped until 21 years of the age because she was concerned about being into any troubles. She says that she takes drink and she is 25 now.

The actress, model, and singer, Scarlett Johansso is another American celebrity who will be featuring on Barbara's 10 Most Fascinating People. She would be the one the reporter will open up many secrets about her life as a new mother.

The actress became the proud mother of a cute daughter on 4th day of September this year, streamed about her new yet real and the best role of the life.

"It's superb," she smiled. "It's very delightful and very tiring."

Wu Tang Clan To Hit Stages In The UK

Wu-Tang had a super successful tour last year when they celebrated their 20th years of togetherness.  After that the one of the huge and most influential hip hop bands of the planet plans to return to the United Kingdom in the year of 2015 where they will rock two very special live performances in London and Glasgow.

The extraordinary competence of the band doesn't let it a surprise realizing that It’s been more than 20 years when the Wu-Tang Clan (WTC) appeared with their debut album, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) but still their influence on Hip-Hop and Pop society continue to  RESONATES, WORLDWIDE.

The band's most excellent albums include RZA, GZA, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, U-God, Master Killa, Ghostface Killah and Cappadonna (and the ever present in spirit Ol' Dirty Bastard). They're now coming back with their latest album ' A Better Tomorrow’ that is already out for you to grasp one since 2nd December. The new album is going to certify their CONTINUED RELEVANCE in the music industry.

Following the wonderful success of their first album, the WTC has brought 5 group and 19 compilation albums totalling 8 platinum records, over 12 gold albums, and 40+ million sold. This all counts a huge success for the band in the music industry.

Wu-Tang released their 'Forever', a double album opus in 1997, followed by The W in 2000. Later they released Iron Flag woth one year break and after a BRIEF HIATUS, 8 Diagrams came out in 2007. The band also released a myriad of solo albums throughout these years, which are now taken classic Hip-Hop MATERIAL INCLUDING Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx., GZA's Liquid Swords and Ghostface's Supreme Clientele.

Both of the UK dates are going to witness the influential group playing exclusive gigs at London O2 Academy Brixton on 4th June and Glasgow O2 Academy on 5th June next year. The group will perform tracks from their amazing albums released so far along with an array ocw new beats from their new creation ' A Better Tomorrow'. Their voyage is said to be one of the most awaited and super successful tours of 2015.




Tickets will be available for general sale from Wednesday 17th December at 9.00am