Apple Music Heading to Sonos Speakers

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On Tuesday, Apple Music will head to iPads, iPhones and Macs. Also, before the end of this year, the new streaming service will also become available on Sonos systems as well. On Sunday, Eric Nielsen, the Sonos spokesman said in an email that the company is working with Apple Inc. to make its Wi-Fi speakers compatible with the iPhone maker’s new streaming service. Specific timing wasn’t provided by Nielsen. However, the news was also confirmed by Apple, which said that it is working alongside Sonos for offering Apple Music compatibility.

As far as streaming speakers in homes are concerned, Sonos is a pioneer of that industry and its popular range of audio product currently streams music from Beats Music, which will eventually be replaced by Apple Music. It also streams music from other rival streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, Google Play Music, Rdio, SoundCloud, Deezer and Pandora. The compatibility with Sonos speakers signals that Apple is using a strategy for Apple Music that’s unlike any of its other strategies for its apps and services, which are only offered on Apple’s own hardware. In the next couple of months, Apple Music, similarly to Beats Music, will also become available as an Android app. 

Vertical Record Players are Here; the Future of Vinyl?

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Record players have been around for a long time, they’re one of the first formats on which we could listen to music easily in the comfort of our own homes, and the format has never totally died, in fact in recent years vinyl has enjoyed a revival, and sales have grown by hundreds of percent.

This has seen companies trying to create the best record players for the job, and to reignite peoples love of records, now one company has launched a vertical record player, bringing the retro music player right into the 21st century.

Pretty simple, you might think, but of course the way a record player works relies on gravity! The needle is dropped, and the record spins at a steady rate, but the design has had to be a little more clever for the vertical model, which is made by Roy Harpaz and has been named the ‘toc’. 12, 10 and 7 inch vinyl all work on the model, which has also been released with some cool photos of the inner workings which allow you to see what drives it.

In terms of the look, it goes well in modern or classic houses with a wooden outer shell encasing the mechanics. It’s futuristic looking, after all, it is a totally new design, which we’ve certainly never seen before. Does it actually serve any purpose? Well besides looking cool and providing a talking point for your house guests, it can be a bit of a space saver, taking up less surface area than traditional, and even the more modern record players.

How does it sound? Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing yet as only the photographs of the product have been released, but we can’t wait to get our hands on one and test out the way it sounds, with some concerns being raised about whether the design may lend itself to scratching. The vertical design of course has nothing to do with the sound and is purely for style. Speaking of style, the control panel on the side is simple, and the LCDs show that this is a more modern product with a lot of features hidden behind a minimal look.

With loads of big companies trying to release the top record players, and more and more entering the market all the time, you can’t blame the toc for trying to be unique, and it offers everything you could look for in terms of looks, design and even functionality, with our one small criticism from the start being that the controls are at the back, which could be an issue if you want to use them during playback. Of course the proof is in the pudding, and we will only be able to truly see what this has to offer when the reviews surface and it becomes widely available, for now, even a youtube video would help people to make their mind up about what is undeniably, a very cool, smart and futuristic design, will it start a vinyl revolution?

Lee Nelson Invades Kanye On Stage At Glastonbury

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Lee Nelson is comical face and often makes certain acts that can leave an already confused person nowhere. An episode of such kind was seen on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury when Kanye was lost in his rocking performance and suddenly Lee speeded up to the stage and started dancing with the singer. Kayne perhaps was already confused and this invade by Lee couldn’t let him do anything else but dance with him. Later security persons forcibly removed the comic rogue from the stage allowing the rapper to continue with his show.

The English humorist Simon Brodki who is commonly known as Lee Nelson (a character played by the comedian) also provided people a hot topic to discuss about him when he managed to slink into a shoot with the English football team while they were giving pose for the world cup last year.

And now he comes in the headlines with his recent funny episode. No one was expecting that Lee Nelson would suddenly run to the iconic stage while the rapper was lost with his fourth song and would try to continue with the song with his comical dancing steps. It became creepy and really disgusting when the black skinhead singer had to break off to get Lee away from the stage before he could restart with his tracks.

It is worth mentioning here that Kayne West and his gig at Glastonbury was a hot topic of discussion for many due to some grounds even before the incident happened. It had tens of thousands viewers around the stage making the show one of the most controversial selling in recent times. Moreover, there was an online petition against the American rapper that acquired over 100,000 signatories.  A lot of spectators in the festival left feeling saddened with the overvalued Glastonbury set.

It was also noted that while playing ‘Touch the Sky’, Kanye left the arena as he had to re-appear being lifted high into the sky on a the stage form above the horde.

The rapper closed with a monotonous style by way of his song “All Falls Down” and then declared ‘you are now watching the greatest living rock star on the planet.'

Sonu Nigam To Perform In Africa

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Sonu Nigam is an iconic singer of India. He soon is going to present the first two editions of his 40-piece orchestra show 'Klose To My Heart' in South Africa. This will certainly be a heartthrob moment when Nigam will make Africans’ heartbeats faster with his marvelous performance in sometime later in 2015.

South Africa is one of Nigam's favorite places and the 41yrs old singer has desired for a long time to bring his various concepts for a show to South Africa. Nigam Is in Los Angeles these days for a family event and he sent a video message for his fans from there saying "It's always not really easy proposition to land at any country because of having such a big group of musicians and technicians for bringing in, but I promise an variety of nostalgia which you won't forget in a lifetime".

Nigam has been enjoying his different concerts in the US, UK and UAE for last several years where he amazed audiences with his mesmerizing vocal power and an impressive array of his hit songs. All of his shows assemble a band of talented musicians who play an encircling series of musical instruments including violins, drums, keyboards, dholaks and tablas, congos, octapads, guitars, saxophones, trumpeted, and flutes.

On the other the Managing Executive of Sun City, Mike van Vuuren advertized Nigam’s upcoming show a big success of the era. He said “it will be a coup for Sun City, which has previously hosted sold-out shows of the first IIFA Awards in South Africa and a Bollywood Concert featuring Shahrukh Khan and a host of other Bollywood artists in its 5,500-seater SuperBowl”.

Many people from the music world are of view that it will be for the first time when with Nigam's show South African's music lovers could see something like this, as it won't be just the usual six or eight-men group, but a FULL 40-piece ensemble in a spectacle of glow, brightness, and video on arena.

Nick Jonas Speaks of His Split

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People say love hurts and there's no doubt about it. Same happened with Nick Jonas who has suffered from love ache after a tough split with the American actress Olivia Culpo. It sounds as if he is trying to come out of the painful memories of his love life.

The former couple spent two years of togetherness and spilt in the beginning of June this year. Having parted ways with the 23yrs old beauty queen, Nick shows as if he is okay with it but his recent statements on media seemed to be revealing some other story.

The American singer spoke of his breakup for the first time to one of the entertainment magazines. "It boiled down to work commitments after some time.” He said he was doing OK though it was very much difficult for him. They had a striking two-year relationship and Nick has nothing but love and respect for his ex.

Nick believes that it's always tough; and he now is focusing on his music. The 22 yrs old star is trying to stay as busy as he can and as creative as he can be."These are the moments, you've just got to throw caution to the wind and lose your way in your work and that's what I'm trying to do," Nick admitted.

Nick now decides to fully focus on his work. After sibling band Jonas Brothers closed in 2013, the singer is being applauded as both a solo composer and an actor at the same time.  His success can be seen with his single ‘Jealous’ that was charted across the world for the singer once told it was about Olivia. He never knew that it would be once become harder for him to listen that song from his second album.

Whatever went wrong with their love life but the songwriter feels satisfactions with his standing. "I was so honest throughout the relationship." He said.

Nick has regrets for being private with his relationship in the past. He says it was something that makes your relationship very challenging. He tried to hide his relationship on several points and did things to keep it in personal but now he believes that it all caused more stress on his togetherness. He admits while he was open and publicly in romance, there was so much comfort in that.

“So yeah, I think it's the conflicting truly. But the part of a relationship is what makes everything harder afterwards," he moaned.

Benji and Cameron Yearn To Start A Family

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Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz finally reveal their secret married and tell their fans about their next step toward a happy and complete family life. Both Benji and Cameron yearn to have babies in near future and are overjoyed with the new prospect of their togetherness with their own children.

Cameron and Benji are cherished among the most loved couples of the entertainment world. The couple has impressed their fans with their amazing chemistry. They were dating each other for long time but didn't give any clear statement about their relationship. They tied knot in secret several months ago which was lately disclosed when the American vocalist with his actress wife unveiled that he just love to be the father of his children with Cameron.

The 36yrs old guitarist for the band Good Charlotte has a great family and feels himself a lucky man having gotten to experience each bit of the joys that a person can have with a family.

'So I love kids, yeah', Benji was excited to say that.

He enjoys spending time with his wife at his $10 million Beverly Hills mansion, where they tied knot on January 5 while Cameron Diaz, on the other hand, has informed her producers that she wouldn't be available for further movies as she with her spouse is desperately trying for a baby.

The 42yrs old actress and her husband are completely smitten in each other's company. it sounds as if she is taking tremendous measures to begin a complete family life with Benji Meddan.

It's clearly revealed Cameron wants to stay home and enjoy her special time of her existence. The Sources claim that she is determined not to answer the phone no matter whatever amount is offered to the actress.  She has numerous work offers but she is adamant that she does not exist for anything at the moment. According to the sources, the actress has shifted her priorities for 100 percent. She desired to settle down and has achieved her desire. 

Horner's Death Was An Accident: Officials

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Death is definite and merciless, and sometimes it is sudden and totally unexpected. Same happened with the American composer James Horner who died at 61 in a plane crash in southern California earlier this week. According to officials, his death was an accident. His plane was crashed in the Los Padres National Forest at 9:30 am local time in Ventura County. James has left his wife Sarah and two children who would be truly missing him till their last breath. The accident was sudden, abrupt, and out of control. It seems Horner lost his balance while dealing with his aircraft. It was told by many of people fuelling the aircraft that James indeed piloting the plane prior to it started falling to the grounds.

Even though all the remains were badly burned, Ventura County Deputy Medical Examiner Zeb Dunn confirms it yesterday that the dead body recovered from the ruins has been finally identified as James Horner. The examiner also mentioned that Horner’s fall was an accident and officials have classified his death as an accident. The cause of death was defined as direct force trauma.

The 61yrs old composer was best known for the mixing of vocal and electronic elements in loads of his film scores. He also frequently used motifs associated with Celtic music. One of his best selling movie scores was Titanic which has been praised all the time giving him 2 Oscar Awards. Besides that, Horner had 10 Academy awards nominations and also named several most important awards such as two Golden Globes during his professional life. He had various movies’ music score on his career including Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Legend of Zorro.

His upcoming movie score is Southpaw by Jake Gyllenhaal. The last project of the composer was the Avatar sequels which now left incomplete with his demise.  James Horner was a gem of the Hollywood music industry and would always be remembered for his splendid & kind personality, and an impressive music scores. 

A Quick Look At Lisa Stansfield's Return

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Lisa Stansfield returns in impressive style to the recording studio after being disappeared for a long period. The Grammy nomination, multi BRIT, Ivor Novello; and earning Silver Clef Award, the singer has lots on her credit.

Her return starts with 'Live In Manchester' that will be out for public on 2CD, DVD and Blu-ray from August 28th, 2015 on earMUSIC. This high quality production will also contain a 25 minutes interview of the vocalist giving a great and deep insight of Lisa's mind.

The actress and songwriter enjoyed a successful year in 2014. She released her new album 'Seven' that ranked in top hit records across Europe. Not only this but it also gained huge achievement and had stood among the Top 15 tracks in both the UK and Germany. Lisa then enjoyed a sold-out excursion all over Europe and the success of her remix album 'Seven+'.

Lisa performed at Bridgewater Hall on September 7, 2014 in a show 'Live in Manchester'. The amazingly demonstrated pop and soul musical performance was the best piece of her European Tour where an enthusiastically warm welcome by the spectators and her music added a gleaming moonshine to her overall stay in her hometown.

Lisa's amazing performance was shot by Tim Sidwell whereas it was recorded at Abbey Road Studios. This impressively huge presentation by the artist clearly indicated that she's one of the UK’s most excellent and top recording singers and her endless spark on the global stage.

The English singer is lucky to have a tremendous partnership with her talented group, songwriter and spouse Ian Devaney for a striking and successful career. The band together did many catchy soundtracks including 'The Bodyguard' and 'Indecent Proposal. No-one can forget their horn section having performed Lisa's hit tracks like 'All Around The World' and 'Change' as well as some new songs such as 'Can't Dance' and 'So Be It' from the latest creation.

Lisa has seen has 3 decades of her successful music line, being proud of selling approximately 20 million records and a unbeatable STRING of globally top ten hit tracks like 'All Around The World', 'Change', 'All Woman' and 'Someday'.

Here’s a list of recorded tracks from Lisa Stansfield’s collection

1. Can't Dance
2. Set Your Loving Free
3. The Real Thing
4. Stupid Heart
5. Never Never Gonna Give You Up
6. 8-3-1
7. Make Love To Ya
8. Change
9. The Rain
10. Time To Make You Mine
11. Picket Fence
12. What Did I Do To You?
13. People Hold On
14. Someday (I'm Coming Back)
15. Conversation
16. It's Got To Be Real
17. Live Together
18. So Be It
19. There Goes My Heart
20. Carry On
21. Love Can
22. All Around The World

Rita Ora Doesn't Talk To Her Exes

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Rita Ora perhaps is a personality in the music industry who goes more famous for her love affairs and breakups than her singing. She then never likes to stay as a companion with any of her former relationships once spilt.

The 24yrs old singer has been in love with Rob Kardashian and Calvin Harris in the past years. These high profile affairs soon turned into breakups giving her some unwanted situations too.

The similarity between two of her relationships is the worst ending of their love life. Rob accused her of cheating while Calvin apparently barred her from using any of the music the former couple composed together after their breakup.

Rita is not heartened at all from her past and so is dating Ricky Hilfiger these days. She seems happy with her new boyfriend showing she doesn't care about what has passed by.

According to the British singer, there's a prospect to be friends, but it's not frequent in her view as one always have the backbone and undertone of what has gone. Some people may do that but she hasn't experienced this yet.

Rita also gets popularity for her upcoming album especially for her new song Poison where she has touched the sensitivity her love life. Poison is all about her ex boyfriends whom she has rolled into one and admits to be OK for all failed relationships. According to the songwriter, it's fatal and things like that. "Poison is just how I felt as an individual.” Rita insisted.

Her second album was to release in the beginning of year 2015 but Calvin didn't let her bring some tracks in public.  The album now will be releasing in the autumn. Giving a glimpse at Poison, Rita says it was the last track she recorded for her latest album releasing in September this year.

Rita doesn’t usually speak about her love life but this was first time the actress spoke of her relationships. Talking to Hunger TV she reveled about her love affairs and breakups, Rita said that it was too frightening.  She was "in awe" of Calvin while they were living as one. “I thought he will not have me back but after I worked on I Will Never Let You Down, things seemed "weird" and separated in the end”, Rita said.

The singer is satisfied in her present life and enjoying romance with her new boyfriend whereas she has no complaints from her professional life as well. Rita has shifted from the United Kingdom version of The Voice and has caught The X Factor which has been displayed on various channels in the country explaining her decision to the nation. 

Nickelback Calls Off Tour To North America

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Nickelback has decided not to ride on their recent journey in North America because of their lead singer’s surgery. The Canadian rock band announced about the cancellation of their scheduled tour over the weekend.

Chad Robert Kroeger has got a cyst on his voice box and has been advised for a surgery. The front-man of the group is the person without whom the band wouldn't have been at the place where it stands now. Seeing the importance of his surgery, Nikelback have cancelled the tour and will not perform in the rest gigs of their No Fixed Address tour dates.

The band was all set for their rocking performances on North American stages but luck didn't really work for them this time. On the other hand, the guitarist of the band feels himself a guilty for breaking their fans hearts. While talking to the media, Chad stated that he was sorry to have interrupted the tour and was definitely not delighted with the view of being voiceless for several coming weeks. According to 40yrs old star, it was the time when he could be out there performing for his fans.

The following year so far has not been in Chad’s favor. Just a few months ago his wife Avril Lavigne was fighting with her devastating infection Lyme disease that caused her refrain from her professional life and now the producer of the band has a time to deal with his though time of the life.

Chad has been advised to take rest until he goes through his vocal operation. He has to maintain vocal rest and be muted all the time. The sources say that his upcoming surgery is comparatively simple and Chad will be fully recovered in time to go on with his band's European tour that's scheduled on September 30 in Finland.

Gabrielle Aplin To Come Up With New Song

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Gabrielle Aplin feels very happy with the release of her new song 'Heavy Heart'. The new song is from her forthcoming album 'Light up the Dark' which stands on top at the Radio1 C list making the singer fly high these days.

'Light up the Dark' comprises everything that is expected to give the singer a new era of success and fame. The 22yrs old Aplin attracted the nation with her awesome performance and gathered a huge fan following after her online panorama It is worth mentioning here that Gabrielle Aplin's debut album 'English Rain' was a blockbuster hit promoting 63.5 million plays at Spotify; 80 million YouTube views; 1.5 million single sales; and number 1 chart ratings in the United Kingdom and Australia.

The British singer recently had her friendly show at Wilton's Music Hall that saw a rapid sale of show's tickets merely in ten minutes. She has planned her upcoming tour to UK just after the release of 'Light up the Dark' on September 18 this year.

Gabrielle Aplin's upcoming UK shows are:

9th July at London, Wilton's Music Hall
11th September at Bestival
27th September at Glasgow, Oran Mor
28th September at Manchester, Deaf Institute
30th September at London, Village Underground
1st October at Bristol, Thekla
2nd October at Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
4th October at Birmingham, The Institute
5th October at' Falmouth, Princess Pavilion

Alice Cooper Visiting London To Celebrate Halloween

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The very famous American singer Alice Cooper plans to celebrate Halloween in London and will be giving special performance on the occasion. He will rock live on the show at Plymouth Pavilions on October 29 and Swindon Oasis on October 30 with blood, guts, spike and a few of the best rock and roll composition in history.

The 67yrs old songwriter is thrilled for his highly anticipated ‘All Eve’ trip to the United Kingdom this year. Alice loves to celebrate Halloween and when it comes to choose the right place, the musician has no better choice than London to enjoy the celebration in style. He previously had an amazing trip on the occasion when he arrived at London, Glasgow and Edinburg.

Having spent over five decades in his fascinating musical career, Alice is still cherished as one of the most dominant icons of the music industry.  He is still being applauded and people still love his songs. The singer has a huge fan following including the Sex Pistols and Lady Gaga.

Alice was honored to receive the popular and rarely awarded Legend reward at the Kerrang in recent times. Not only this, his radio show ‘Nights with Alice Cooper’ on Planet Rock also received Best Radio Show.

Alice will also appear as the 'Very Special Guest' on Motley Crue's farewell 'Final Tour' in Europe where he will blaze a track with them in the USA, Australia and New Zealand all over 2014 and 2015 months.

Alice will begin his UK journey with his extraordinary gigs from November 2nd to 6th concluding in London SSE Arena, Wembley while his the 40th anniversary of Welcome To My Nightmare excursion will rock the same place. Alice Cooper fans can purchase tickets from 9am on Friday 26th June for £37.50.

Dates of Alice Cooper Live Performance 

Thursday, October 29th 2015 at Playmouth Pavilions
Friday, October 30th 2015 at Swindon Oasis

Is Mariah Carey Dating James Packer?

According to several reports, Mariah Carey is dating one of the wealthiest man in the world, James Packer. The singer was spotted taking a stroll hand-in-hand with the Australian billionaire while enjoying a holiday in Italy. As per Forbes, James Packer is the fourth richest person in Australia and the worth of the businessman is a staggering sum of $4.6 billion. The singer herself is estimated to have a net worth of about $225 million and she was said to be holidaying on Packer’s yacht in Italy.

Since her last year’s split from her husband Nick Cannon, the Hero singer has remained single, but reports said that she looked pretty happy with her newly found boyfriend. Recently, it had also been said that the 45 year-old diva was dating Brett Ratner, a longtime friend. Nonetheless, now reports claim that she has struck up a romance with Australian James Packer. The Aussie sounds familiar because he had been recently linked with model Miranda Kerr. The super-rich mogul is the owner of several casinos and hotels throughout Australia.

James Packer has been married twice and has been renowned for dating a string of beautiful women before he finally hooked up with Mariah. Apparently he had been dating close friend and former Victoria Secret’s model Miranda after she had split from actor Orlando Bloom. On the other hand, Mariah had recently signed up with the online dating service But, if the singer’s new love match works out, she may have to deactivate her profile.

In the latest music video released by the singer for Infinity, she can be seen swiping through different matches in the area of New York. Her profile picture shows Mariah in full glamor mode while her profile says that she likes to watch videos and movies and enjoys cooking as well. 

Apple Music under Antitrust Scrutiny

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The attorney generals of Connecticut and New York are conducting investigations into the investigations of the iPhone maker with music companies in order to detect any signs of potential antitrust violations by the company. They are interested in knowing whether the music labels and companies colluded with Apple Inc. or were coerced into favoring the paid music service that was launched by Apple on Monday. Apple Music was finally unveiled by Apple on Monday in San Francisco at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) after months of speculation about it. The service will be offered to consumers at $9.99 a month, same as other popular streaming services like Spotify.

However, it is expected that the dynamics of how people listen to music will be completely altered with the new music service. The music industry is currently grappling with the declining number of music downloads and companies are trying to figure out new ways to convince people to listen to music. Universal Music Group told the New York Attorney General in a letter that it had made no agreements with Apple or other music companies such as Warner Music and Sony Music, which could have an impact on the availability of ad-supported or free music services.

Similarly, Universal said that no deals existed that could stop it from allowing any music streaming service to license the music it has recorded. Furthermore, Universal Music added that it does offer limited and exclusive content to some music streaming services where this exclusivity is not determined through an agreement designed for restricting competing services. Eric Schneiderman is the New York Attorney General and his spokesman, Matt Mittenthal said that the letter by Universal was part of an investigation being conducted in the music streaming business. He said that the investigation was being done because new and different ways have been introduced in the music industry for listening to music because of rising competition.

He said that in order to provide these benefits to customers, it is important to ensure that no anticompetitive practices have been used to gain the upper hand in the market such as collusion. No comment was made by an Apple spokesman into this investigation. Nonetheless, this couldn’t be good news for the Cupertino, California based giant as it is struggling to catch up with others in the music industry. Apple may have pioneered digital downloads and ruled the industry for years, but the rise of streaming and decline of downloading has affected the company.

Last year, it made the decision of acquiring Beats Music service for a total cost of $3 billion and has been working since then to introduce a new and value-for-money streaming service for customers. Before the launch of Apple Music, there had been rumors flying around in the industry that the company had tried to strong arm music labels and publishers into reducing their licensing fee so it could charge a lower subscription as opposed to its competitors. While it didn’t happen, an investigation was opened for eliminating antitrust practices.

Nick Jonas Replacing Iggy Azalea at Pittsburgh Pride Event

Photo courtesy of Brennan Schnell

After Iggy Azalea’s withdrawal, Nick Jonas will be replacing the rapper to headline the Pittsburgh gay pride event on Saturday. The choice of Azalea as headline performer had been heavily criticized because she had consistently made racist and anti-gay remarks on social media. Lots of other performers had quit when she had been chosen. Some other stars that will be performing at the event include DJ Strobe, DJ Digital Dave, Chance Encounters, Thea Trix and Steel Pan Pittsburgh.

It seemed rather natural to opt for Nick Jonas in order to replace Azalea. Not only does the 22-year-old singer has a sizeable gay following, but the former Jonas Brothers front man also plays the role of a gay boxer on Kingdom, a DirecTV series. Azalea had dropped out because the Delta Foundation, the event organizer and the rapper herself had been facing pressure from advocacy groups who stated that the remarks she had made on social media networks weren’t consistent with the whole purpose of the event.

Azalea expressed her regret for the remarks she had made previously and asserted that they weren’t reflective of her belief in equality and her character. 

Iggy Azalea Cancels Appearance at Pittsburgh Event

Photo Courtesy of Cara Difablo

After a campaign carried out by LGBTQ activists, Iggy Azalea decided to pull out of a performance this weekend at the Pittsburgh Pride Event. The members belonging to the LGBTQ community sent criticism towards the rapper because of some controversial tweets she had made in the past, leading to her decision of pulling out of the festival altogether. The chart-topping rapper was set to deliver her performance on June 13th. However, Bruce Kraus, the Pittsburgh City Council president also joined the protests against Iggy Azalea.

Apart from that, a number of other artists who had been scheduled to perform at the event also pulled out of their performances when they found out the choice of headliner. The rapper revealed her decision in the form of a tweet in which she said that it wasn’t her intention to distract anyone from the true purpose of the entire event. She also gave an apology for any offensive comments and statements she may have made in the past, which the critics said were homophobic and racist.

She said that she deeply regretted all the words she had uttered when she was young. The Pittsburgh Pride event was one of the few events that were left on the rapper’s tour roster in this year after her last month’s decision to cancel the Great Escape Tour. When the complaints against Iggy Azalea had first begun in May, the Delta Foundation, the organizers of the festival had defended their decision. They stated that they would never have booked the rapper to perform if they thought she was homophobic or racist.

Earlier this week, Ten Walls, the Lithuanian electronic producer made some homophobic comments online, which led to him being removed from festival appearances at Creamfields and Sonar. Subsequently, he issued an apology and cancelled all his performances. The Pittsburgh Pride event is the topper of bad news for Iggy Azalea. She had previously cancelled her tour stating that she had had a change of heart. Furthermore, a petition had also been going around in May requesting for the removal of the Australian rapper’s Billboard Award because it claimed that ‘Fancy’, her song was ineligible. The petition received 20,000 signatures.

Marc Anthony Vivir Mi Vida Tour

The ‘Vivir Mi Vida’ world tour of Marc Anthony turned out to be a huge success as it riveted fans in major markets in Mexico, United States, Caribbean and Central American where live concerts were just sold out. This summer, the Nuyorican superstar songwriter, producer and singer is getting ready to embark upon his new tour ‘Cambio de Piel’ and is looking forward to similar success. Around 1.2 million tickets were sold by Marc Anthony as he convened huge sellout crowds in his international ‘Vivir Mi Vida’ world tour. The one-year tour that was produced by Cardenas Marketing Network (CMM) finally came to an end in Atlantic City, New Jersey in February.

Mark Anthony Vivir Mi Vida tour took the singer to about 15 countries internationally and around 50 cities throughout America. According to the Pollstar Year-end Top 200 North American Tours report of 2013, the North-American portion of Marc Anthony’s tour holds the 54th position as it generated gross revenues of $20 million ($19.8 million). Now, the popular tropical salsa artist is gearing up for launching hie new ‘Cambio de Piel’ tour in August and expects similar success in this world tour as well. The CEO and president of Cardenas Marketing Network said that Anthony is a 360 in his eyes because of his versatility; Marc can screen, sing in English and even sing ballads and salsa.

In the 2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards that were conducted in April, Marc Anthony claimed a number of awards. The artist of Puerto Rican descent was able to take away a total of 10 awards, which included Hot Latin Song, Artist of the year and Digital Song. The most notable, however, was for the Latin Airplay Song of the year for ‘Vivir Mi Vida’ as this song remained as No. 1 on Billboard’s chart for Hot Latin songs for about 17 weeks, which was a record in 2014. “Marc Anthony 3.0” was his Salsa album that cinched the award for Top Latin Album of the year.

Nonetheless, even with numerous impressive accolades under his belt, the New York native isn’t the only Latin artist who is packing crowds into huge arenas. Romeo Santos, the Dominican-American managed to sell out Yankee Stadium not just once, but twice when he launched his Vol. 2 Tour, which will take him to several major markets in Latin America and the US. Other elite music headliners include Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias, Los Tigres del Norte and Alejandro Fernandez. 

Apple Reveals Unified Subscription Music App

Most of the world purchases its music. However, Apple wants to move you and everyone else away from this habit; this means that you shouldn’t buy and download music because Apple wants you to subscribe and stream instead. The iPhone maker has the perfect solution that can get you to change your habits, i.e. Apple Music. This is the company’s new music service that can convince you into subscribing and streaming, even if you are using other services such as Pandora, Spotify or Tidal for meeting your music needs.

Apart from that, as opposed to any other produce of the US technology giant, Apple Music will not just be available on iPhones and iPads, but also on Android devices. This service was expected since Apple acquired Beats a year ago for $3 billion. In order to re-launch it, the firm has combined full-album streaming, which is offered by Rdio, Tidal and Spotify with Beats1. This is a 24-hour radio station, which will be hosted by real DJs in Los Angeles, New York and London like Zane Lowe, who the company poached from the BBC.

The music app will also comprise of Connect, a separate section where artists can share videos, live recordings, demos and other content with their fan base on their own profile pages that can be followed by the users. These are the sort of things that can typically be seen on YouTube, Tidal and SoundCloud. The service was introduced on stage in San Francisco at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) by Jimmy Iovine, the record mogul, who joined the Cupertino, California based firm last year with its acquisition of Beats.

When introducing the service, he said that online music is a rather confusing situation for music lovers these days. This is due to the fact that consumers have to go to YouTube and Vevo for watching videos, they have to use Rdio and Spotify for streaming music albums while they do radio listening at and Pandora. The beauty of Apple Music, according to Iovine, is that it can simplify the whole thing in a way that Apple is famous for. He further added that human curation will also be used by the app for creating playlists that will trump those that algorithms assemble, which is a cornerstone element of the Beats Music app.

There will be two sections of the app where you will be able to find these playlists; there will be the ‘For You’ section, which will have playlists based on the musicians and artists you listen to frequently and then will also be a section titled ‘New’, which will contain songs that you probably haven’t heard before. The app will be rolled out on 30th June on the iOS first and then on Android later in the fall. The cost will be same as that of other services such as Spotify, Tidal, Rdio and Google Play Music i.e. $10 per month. A family plan will also be offered for about six users and will cost around $15 a month. 

Sony’s Music CEO Confirms Apple’s Music Streaming Service

Doug Morris, the Chief Executive Officer of Sony Music said in an on-stage interview today that tomorrow at the World Wide Developers Conference, Apple Inc. will announce it’s highly-talked about music streaming service. It has been long-expected that the iPhone maker to unveil its streaming service at the WWDC, the remarks made by Morris come from someone whose partnership would prove invaluable and essential for such a service to be launched in the market by Apple. In an interview held at Midem at Cannes, Morris said that the launch was going to happen tomorrow. The interview was primarily focused on Morris’s career and progress in the music industry.

One of the most important highlights of this career was a partnership with Jimmy Iovine, which lasted for about 37 years. After Apple paid a hefty $3 billion for acquiring Beats, Iovine joined forces with the US tech giant and is now running the music services provided by the firm. Shedding light on the role that Iovine still plays in the music industry, Morris said that it is still his habit to speak to him at least twice in a day by phone. He further said that the move made by Apple of bringing in Iovine for the launch of their service was truly brilliant.

In recent years, the Cupertino, California based giant has watched as the business of digital music downloads, which it had pioneered nearly a decade ago, suffered from a huge slump as more and more consumers opted to move towards streaming music. There have been plenty of rumors flying around about the new Apple Music service for months now. The price of the service is expected to be in accordance with the industry standard i.e. $9.99 a month and will include lots of curation by popular musicians and DJs to assist consumers in discovering music.

While details about Apple’s pricing weren’t revealed by Morris, he did emphasize that he preferred services that charged their customers instead of ad-supported ones from a financial aspect. Another point to be noted was that he was quite enthusiastic about the expected launch and he also asserted that this would be a ‘tipping point’ for the music industry because it would give the shift from downloads to streaming the boost it needs to become the next big thing. The question is what Apple will bring to this aspect of the music industry.

In Morris’s opinion, the cash pile of the US smartphone giant, which is about $178 billion is a huge advantage for the company. Apart from that, the company also has about 800 million credit cards in iTunes. No advertisement has been done by Spotify up till now because it hasn’t been profitable. However, Apple has the resources to advertise, which can turn the tide in its favor and this could have a positive impact on the streaming business. He said that when the tide changes for the music industry, it will benefit all those who are part of it and Apple has the power to do that. 

SoundCloud Makes Royalty Deal with 20,000 Record Labels

It didn’t take long for SoundCloud to become one of the most popular websites used for music streaming with its easy integration with social and the sleek design it offers. However, the streaming service has had a rather tense relationship with the whole of the music industry because of the lack of formal licensing deals, which meant that no royalties were paid. According to the service itself, it has about 175 million users and for the last year, SoundCloud has been facing a lot of pressure from the industry to strike up those deals. It led to some mixed results.

While SoundCloud did sign up with one of the three major labels of the industry, Warner Music, the streaming service has sort of reached an impasse with Sony. Due to this tiff, Sony has removed some of its biggest acts from SoundCloud, which include the likes of Adele and Kelly Clarkson. However, on Thursday, an announcement was made by SoundCloud in which it announced that it had made a deal through Merlin, which covered about 20,000 independent labels. This is an organization that takes the responsibility of representing small firms during digital negotiations. Some of the most influential and biggest independents are covered in the deal such as the electronic label Warp, Secretly Group (Bon Iver) and Beggars Group, which is home to FKA Twigs and Vampire Weekend.

The Merlin deals comes after another arrangement made by SoundCloud with the National Music Publishers’ Association that was announced last month. A range of small companies is covered by that deal too. The copyrights for songwriting are handled by publishers, which are separate from those made for recordings. One of SoundCloud’s founders, Alexander Ljung said in a statement that the core of SoundCloud was made by independent creators and this new partnership would give the streaming service the opportunity of extending some revenue-generating opportunities to plenty of independent labels.

Based in Berlin, SoundCloud had come to life in 2008 and its position in the music technology world is rather unusual. It is not like Spotify or Pandora because it isn’t a fully licensed operator, but this doesn’t make it a rogue service. Musicians consider it a very important website and it is often the first place visited by artists and labels for publicizing their brand-new music. The most famous success story associated with SoundCloud is that of Lorde, the New Zealand alternative star who released ‘Royals’ and a few other songs on the streaming service long before they became available elsewhere.

However, even as SoundCloud makes an effort to convert itself into an official outlet, it is still struggling to convince some of the biggest players in the industry that it has the potential of generating revenues on their behalf. Last month, it was announced that SoundCloud had paid $2 million in royalties as its advertising platform had kicked off late last year. This was way higher than zero, but wasn’t enough to impress Sony. Its talk with the other major label i.e. Universal have also been slow. 

Windows 10 Music App is Just Like Spotify

Microsoft has been very open about giving us a look at how Windows 10 will look like when it finally arrives in the latter half of this year, but if you are interested in finding out how the rebranded Music app is going to look; you will have to dig a little deeper. Earlier today, a Twitter user found an Xbox Support page that can give an insight into what the software giant is planning for its all new Music application, which will be released right alongside Windows 10.

At first glimpse, the darker theme combined with the overhauled user interface looks suspiciously like a screenshot someone took of Spotify instead of the current version included with the Technical Preview of Windows 10, which remains largely similar to Windows 8. However, the new user interface would also look rather familiar to anyone who is making use of the Xbox app for Windows 10. This is simply a part of Microsoft’s overall unification towards black and white, which are the primary colors that have been used in the entire revamped operating system.

It is noted in the security documents that users of the Windows 10 Technical Preview will have to use the name Music Preview in order to search for it in the Store. This will be installed along with the standard Music app, at least right now. Not only will songs, which are ripped from a CD collection, will be displayed, purchased from a service such as iTunes and copied to OneDrive, but the Music Preview will also show user playlists along with millions of songs that can be found in the Xbox music catalogue.

It is planned by Microsoft to release Windows 10 to the public in this summer, which will probably be around July, in 190 countries and 111 languages.  

Angelo Badalamenti to Compose Music for Twin Peaks

The credit of the introduction of a musical style that’s referred to as ‘Lynchian’ is given to Angelo Badalamenti and the man himself has confirmed his place in the new reboot of the Twin Peaks. He had been responsible for scoring the original show, not to mention also Mulholland Drive and Blue Velvet. Now he is the latest alumni of the Twin Peaks who has been added to the lineup of the upcoming series. Cast members Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn made the announcement of Badalmenti's return for the music score at a recent panel in Seattle.

Apart from that, they also revealed that the new series would have a total of 18 episodes and also North Bend's Twede’ Café would be restored as the original Double R Diner Set. The eerie atmosphere of the show and the strangely sedate soundscape wouldn’t have been possible without Badalamenti’s music. Since the original airing of the show, the music has garnered a following that’s eerily cult-like. The influence of the score has touched artists, such as Perfume Genius and Lana Del Ray.

In fact, the original score is somewhat of a collector’s item as vintage Twin Peaks soundtrack have been released by the label Sacred Bones while two separate soundtrack reissues were recently delivered by Death Waltz Recording Company. The Twin Peaks theme earned the New Yorker Badalamenti a Grammy award in 1990 and the World Soundtrack awards also gave him a lifetime achievement award gong. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers also honored him with the Henry Mancini Award.

Along with his TV and film work with David Lynch, the composer has worked with the likes of Marianne Faithfull, Orbital, Anthrax and Tim Booth of the band James. 

Ed Sheeran Discusses ‘Hollywood Bubble’

Now that he has become a Hollywood A-lister, popular singer Ed Sheeran feels as if he is trapped in a ‘bubble’. It was in 2011 that the 24-year old singer was able to achieve mainstream success and rose from relative obscurity after he released his independent EP No. 5 Collaborations Project.

His work apparently didn’t need any promotion and marketing as it was able to climb to number two on the iTunes without them. More than 2.4 million copies have been sold of his two subsequent albums combined i.e. 2011’s + and the 2014’s X. Sometimes, Ed longs for the life that he had lived before he became such a celebrity.

When talking to a UK newspaper, the singer said that he feels as if he is in a Hollywood bubble and everything that’s normal simply happens outside it. He said that he wanted to get out of his ‘Hollywood’ life for at least a year. However, Ed has a number of professional obligations that he has to fulfill before he can take a proper and much-needed break from the spotlight.

Currently, the star is performing concerts internationally on his The X Tour, which will conclude on December 12th in Auckland, New Zealand. The singer has confessed that he is eager to get his body back in shape as touring takes a huge toll on it. Ed has said that he is fully aware that his weight is always impacted because of his tendency to overindulge in alcohol consumption.

He said that he had been good shape when he danced for the video of Thinking Out Loud, but he began drinking again, which didn’t work so well for him. The star’s down-to-earth personality is one of the primary reasons why is so well-loved. He had also spoken previously why the classic Hollywood lifestyle isn’t his piece of cake.

Ed said that living like the rock star stereotype is something you can do just once a while because it loses its excitement and value when you are doing it all the time. Thus, having a proper blowout every three months is the key instead of having a mediocre one every night.

About the Author: Casie Lane is an American DJ based in southeast Asia and CEO of The Deejaypreneur a company dedicated to helping DJs and electronic music artists around the globe turn their craft into a real business. 

Spotify’s Music Service Adds Video

In addition to listening to your favorite music, you can now use Spotify for watching your favorite podcasts and videos and jogging. This move by the service will put it in direct competition with lots of technology outlets, which also include some heavy duty names such as YouTube and Apple. The world of subscription streaming music services is currently dominated by Spotify and it has announced a number of changes that it will be making to its mobile app that will enable it to move into new realms of media distribution. This is just before the expected arrival of a competing music streaming service from Apple Inc.

Short video clips, podcasts and also playlists are part of the new features that will be added to Spotify. The playlists anticipate the kind of media and music a user may be interested in depending on the time of the day. Various media outlets will provide the content such as NBC, the BBC, Nerdist, Maker Studios and Comedy Central. The chief executive of the company, Daniel Ek, spoke at a news conference held in Manhattan where he said that the perfect music should only be a tap away. There is also another feature that can match the tempo of the music in a workout playlist according to a runner’s pace, as registered by the device.

Another indication of how closely Spotify is competing with Apple is the announcement of its partnership with Nike, which has had a close association with Apple and iTunes this year. There was also some celebrity power at the event. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, the stars and creators of the Comedy Central show ‘Broad City’, made jokes about serving like video distractions on their smartphones and D’Angelo, the singer also played with a band including the bassist Pino Palladino and Roots drummer Questlove.

Last year, Apple purchased Beats for $3 million, the streaming service and headphone company, but hasn’t mentioned any plans. However, the music industry has already geared up for a colossal fight. Spotify has a head-start in the United States as it has been established for four years and has a total of 45 million free users and a total of 15 million paid users. In the last two years, the sales of downloads have plunged, but Apple has been slow in moving into the streaming market. Nonetheless, the vast reach of the company has made it a significant threat to others.

The new direction taken by Spotify has put it in direct competition with other media and technology companies. The disappearing-message app Snapchat also offers audio clips and short-form videos from a number of the same partners as do Yahoo and Google’s video arm, YouTube. In addition, thousands of high-definition videos are offered by another music streaming service called Tidal, which was purchased by Jay Z for $56 million. Also, this week, another music streaming service called Deezer introduced a total of 20,000 podcasts. Music services have begun to emphasize the value of playlists in order to distinguish themselves.