Ed-Sheeran Apologizes For Slamming Miley At Grammy Awards

Ed Sheeran feels sorry for his act at the Grammy Awards where the British singer compared Miley's dancing moves to those of a stripper.  Looking back, the 23yrs old songwriter said, 'I wish I'd handled things differently.'

Ed was feeling guilty of slamming the American singer at the event. He confessed to a newspaper saying that he does feel bad about it as he'd be f**king livid if someone says the same about him.

He tried to put his behavior in plain words saying the intention was never negative. He blamed his selection of phrasing that caused a feud between the two while he never intended so.

According to the British star, his general point was to hearten the singer for singing the songs so the viewers could value her as an amazing artist. 'I just phrased it wrong'; he insists.

Ed also talked about having a few packs of champagne before coming to the red carpet of the Grammy Awards. He admitted he was a little drunk so was talking freely. Ed took aim at vulgar dancing moves of the US singer in one of her music videos.

He spoke of his views about the moves as it was a stripper's move and If he was a father of a daughter, he wouldn't like her twerking.

He said when he first heard Wrecking Ball, he deemed it as a brilliant song but its video distracted him too much from it.'

During an interview to the Sun, he claimed that he had no issues for his friend Taylor swift singing an emotional song about her ex boyfriend. She is the only one who appears to be called out for her message', he added.

'She was right', Ed took Taylor's side over Olly Murs who slammed the singer for writing about her ex boyfriend too much. The British songwriter and television anchor has since apologized.

Taylor has a better rap than others and no one talks about Bruno Mars or his words like that, he whispered.

The hit-maker was also happy for his friend Johnny McDaid and Courteney Bass Cox’ relationships and expressed his views saying as ‘Courteney is an amazing person and I'm happy for Johnny'.

Noel Gallagher's New Album Releases In March Next Year

The English singer Noel Gallagher is excited with the release of their band’s new album ‘Chasing Yesterday’ scheduled next year in March. The album is the latest presentation of his rock band ‘High Flying Birds’ that arrived in 2011. The former Oasis guitarist and songwriter used his Facebook page to announce the release of his new album during a live Q&A session next year.

The record tells Noel's first foray into making and he came clean he didn't like the process.

While an interview in London, Speaking during the interview in London, 47yrs old musician said that he did not like it. He enjoyed its self-determination but didn't like managing the sessions. According to Noel, he likes to sit in a studio and saying what his band is doing today. While with this he had natives in the studio sat in devil chairs asking him what they were doing that day.

Noel also has Johnny Marr playing on one song on the album. ‘Balled of the mighty I’ is the track where the two great guitarists have left the band stunned with the quality of their musicianship.  Defining the harmony, Noel said that Johnny has played on the closing track that would be his next single. ‘Johnny is brilliant. He was used to coming to the studio carrying two guitars and no one even noticed him’, he added.

After the release of ‘Chasing Yesterday’, Noel will release his new single 'In the Heat of the Moment' that would digital and on limited-edition vinyl in the mid of November 2015.

The band is going to an arena tour in March and will begin splashing at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena. Nottingham, Glasgow, and Manchester will be their spots of feats. “The great arena tour would end at London’s O2 Arena”.  He announced.  

Iggy Looks Forward To Justice Prevailing For The Right

Iggy Azalea was left shaken in the end of September this year when her ex- boyfriend filed a divorce claiming that he and Iggy had shared a married life after being in 'common law marriage'. She denied the claim and declared his act as an attempt to get money from the songstress.

And In meanwhile,  knowing that Iggy denies such a relationship existence, Hefe, real name Maurice Williams, has contend that his union was formed and Texan law also verifies it as a common law marriage.
In a recent moment, the Australian singer updates her devotees on the progress of this mysterious case. On her Twitter page, she revealed that her divorce case was going to the court.

She stated that her lawyer was ready to prepare divorce papers, but he wanted to hire someone for serving her in person so it could be another TMZ story.

According to Iggy, she was told that day via his lawyer if she didn't settle out of court they would involve the media and tell them that she had given him a STD.

What's next? She uttered.

Showing her knowledge over the law, 24yrs old smart rapper said that filing a common law divorce needs one get three friends or familiar for signing a statement swearing the people story was true.
Sources say that Its actually going to be another thread  to prove the above from Hefe"s end in court and so the singer seems to be impatient for getting in front of a judge so she could see it being disproven & get an off-putting order.
Iggy also revealed her ex-boyfriend's relationship with his ex Annette Buitrago. She alleged that Annette is mother of Hefe's child and claimed that the man abused her while they were sharing a relationship.

The Black Widow singer wrote that a thing which she found terribly depressing about the entire drama was that the mother of Hefe's three year old child would be in court now and she would tell the court that the man stalked, head butted and tried to throttle her in earlier this year after their 7 year union ended.

She questioned about why Annette's facts are being ignored for sensationalism.  'It makes me very heartbreaking and my heart goes out to her.', she added.

According to her tweets, she hasn't been Texas for last five years and when she goes now she has a police escort as well as two equipped bodyguards. She says, 'it’s obviously for good reason.'
Iggy has been receiving people's support, and women are awake to come forward with her after this whole 'common law divorce' story has reached public.

Iggy says that she has a good collection of witnesses by this time and she is very willing to get her day in the court to see justice prevailing.

The Latest DJ Sensation Sees ‘Abhi Tu Party Shuru Hui Hai’ High-Flying

'Abhi tu party shuru hui hai' and 'India wale' are some of the most played popular DJ Songs these days. Making people dance on the floor, these foot-tapping tracks are from Indian movies 'khubsoorat' and' Happy New year' respectively.

Although there are some other tracks being listened during parties, and gatherings but Khubsoorat’s 'Abhi tu party shuru hui hai’ is creating a new excitement, thrill and enthusiasm in listeners because of its lyrics, grove, and beats. Having Badshah's composition, lyrics and voice, the song was filmed on the dashing Pakistani actor Fahad Afzal Khan and lively Indian actresses Sonam Kapoor who give their excellent performances. One more thing is interestingly seen in many discos or parties that most dancing boys and girls find their feet on floor in the same fashion as they see Afzal khan and Soonam kapoor doing in the track's video.

Farah Khan's Happy New Year is releasing on this diwali and has been claimed to splash other presentations arriving on the same day.  Its music is also being popular across the country however sung by Vishal, KK, Shankar Mahadevan, Neeti Mohan, ‘India Wale' appears to be on top among other tracks of the film. Vishal-Shekhar is the composer of this blockbuster number while Irshad Kamil has given the words that have thrilled the nation.

Selena Gomez Visits the Sick Kids In a Hospital

The American actress and singer, Selena Gomez visited sick kids in the hospital last week. 22yrs old gorgeous celebrity reached Children’s hospital, Los Angeles for spending some good time with some of lovable children in their care. Like me, you wouldn't be able to sense what made Selena showing her sympathy and kindness towards innocent children? She might hear some bells ringing around her or just got her wings high.

Debuting as Gianna in Barney & Friends, Selena is famous as rumored angel in the film and music industry. People also believe that the singer has a lust to stay in news and so she does different things to attain the desire. Just a while ago she stayed in news for her on-off relationship with Canadian rapper Justin Briber and the duo is still the center of attention with multicolor rumors. .

This time she got her wings high and flew to the some lovely yet sick kids. ‘It was so much emotional in one frame’, Selena expressed.

Selena’s love and affection can be witnessed in some photographs available on Instagram, where the actress was enjoying adorable moments with sick children who were delighted to find a big star among them.

In one picture Selena was with an innocent child named Connor who gave her a ‘Team Connor’ bracelet that she accepted with a lovely smile and said. ‘How cute!’

She also visited a little girl called as princess who was very happy to see the celebrity near herself.

Whether Selena’s visit to sick kids is a way to be the topic of raving for people or something else but the great news is that she made some sick kids happy with her presence.

Bob Dylan; from Hibbing to Hall of Fame

On May 24, 1941, a musical legend came into the world. Bob Dylan (born Robert Allen Zimmerman) was born in Duluth, Minnesota to Abram Zimmerman and Beatty Stone. Dylan spent in childhood in his mother’s hometown, Hibbing, Minnesota, after his father was diagnosed with polio.

Dylan spent much of his early childhood listening to the blues, country, and rock and roll on the radio. The budding musician listened to several artists, including Chuck Berry, Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie, and Roy Orbison, thus beginning an appreciation for rock and roll, country, as well as folk music. Woody Guthrie, as it turns out, would be one of Dylan’s inspirations for moving to New York, where Dylan went as far as visiting Guthrie, who was ill with Huntington’s Disease, in the hospital.

As a child, he learned how to play the harmonica and the piano, and he taught himself to play the guitar. Young Dylan formed several bands of his own during his high school years. His band, the Golden Chords performed Elvis Presley and Little Richard covers.

Dylan enrolled in the University of Minnesota in September of 1959, having already developed a strong interest in rock and roll. However, he dropped out after his first year and relocated to New York City, where he performed in various Greenwich City blues clubs. Dylan’s career really took off in the Big Apple. In August of 1962, he legally changed his name from Robert Zimmerman to Bob Dylan.

Although Dylan started out mainly as a folk artist, he began to move towards rock and roll in the mid 1960s, a transition that Dylan claims was inspired by The Beatles and The Byrds. This change took many of his folk fans by surprise. In fact, Dylan appeared onstage at the Newport Festival, where he was booed off due to the fact that he was holding an electric guitar. He later returned to the stage with an acoustic guitar to please the crowd.

A lot of Dylan’s music over the next few decades was inspired by life events, personal experiences, and even religion. His style was fluid and consistently changing. After an almost fatal motorcycle accident in 1966, his music mellowed out after the musician spent an introspective year in recovery.

His song “Sara” on the album Desire was actually an (unsuccessful) attempt to win back his ex-wife, Sara Lowndes, whom he divorced in 1977. After his divorce, the musician claimed to be a born-again Christian, despite his Jewish upbringing. This was around the time that Dylan won his first Grammy Award for his evangelical album Slow Train Coming.

In 1988, Dylan was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His induction was presented by none other than Bruce Springsteen, who was heavily influenced and inspired by Bob Dylan.

Today, Bob Dylan remains a musical and cultural icon. He inspires musicians, artists, and people of all walks of life. Go ahead and give him a listen.

This article was produced by Mahee Ferlini who writes about music and literature on her website.

Shweta Pandit Sings The Soul Version Of Tere Ho Ke Rahen Ge

The winner of The Radio Mirchi (Tamil) ‘best female singer’ award, Shweta Pandit is proud to sing the soul version of ‘Tere Ho ke Rahen Ge’. The song is reprise of Arjit Singh and is from an Indian movie ‘Raja Natwarlaal’.

Shweta Pandit is a famous Indian playback singer, recording vocalist, songwriter, musician, performing artist, and a bollywood actress. She also has recorded songs for other language films such as Telgu and Tamil.

Talking about her singing and upcoming project, 28yrs old singer says that she has sung the soul version of the movie whereas Arjit Singh is the singer of the male version that is romantic one and that’s how she felt. According to the attractive vocalist, her song is the reprise and is taken care more with the voice and feelings than the beats and furrow. "Arjit has a passionate voice and the energy of beats has built his version what is always needed for an Emran Hashmi’s movie", she added.

In the reply of a question Shweta answered that she didn’t feel bad that her version couldn’t make it to the top-ten list on Radio Mirchi. Both songs are completely the same and male version was chosen to promote the movie because it is filmed on lead actor of the movie, Emran Hashmi.   ‘If my version was promoted then it‘d have also been on the top too’. She insisted.

Expressing her views over the song’s promotion, Shweta said that this song is amazing and the listeners have cherished the melody. It has the harmony that is always the idol. She harked back to the publicity of male version and showed no regret over the ignorance her song went through. She spoke of the female version saying that online reviews and tweets confirm that people were anxiously waiting for the female version to watch the video of it but they couldn’t see before the film arrived.  The singer was applauded to sing this song in front of thousand of audience and all the people were singing with her that made me really happy. ‘That day I learnt that Tere Ho Ke Raheen Gain been loved all over and the countdown has proved it.’ Shweta smiled.

Shweta has just recorded for A.R. Rehman’s upcoming album ‘Raunaq’ and also has finished shooting for her upcoming movie Barkhaa. After singing with Salim Sulaiman for Bang Bang’s BG, the singer will travel to USA and Canada in October/November 2014.

AMAs Nominations Announced: Iggy Azalea Leads The Way With Six Nods

Nominations for the American Music Awards 2014 have been revealed. The occasion is a much awaited annual event by any great singers, composers, songwriter and other music related people. Those in the nominations were announced a few days back, with Iggy Azalea getting mentions in six leading categories.

The Australian rapper is one of the nominees for ‘the prestigious artist of the year’ gong while she also is a strong aspirant for being prized ‘the new artist of the year’ award.

Another category where 24yrs superstar is running is 'single of the year'. Iggy gets this nomination for her song Fancy that was recorded in collaboration with Charli XCX.

Besides Iggy who is leading the way with most categories in the AMAs nominations, John Legend, Katy Perry and Pharrell William are high-flying with five prizes.  Relative newcomer Lorde is up for four whereas American singer and actress Beyonce Knowles is vying for three nods.

Iggy is going to battle those nominations for being honored with 'artist of the year ‘award. She fascinatingly finds Luke Bryan, Eminem, Imagine Dragons and One Direction rounding up the grouping.

Captivatingly 'the single of the year' trophy is worthy of the best and sees some of the same artists competing to be the name. The gong also features John Legend for ' All of Me', Pharrell Williams for 'happy'. Katty Perry also joins the group for 'Dark House' scoring her a nod for the same.  Pharrell Williams is striving for Happy while Katy Perry's track Dark Horse is also nominated in the category.

Featuring 5 Seconds of Summer, Bastille, Sam Smith or Meghan Trainor and Iggy, 'The new artist ' award will be named to the worthy star for their smash blockbuster.

Despite Iggy didn't face very good press last year and was lashed out for her rapping capabilities, she receives a nod for 'the best rap artist' award. Drake and Eminem are also running in the same category with the same two artists

Another category where the Australian singer alongside Katy Perry and Lorde will be appearing as a nominee is the women's version of ' best male pop/rock artist' that sees John Legend, Sam Smith and Pharrell Williams battling each other.

Lorde gonna be happy for her album 'Pure Heroine' scoring her 'the best pop/rock record’ nominations together with Midnight Memories by One Direction and LP Prism, the record by American singer, songwriter, and actress Katy Perry.

The precipitous event of the American Music Awards is scheduled for 23 November, 2014 when the galaxy of entertainment and music industry will be   brightening the Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles.

The most important nominations for the American Music Awards 2014 are the following:

Artist Of The Year

Iggy Azalea
Luke Bryan
Imagine Dragons
John Legend
One Direction
Katy Perry
Pharrell Williams

New Artist Of The Year Presented By Kohl's

5 Seconds of Summer
Iggy Azalea
Sam Smith
Meghan Trainor

Single Of The Year

Iggy Azalea Featuring Charli XCX, Fancy
John Legend, All of Me
MAGIC!, Rude
Katy Perry Featuring Juicy J, Dark Horse
Pharrell Williams, Happy

Favorite Male Artist ' Pop/Rock

John Legend
Sam Smith
Pharrell Williams

Favorite Female Artist ' Pop/Rock

Iggy Azalea
Katy Perry

Favorite Band, Duo Or Group ' Pop/Rock

Imagine Dragons
One Direction

Favorite Album ' Pop/Rock

Lorde, Pure Heroine
One Direction, Midnight Memories
Katy Perry, Prism

Favorite Male Artist ' Country

Jason Aldean
Luke Bryan
Blake Shelton

Favorite Female Artist ' Country

Miranda Lambert
Kacey Musgraves
Carrie Underwood

Favorite Band, Duo Or Group - Country

Eli Young Band
Florida Georgia Line
Lady Antebellum

Favorite Album - Country

Garth Brooks, Blame It On My Roots: Five Decades of Influences
Eric Church, The Outsiders
Brantley Gilbert, Just As I Am

Favorite Artist ' Rap/Hip-Hop

Iggy Azalea

Favorite Album ' Rap/Hip-Hop

Iggy Azalea, The New Classic
Drake, Nothing Was The Same
Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Favorite Male Artist ' Soul/R&B

Chris Brown
John Legend
Pharrell Williams

Favorite Female Artist ' Soul/R&B

Jhene Aiko
Mary J. Blige

Favorite Album ' Soul/R&B

Beyonce, Beyonce
John Legend, Love in the Future
Pharrell Williams, G I R L

Ariana Grande Clears Up An Old Concern About Herself

Ariana Grande is swollen with pride for switching to healthier choices after once being fanatical by Halloween masks and a hockey stick.

The American singer, songwriter and actress embarked on her singing career on a cruise ship at sporting events, and with different orchestras in South Florida.

Ariana is famous for her unique style, attractive personality, admirable singing and rocking feats during live gigs. She might be perusing a career path in the industry where she deals with many speculations circling her life. Like other stars in the showbiz galaxy, Ariana enjoys lots of rumors on regular basis but she usually doesn't care. Clearing up about that one concern of her life was something she always wanted to do.

Revealing the secrets for switching to healthier choices, the vocalist spoke of her memories. 'My mom was concerned about my growing up', she reminisced.

Ariana makes no secrets of how her lifestyle was so concerning that her mom feared that her daughter would become a serial killer but the luck helped and things have happen to well again now.

While talking to Alan Carr in a British talk show, the 21 yrs old songster described her as she was a little weird personality. According to her she had a moment in time where she was used to wear a lot of Halloween masks and carry a hockey stick with her. 'But it was just a few years and I came out of it', she added.

Ariana admitted that the phase was definitely weird and went from the ages of 2 to 4 years. 'But it wasn't all bad and then I swapped to something elite and fashionable like Dorothy fashion and healthier choices', she insisted.

Ariana's fans can't forget when the former Nickelodeon star was younger and had been singing rude songs.  She got kicked out of a house for the old because of her songs.

It wasn't the case at all' the singer says. Explaining the matter, she was adamant. ‘It was in fact some lyrics that were embarrassing me and my friends. We formed a group and decided to go around singing to raise funds for good cause but didn't think about one song as it should be.'

Ariana has spoken of her concerns publicly. She laughs to talk about the phase when she was once carrying a hockey stick along with wearing Halloween masks. ‘I have ditched those'. She insists.

Russell Brand Recalls His Marriage Life With Katy Perry

There is a saying that love has no boundaries and we see many examples of celebrities who even regardless of their nationalities fall in love with each other and soon tie a knot too. But, unfortunately to many celebrities, marriage and divorce are like playing with toys or a time pass amusement.  

One of the examples of such star couples is the former duo of the American singer Katy Perry and the British comedian Russell Brand, who fell in love, dated each other, and got married. Though their marriage hardly sustained for 14 months and the apparently happy couple decided to go apart and separated their ways.

The 39 yrs old actor filed a divorce in the end of 2011. But despite their relationships couldn't last, he opened his lips saying that it wasn't all bad.

Russell revealed his feelings about the weeded life while giving an interview to Matt Lauer on the Today Show this Monday.  He said that he really enjoyed his marriage life with Perry. According to the humorist, his ex wife is an amazing person.

He admitted that he never realized about the work before that goes into a marriage once honeymoon is over.

Their relationship began when 29 years old singer threw a water bottle at Russell's head from across the room while they were rehearsing for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. They engaged same year on New Year eve in India and got married in October 2009. Their marriage was celebrated in typical and traditional Hindu style.

According to the British comedian when a couple gets married, they obviously have so many expectations from each other. But if these expectations don't go in one's favor, he should understand that now it's time to grow a big beard and consider walking around in pajamas.

After the former couple officially divorced each other in July 2012, Russell dated columnist and activist Jemima Khan; however, sources confirm that the duo is no longer together.

In the meantime Katy had been involved in an on-off relationship with singer John Mayer but once again they chose on split. Lately the singer was also seen dating DJ Diplo.

Jack White Calls Off All Gigs After Keyboardist Dies

Jack White has called off all planned concerts after sudden loss of his 38yrs old keyboard artist Ikey Owens.

Posting on his Facebook fan page, the America singer spoken of his feeling over the great lose. He says that he feels very sad to state that our incredible keyboardist has died. Jack also announced the cancellation of his remaining gigs that were planned to be strike Mexico. According to Jack, the decision was out of respect of their wonderful player Ikely Owens.

'We will miss him and his family, friends, band mates and devotees will always love Owens.’ Jack added.

Isaiah Randolph, alias as Owens was very popular for his work with many bands. He also gave unforgettable feats in the collaboration of Mars Volta, Free Moral Agents, and many others. Born on December 1, 1975, the keyboard artist was an excellent musician. He most recently played with Jack White in his backing band.

The American keyboardist participated with his incredible keyboard skills on every album of the Mars Volta for 6 years. Mastadon's 'Once More 'Round The Sun' and 'Blood Mountain', White's 'Lazaretto' and albums by Saul Williams, Reel Big Fish and Sublime are some projects where Owens gave his most excellent keyboard performances.

The great keyboard player was found dead in his hotel room in Chulua, Mexico on Tuesday. The band was on the tour and was to perform numerous gigs at different places of Mexico. The mystery behind his sudden death is yet unsolved and sources say that it is under investigation. However a coroner determined that Owens’s sudden death was the result of a heart attack.

Jack White had performed in Mexico City over the weekend and his new gig was planned to be presented in Guadalajara tonight. Missing the great player, Jack says, we will miss him; he was and is an incredible artist.

Iggy Azalea Stays In News For Her Dispute With Snoop Dogg

Iggy Azalea appears to be pissed off because of a series of weird controversies taking place in her life these days. Noises of her hot law marriage story are yet being echoed in the air and now her dispute with Snoop Dogg is the highlight of all showbiz channels, newspapers and online magazines.

The American rapper and songwriter had posted a nasty meme on the social media that burnt a new fire. He put a picture on his Instagram account on Saturday where a woman can be seen with corn rows that became visible like albino. The 42yrs-old rapper also placed a slogan saying 'Iggy Azalea no make-up.'

Iggy couldn’t keep herself away on it and rumor has it that she has tweeted manifold angry messages to Snoop. The language in these tweets is a hit back on the American rapper asking him why he posted such a mean picture on Instagram when he sends his bodyguards to ask her for pictures all time they are at concerts.

She also harked back to the event when her bodyguard stopped the fire truck saving Snoop’s friend’s life in Canada. The Australian performer was also puzzled seeing the man posting such things while he had been always nice to her. Criticizing Snoop, she wrote on Tweeter that she was disappointed to see him as an a*s for no reason.

Earlier than this story, Iggy was in news for her x-boyfriend Hefe’s act of filing a divorce. He alleged in the documents that Iggy was mutually agreed to be married with him and they began to reside together as husband and wife in September 2008 in Texas. While the Texan law also confirms that if a couple lives together as husband and wife for a certain period then they are officially considered to be in a common law marriage.       

Iggy’s ex-boyfriend also claimed that they stopped living together in 2013. He has requested the judge to stop Iggy from selling any asset she acquired during their marriage time.

Hefe scandal, several nominations in AMAs awards and now her dispute with Snoop Dogg have made the Australian rapper center of the news these days but it is also true that all these happenings have embroiled the hot lady in an odd situation.  On the other hand, Iggy’s angry messages on Tweeter have also been removed and the original meme by Snoop Dogg is no longer on its place.

Debbie Doesn’t Feel Compelled Speaking Of Her Sexuality

Some people stay young for whole life and the American singer-songwriter Debbie Harry exactly fits this saying. 69 yrs old celebrity has always been a temptation to get sexual attention right from the beginning of her career. The attraction and the explicit feminine style she possesses have made her to be the center of attention from opposite gender even since she was a little girl.

The period of 70s witnessed Debbie to have appeared as a sex symbol right after she debuted as a singer from her band Blondie. The singer was applauded worldwide. Her attractive eyes, dazzling bleached hair, and cherry lips gave her an instant recognition among others and she also came out as an actress in some film projects.

The singer has been exclaimed for taking advantage for her femaleness on several occasions but she stays adamant saying "I have been that way my whole life”.

Giving interview to an online music magazine, Debbie revealed many secrets of her early days and the life after it. According to her she attracted sexual attention even when she was a small girl and her mother was very worried about it. Debbie said that she never felt forced to secrete her sexuality.

Debbie also reminisced the poet Gregory Corso in her interview who according to the singer was a flirt and so forward; and she was very afraid of him. Debbie further said that she was used to like Gregory Corso because of his excellent poetry and so she would dare herself walking down to the streets where the poet was used to hangout. According to Debbie she had a bizarre temptation to see him and it perhaps because she was sort of a poet fans.

Debbie was giving interview based on the topic of Women Who Dare. She told the magazine that her idea of living a sort of scary life was amazing and full of excitement. She further added that she doesn't know if she's a risk taker as she once was. Debbie insisted that she has always been determined for denying the status quo.

Expressing a great satisfaction for the life she has lived yet, Debbie says that she wouldn't be settled down for any other life because she wouldn't be happy for anything else than she already has.

Debbie’s band Blondie is still among the strongest bands of the music world and has recently had an international tour in 2014’s beginning where the group also celebrated their anniversary album Blondie 4(0) Ever.

How a DJ Can Make Your Wedding Day More Entertaining for Attendees

Without a doubt, your wedding day is considered to be the most exciting and the most important day in your life. Every couple tries to make this day flawless and fun for not just them but also the guests and their family. However, it may not be easy to get everything right and perfect. From the food to the decoration, it is indeed a challenge for the couple to get everything according to the likes of the guests and their family. So how can you arrange a wedding party that is a hit among everyone?

The answer to your question is quite simple; wedding entertainment. People often focus on the decoration and the food when planning a wedding. Doing so may not always result in a happening and successful party. It is said that the people may often forget the food and the party but they will never forget the fun they had!

So keeping the above statement in mind, it is essential to plan a wedding that is simply entertaining for everyone. This can be done by hiring a live DJ or a band for your wedding. The right DJ can easily bring life to a dull party if he is experienced and good at what he does.

There are several wedding bands in Melbourne that may keep the party entertaining. However, it is important that you hire a wedding band that will provide the bride, groom and the guests with just what they need. One such talented team in Melbourne is the Calibre Entertainment. The excellent team, DJs and staff at Calibre will make sure to keep the party entertaining and fun throughout the night.

Often people complain about the bands and the DJs not doing exactly what they were hired for, they come unprepared and this may eventually create an atmosphere that no one may approve of. Wit Calibre Entertainment, our team and DJ will make sure to start the night perfectly and also end wit with the same enthusiastic. Not just this, it will be our responsibility to provide you with a tension free atmosphere as well as keeping the party alive throughout the night.

All the DJs at Calibre are experienced and quite versatile. The experience of a DJ plays a vital role in any party or wedding. Keeping track of the dance floor and the mood of the guests, and playing the right song at the right time also comes with the experience of the DJ. The DJs at Calibre Entertainment are also quite experienced and diverse; they know just the right techniques to keep the party going. Their exquisite talent will provide the excited guests with just the music that they might like.

So, if you are looking for a perfect wedding band or a DJ for your memorable day, contact Calibre today and get ready for the most entertaining and perfect evening of your life.

Queen Release Trailer Of Unreleased Tracks

Releasing on 10 November, 2014, Queen's new album, Queen Forever has spread a new excitement around after its three tracks’ trailer arrival.  These tracks did not get to the music lovers before and have been much awaited for pretty long time.

One of last musical feats by late singer Freddie Mercury and a long anticipated song by Queen and Michael Jackson is also the highlight of these unreleased songs. Including ‘There Must Be More’ and ‘Let me in your heart’ by the band’s current album, these tracks appear to be rising on the popularity sky.

Besides these, the album is made up of Queen hits, classic songs and some latest and famous tracks that go with band’s recordings. Brain May said that the things they had brought together are like envoy of their growth rather than the huge hits in a collection flawlessly assembled by Roger Taylor and himself.

It’s also believed to say by the band that these songs connect each other to symbolize an ultimate collection of Queen's eternal love songs. The band’s upcoming album is great news for music lovers who have been waiting for the band being in form again.

Available in various forms such as single CD of 20 tracks and a set of two CDs with 36 tracks, Queen Forever is undoubtedly a hit album across the world and a celebration of amazing musical path of the top rock bands on the earth.

Watch Trailer Released By Queen Official

Iggy Denies Being Married

Iggy Azalea denies the claim been documented by Hene Wine that says the Australian rapper had a common law marriage with her ex-boyfriend. Claiming that Iggy is his wife, Hene whose real name is Maurice Williams has also filed a divorce in Texas.

Hefe alleged in the documents that Iggy was mutually agreed to be married with him and they began to reside together as husband and wife in September 2008 in Texas. While the Texan law verifies that if a couple lives together as husband and wife for a certain period then they are officially considered to be in a common law marriage.       

Iggy’s ex-boyfriend also claims that they stopped living together in 2013. He has requested the judge to stop Iggy from selling any asset she acquired during their marriage time.

According to the law of the state, if it is proven that the couple was in common law marriage then all of the songs and wealth, Iggy obtained during their married life will be split down to the middle of the couple.

On the other hand, Iggy has denied the claim and says that she was never wedded to anyone. Clearing up her relationship status, she tweeted on October 10, 2014 ‘everyone knows about my marital status however just to make it clear I must say that I have never been married. ‘Now do you see the kind of idiocy I have to see to?’, Iggy said.

24yrs old rapper also wrote that anyone can check the public marriage records to verify what she has said publicly. According to Iggy’s legal representative, she has insisted that she never considered herself marrying Hefe and filing the divorce from ex-boyfriend is simply nothing than a way to get money from her. It’s also interesting to learn that Hefe claims to have all rights of music the singer recorded during their relationship.

The showbiz is full of controversial stories, strange rumors, and interesting gossips and Iggy’s controversial marriage life is a new happening so let’s wait to find out the reality behind the scene.

Robin Thicke And Paula Patton Decide to Divorce after 9 Years of Wedding

The Canadian-American singer Robin Thicke and the American actress Paula Patton have divorced after living 9yrs of wedded life. Paula Patton also has requested for joint legal and physical custody of their only son Julian Fuego Thicke who is 4 years old.

Citing the possible reasons behind this divorce, 38yrs old actress says that there are some irreconcilable differences so we wisely feel getting away from each other before things go beyond our control.

The couple first announced their spilt in February 2014 and now confirm to have filed a divorce that would legally separate the two. They also released a mutual statement saying that they would love each other and would be living as best friends however they have mutually decided to separate at that time.

Within the time passed, 37yrs old Thicke tried to patch things up to continue in his married life. Starting a public campaign, he released a new song ‘get her back’. He also gave an emotional performance on the song at the Billboard music award this year.

On the other hand there are also some sources that claim to sense another story behind the scene. It could be involving some culprit separating the duo or perhaps a harmonious reason, but the sad thing is that the couple is no longer with each other.

Beyoncé and Minaj's 'Flawless' Remix Performance Review

The yet unreleased remix of Flawless that features Nicki Minaj finally receives an appreciated visual. The eponymous album of Beyoncé which dropped by surprise in December last year included the original track; the remix showed up in August on Bey’s SoundCloud.

After some television static, a sample of “We Should All Be Feminists” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie shoots across packed Stade de France on a stage before Beyoncé along with a group of dancers appear wearing Versace prints. Showing her aggressive lyrics and infectious dance moves, Beyoncé made it clear that she was at the top of her game.

Crowds cheered as Queen B emerged into the opening rap. Beyoncé seemed to be delivering her lines with perfection, which included a reference to her sister and husband’s now notorious elevator fight. Then, Nicki Minaj appears from behind the group of dancers wearing an identical Versace jumper, and all hell seems to break loose.

While it takes a lot to be standing with Beyoncé, Minaj makes it while the Queen B dances as if she is the biggest fan of Minaj. The chemistry in them comes off as real, like very old friends. As soon as Minaj finishes her lines, she delivers a quick smile prior to leaving Beyoncé to end the track. See the whole video of Beyonce and Nicki Minaj flawless remix performance in Paris.

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Crystal Castles to Split; Tweeted Alice Glass

The two collaborators announce to have split their band that had been in form for over several years. Alice Glass and Ethan Kath haven't revealed any specific reasons behind this split. Announcing on Twitter, the singer says that she is no longer with the band.

Various rumors are being spread after the band got sudden split however no one knows the actual reasons behind. Giving the personal point of view, Alice Glass tweeted that she was leaving the band, and her talent and her articulacy in every form had always been an endeavor toward sincerity, honesty, and compassion for others.  According to the talented singer, the decision was taken for an assortment of personal and professional reasons and she no longer felt to continue with Crystal Castles.

After this wicked split, Glass now intends to start her career as a solo artist and looks forwards to her fans for embracing her as an individual star just in the way they have admired her in Crystal Castles.

Crystal Castles was a tentative electronic band brought in the view by producer Ethan Kath and singer Alice Glass. They started together in 2004 and were famous for their frenzied live gigs and lo-fi gloomy home-based productions. They have numerous albums together such as Crystal Castles I, Crystal Castle II, and III.

Kayne West’s Upcoming Album Said to Be Different Than Yeezus

Kanye West is ready to make you dance on the floor by his new thrilling upcoming musical album that has been already claimed different than all his previous albums.

The American rapper is excited to put his listeners in a thrilling state as he says that listeners will find his new album like a pair of boots so excitement is just right on the corner. He further states that his new album is neither the smooth or slick like they usually have been having so far or it has the ruggedness of just hip-hop. He says that he’s to be doing something like a mother-ker and so has been all around the earth.

It would sound like a pair of Timberland and would make you tap your feet; said Malik Yusef who works in Kanye's collaboration and himself is an amazing music artist, poet and songwriter. While giving an interview to a local magazine, Yusef also recalled his mutual act Yeezyus with West expressing that that Kanye wanted to challenge his friends and listeners on a global level and that was a tough time for him too as Kanye's collaborator. 

According to Yusef, their previous album Yeezus was a hard track to walk on because it was an exit from where they wanted to be with their music. Yusef, on the other hand, appears to be confident about his new presentation and told that they have already recoded twenty songs yet it’s not clear when the album gonna hit the market.  

The Fame Of ‘Teri Galiyan’ Continues To live Unbeatable

Sung by Ankit Tiwari, ‘Teri Galiyan’ is an amazing and soulful song. The melody and composition of the song together portray an amusing and true feel of love and affection. The lyrics are from the desk of Manoj Muntashir who seems to have taken his heart on the paper with the lyrics of 'Teri Galiyan' and so music lovers sense an awesome and divine sensation while listening to the melody of the tune.

This expressive song is the highlight of 2014's release 'Ek Villain" and has been filmed on Siddharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor. Both the actors have given a peerless feat via their facial expressions yet Teri Galiyaan's video doesn’t seem to be as impressive and catchy as the song alone leaves a lasting and divine impact on listeners’ ears. This beautiful track has the intensity and soulfulness of love that can be felt even without having a look at its video.

Aside from film version of the song, there is an unplugged version of song available too where Ankit Tiwari who is also the composer of the song, has blown a new essence in it. Each version of ‘Teri Galiyan’ is a splendid compilation of soulful lyrics, heart-touching composition, and the excellence of voice by the vocalists that listeners simply can't quit without having heard the complete song.

Besides the male version of 'Teri Galiyan' there is female version too. The attractive Shardha Kapoor was excited to debut her singing career with one of the most popular tracks of the year. She revealed a tremendous voice and amazing singing ability with ‘Teri Galiyan’ and was applauded by her fans.

The fame of ‘Teri Galiyan’ continues to grow unbeatable and even after several months of its release, the song ranks among the top ten songs on many music channels.

Justin Bieber Escapes To Italy For Peace

Stardom and popularity often make the life miserable and this is something that has made the dashing and heartthrob singer escape these days. Justin Bieber has pissed off by the recent happenings in his life especially last week when he was gotten into with a paparazzo. The handsome hunk found it better to get away from everyone for a while so he arrived at Italy looking for some peace and some yummy Fettuccine Alfredo.

Justin Drew Bieber who is also recognized as a songwriter came into view from some of his YouTube videos in the year of 2007. Scooter Braun who is Bieber’s manager found the hidden talent struggling on the internet and decided to reveal it to the world. Since the time, Justin Drew Bieber never looked back but sometimes his own fame put him in problems.

The Canadian singer posted a photograph on Instagram on Monday where he could be seen enjoying his Italian trip with hash tags, visiting the attractions, Fettuccine Alfredo, and no work at all.  He also has his security guard to ensure no one comes close to him so just be known about it before you even try to get him alone.

Bieber was also seen dating his girlfriend Selena Gomez in Paris some while back. However this time he just felt like to be all alone enjoying his own company. Whatever caused Justin get to Italy, the singer is away these days and is trying his best to just keep everyone away from his personal life.

Musicians and Singers Make Their Part For War Child Auction

Artists also have a heart for others. They are gods of entertainment who often help needy in the way, ordinary persons even can’t think of. Sometimes by arranging a charity show, organizing an auction of their personal belongings or even by donating a huge amount, some of artists have appeared to be really special.

Almost similar genre of act came in view when today’s famous celebrities like Iggy Pop, Michael Stipe got design custom guitars intending to hand over for a charity auction that will be take place this year in November to benefit War Child Organization, USA. This is a humanitarian organization that aims to help children and young people belonging or residing in the regions of armed clash.

Besides the celebrities stated above, former guitarist Pearl Thompson, film producer Sam Taylor Wood and some other artist from visual spectrum also made their own axes for the auction.

Michael Stipe crafted an exclusive guitar that has six-string. The singer named his creation as Radiant Guitar because he is truly convinced with the mission of helping needy and effected young people in war’s region. Stipe believes that no one specially no child should go through the difficulties and pains war brings to the life and who already have gone through these circumstances should now be living in a peaceful world where everything is right in their hands. Stipe felt honored to make a small contribution to the cause and was thankful to the organization for providing him that opportunity.

Having the same desire, the American musician & film director Van Sant handed over his untitled guitar to the organization and spoke of his views about the organization’s efforts. Sant's views on the cause weren't different than what Stip mentioned in his feelings. He observed the truth of a mystery behind the connection people have to each other and the capability to react to wrong. According to Sant, art is one of the possible ways to use as a medicine on these mysteries, and this was something for him too during the process of this project. He was grateful for being able to contribute in a response and to support the organization. 

Will 'London Queen' by Charli XCX Rock?

Charli XCX’s latest track London Queen has been unveiled to the music world and it yet to check how high or low it goes.  The song features on her new album ‘Sucker’ that has experienced a delayed release and now will be coming out on 26th of January, 2015.

22-yrs English pop singer announced delaying of ‘Sucker’ which was just going to arrive on 17th October, 2014; and revealed the secret why the release was postponed. Publicizing the album on Tweeter, Charli stated that she learnt from the success of ‘Boom Clap’ that the new album must be launched shiningly and gleaming on a new day.

Charli seemed confident about the success of her forthcoming album. She also spoke of her admiration of Justin Raisen revealing him as one of the finest producers of the time. She stated that she would never blow the fuck up in her life taking a song that is almost been jotted down on the paper.

While expressing her thoughts about ‘London Queen’, Charli mentioned that this is an amazing song and she feels that it is all about her. She also hummed her one of songs ‘future Ramones’ from her new album.

Charli XCX who is also a famous songwriter, spoke of her future intention enlightening that she would use the LP to prove herself as a solo performer after co-singing with Iggy Azalea and giving lyrics for Icona Pop.  She is impatient to write some song for her own album as she believes that she has done a lot of collaborations for others and now it’s time to go for herself only.